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Urban Meyer: No Personnel Changes Have Been Made To OSU's Depth Chart Following Its Loss To Penn State

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer joined the Big Ten Teleconference to look ahead to Saturday's game against Northwestern.

Head coach Urban Meyer took questions from the media in Tuesday's Big Ten Teleconference in advance of Ohio State's first home game since Oct. 8.

  • Meyer said the coaches and the leaders of the team have to teach the young guys on the squad how to respond to a loss.
  • He also said he doesn't want to focus on the College Football Playoff right now. He wants his team to worry about the task at hand, which is Tuesday's practice to prepare for Northwestern.
  • Meyer on junior right guard Billy Price's growth: "He's a very good player and an even better player. He's outstanding." 
  • Meyer said that there are not any personnel changes right now, but there are still conversations about it. 
  • He also said that he thinks sixth-year senior receiver Corey Smith is going to practice Tuesday. 
  • According to Meyer, the lift that Smith brings to the team is his experience, the fact that he's very active on special team and that he's a deep threat.
  • Meyer said a common trait all three of his one-loss national championship teams had was that, "Tough coaches and tough players fight through things."
  • Penn State had 75 recruits at its 24-21 win over against OSU. Meyer said that building relationships with prospects helps prevent them to have the wrong impression of OSU if they see the Buckeyes lose. "We have a really good product here and those guys know it."

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