Bank Bag: OSU vs Northwestern Week Part-Two

Ohio State is coming off their first loss of the season, and Bill Greene is here to answer questions about the team going forward from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

buckii5: If JT leaves who will be the next qb... burrow or Haskins? Who is the better passer and if one is a better passer and 1 is better at zone read who wins the job?

BG: I think a lot of Joey Burrow and think he has as much talent as J.T. Barrett playing the position. I believe Burrow would go in this Saturday if Barrett were to get hurt. That being said, they really like Haskins a lot and everything I'm being told is quite positive. Should Barrett leave after this season it could be a fun time in the spring for Ohio State

Coors73: OSU's WRs seem very pedestrian.  Bill how surprised are you at the WRs lack of ability to separate from the DBs?  Is the problem strictly lack of talent?  Weren't some of these guys pretty highly thought of when they were recruited?  Who were some WR targets they missed on the last couple of years?  Thanks as always.

BG: There's been a lot of injuries for these guys, some of them career altering like with Johnnie Dixon, James Clark and Alex Stump. There have also been nagging injuries to guys K.J. Hill and Corey Smith that causes missed games and missed practice time. Noah Brown has been pretty good. Parris Campbell and Dontre Wilson are converted high school runningbacks. Terry McLaurin has been OK. Misses? They wanted Donnie Corley last year and he's pretty good. They could have had Sam Bruce but walked away. Smartly walked away it seems now. I have high hopes for Mack and Victor and wish they would play now. I also have high hopes for Grimes and Lindsey. 

mrbigbux: With Oregon going downhill fast and the 49ers doing the same do you see Chip Kelley back at Oregon?

BG: I do think Mark Helfrich is in big trouble at Oregon, but I'm not sure Chipper wants to go back to college just yet. He's only in his first year with the 49ers, so I think he's safe there. His show cause with the NCAA has expired, so he could return to college football. I do think he will fail in the NFL, as he's currently doing and return to college when the 49ers fire him in a few years. 

BuckeyeBK: How badly does msu lose to that other school? Does Grimes get pt immediately next year? With Burrow or Haskins at qb, will passing get better?

BG: This is a big game for Jim Harbaugh in a lot of ways. Michigan State has just ripped their hearts, lungs and limbs off the past few years, and Mark Dantonio has basically laughed in their faces. This must be turned around. You have the worst loss of all last year when they couldn't get a punt off. Harbaugh HAS to win this game. Period. But if he gets a chance to rub Dantonio's nose in the mud, he also HAS TO DO THAT. Without question. Winning is the first priority for Harbaugh. But right after that is sticking it to Dantonio by whatever means possible. Harbaugh is a ___-___, and I mean that with all respect. When Chris Ash did that camp with Urban the same day Harbaugh had his camp in New Jersey, you knew that didn't sit well with Jimbo. So he beat Chris like a rented mule. He will look to do the same thing this week. The only concern with Grimes is coming back from the injury, but I think he can play next year. The passing game HAS to get better and I think Urban is well aware of that. 

rollymolly2: When a HS player commits to college then needs a year of prep school to get his academics in order, who pays for it. Most of these players can not afford the tuition. Example: Cardale Jones etc.

BG: There are full and partial scholarships available through the NJCAA. A great football player who does not qualify academically should have no problem landing a full scholarship. 

tridentawc: Prediction on the World Series?

BG: I had the Tribe and Cubbies pegged for the Series back last summer. I know they're big underdogs, but I'm going with the Indians to pull it out. Should come back to Cleveland down 3-2, and continue the Cubs misery by sweeping the final two games at home. War Steve Bartman

BraveFan: Bank Greene is Head Coach for Ohio State. You're playing in Happy Valley.  Beaver Stadium is rocking.  You're up four with 4:39 left in the game.  It's 4th and 8 from the Penn State 28.  Your kicker is 10 for 10 on the season but he's playing his first year of organized football and this would be a career long.  You've already seen your special teams badly botch/miss an extra point and have a punt blocked.... Penn State has also had a FG blocked and botched a punt.  The field is slippery.  Weather is windy, cold and wet and you're going into the PSU student section - arguably the loudest in the country.  Play clock is ticking down but you have multiple time outs left.  Your defense has been one of the best in the country this season and dominant most of the night, but has given up two long quick TD drives - one in each half.  

BG: I thought the field goal was the absolute right call in that situation, but once you take a lot of time with that decision and rush the kicking team out there it increases the risk for trouble. You hate to call timeout and ice your own kicker, but that's far better than rushing things with the clock winding down. If Urban looks at that play now I bet he wishes he had just taken a timeout and gotten everything settled. Maybe with the extra time he decides to go for it? Or if he does decide to kick it he sends out a kicking team that is not hurried. Doctors bury their mistakes. For coaches, you're out there naked for everyone to watch. And we are all great second guessers, me included, when things go wrong. 

dirtysouthbucks: Given that this is coach meyer's offense, just how realistic is it to expect him to hire a passing game coordinator or try to upgrade the passing offense. He has clearly had plenty of success doing things his way, so why should he change? It's probabaly easier for coach Meyer to just recruit better players than his opponents than evolve his methods. That being said he is apparently telling some recruits the offense is going to evolve. Is that just recruiting nonsense?

BG: This is Urban's offense and you can go back to his days at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida to see how it runs. I do believe he wants to throw it better, but the game has evolved so much that I'm not sure this staff is the group to take this passing game where Urban wants it to be. Urban will always be the architect of the offense, but I believe they need a younger, different type of QB coach/offensive coordinator. I love Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma, but he's probably headed for a head coaching gig after this year. Ohio State has an older staff, and I think a fresh, young offensive mind would take them to the Alabama level nationally. But you have to give the guy the authority to make the changes he feels they need to make, and live with his decisions. Urban has no problem letting the defensive coordinator run that side of the ball. It might be time to do the same thing on offense, with Meyer having the final say of course on play calling and personnel. I believe Nick Saban lets Lane Kiffin run the offense, but he steps in on occasion to have the final say in key moments. You have the headset on too, and you have total autonomy to overrule anything you want. The key is finding the right balance between giving up control and micro-managing everything. 

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