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Bank Bag: OSU vs Northwestern Week Part-3

Ohio State is coming off their first loss of the season, and Bill Greene is here to answer questions about the team going forward from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three.

rollymolly2: Still think Okaduh is solid with no changes. Do you have better vibes that S Wade will keep his commitment to OSU.

BG: I have Jeffrey Okudah IN, without question. Take it to The Bank. I'm not at all optimistic that Ohio State signs Shaun Wade. 

raider2426: I watched IMG vs Trinity last week. Out ofall the big time prospects in that game, Shaun Wade was by far the most impressive. What is keeping him from being a 5 star prospect?

BG: I've only seen the kid one time in person, and he was pretty special the day I saw him. I wouldn't have anything to do with his ranking, but I can say that I think he has a chance to be pretty special at the next level. I would think Alabama is going to get him, but let's see what happens. 

bobosu: Your best infor guess on Wade if he sticks with OSU? Have you noticed that last years loss and this years loss were both in cold wet weather. Even the missed TD in Wisc game rain. Seems this team has an issue with rainy ,cold weather.I know both teams play same weather just strange OSU seems to lose or have issues ? YOU think OSU can find a way to fix their issues for Michigan Game?

BG: I'm not at all optimistic on Shaun Wade based on some stuff I was told this week. If they can't play in wet, cold weather, Ohio State might have to relocate to the SEC, LOL. It happens. I don't think there's anything to it. Had they given that Zeke feller the football against Michigan State 25 times, it wouldn't have mattered if Hurricane Freida was rolling through The Horseshoe. I have the Ohio State game with Michigan as a tossup. I predicted Michigan to win back in August, and I'm sticking with that for now. The way I've picked games the past few weeks that should be music to any Ohio State's fans ears. 

bucknutsinurface: Bill, What is wrong with the browns. I know bad Draft picks and poor development. But is there a light at the end of this long Dark tunnel?

BG: I'm no Browns fan at all, and I root for the Steelers so you're going to get a different perspective from me. I actually like Hue Jackson. They play their tails off for him every single week. They just might beat the Jets this week too. But they have to draft better. They need players. It starts with the QB and until you have one there's no need to play the season. The QB means everything in the NFL. Looking back, drafting Carson Wentz would have solidified that position for the next decade. I think he's the next Big Ben. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: Jackson Carman had a great visit to Bama according to other sites, are they a threat or is Carman all Buckeye?

BG: I haven't spoken to Jack for a month or so, but I think he's all Buckeye. How could you not have a great visit to Alabama? He's going to be a Buckeye. The relationship is strong with Greg Studrawa and Urban is closely tracking this kid. No worries.

donfatman: Who in the East can stop the Cavs this year (have to pick a team)? Who in the West can stop the Warriors this year (have to pick a team)? Which Coach in any OTHER sport would you/could you compare Urban Meyer and Nick Saban to? If PJ Fleck can row the boat like that at Western, how well do you think he will do with the big boy programs when he gets his opportunity?

BG: It's going to be the Cavs easy in the East, but I like Boston under Brad Stevens to make some noise. The Warriors got roasted the other night and I think they have size and rebounding issues. They should get through the West, but as long as San Antonio has Pop on the bench they're a threat. Also like the Clippers to possibly challenge. Saban is a Belichick disciple through and through. I think Urban is more a combination of Coach K as a master motivator, and John Calipari as a recruiter/salesman. I like Coach Fleck, but think all those silly little sayings are just that. He can coach and he can recruit, so he should do just fine at his next gig. 

buckeyebones: Give us 5 plays you would like to see us use that are absent or underutilized.

BG: Love the reverse to a wide receiver coming in motion after Barrett starts the zone read the opposite way. Love the bubble screens to players that actually have speed. Love the draw play out of the pistol formation. Love hitting the tight end down the seam. Also love Barrett starting out looking like an option, but then dropping to throw. Troy Smith ran this to perfection under Tressel, and I think OSU used it under Herman. 

buckeyebones: How does a coach teach the QB to go through progressions? Seems to me to be something JT did better as a freshman than he does now.

BG: Every pass play has first, second and maybe a third option. You "read" them in that order, and either throw it to the first option, or pass him and move to the next "read'. Of course this all takes place in less than three seconds, in case you think you can play QB, LOL. First off, I believe in the pre-snap you must identify man or zone. Once the ball is snapped the safetys tell you what they're in. Motion before the play can also identify man coverage if a defender follows the motion man. Every team does things differently, but the key is being able to process what you're seeing and identifying it correctly. If you cannot process things quickly, it's going to be tough to play this position. Two of the best I've seen at processing info quickly were Brady and Manning, and that's why they are successful even when their physical skills declined. 

dplaw: After last year class put so many kids in the NFL and with several looking to make the jump after this season, is there too much focus on getting to the league early from those kids?  It sure seems like a big list of kids who are considering the jump after rather lackluster performances so far this year.

BG: Too much focus? To the coach whose livelihood depends on winning games, of course there's too much focus by these kids on the NFL. To the player, who that's all he thinks about from morning to night, NO he doesn't think there's too much focus on it. HAHA. This is why these guys are at Ohio State. Or Alabama, Notre Dame, USC or Michigan. Winning titles is cool and all that, but the first round draft pick from a 6-6 team is happier than the backup quarterback on the undefeated national champions. Getting to the NFL is the number-one reason the higher rated guys are in college, for the most part. It's what they think about most. Now being the best player you can be translates to winning games, AND getting drafted, so it's a WIN-WIN for the player and the coach. And the fans. 

buckeyebones: How will the 2018 recruiting class compare to 2017? Are we setting up for another #1 class?

BG: Going to be hard to top the 2017 class, but with the in-state class being stronger in 2018 and Ohio State in good with all of them, that gives them a great place to start. Lock up 8-10 in-staters and move national from there. They are set up really well for 2018. 

Ryan McGlade: The Buckeyes got ran over by Corey Clement, but did a nice job of maintaining Saquon Barkley. How do you think it will go this week when they go up against another good RB in Justin Jackson?

BG: They have been so good all year on defense, outside of the first half against Wisconsin. I think they will do very well again this week and I think being back at home is what the doctor ordered for the entire team. They are a lot better than Northwestern. 

RyanMcGlade: Will OSU's pass offense get on track against a porous pass defense?

BG: That's a tougher one to answer. I look for Urban to want to get this team rolling again offensively, so I think they will look to throw it earlier than usual against this defense. I don't see Northwestern pressuring Barrett, so there should be plenty of openings for him throwing the football this week. 

financesec: Bill, thanks for doing this.  You've saved this site.  Two questions I've been watching football for over 65 years, and I've always felt that having a good quarterback with great receivers, is more important than having a great quarterback with so so receivers.  Great receivers can catch "uncatchable" balls, like Devin Smith and Michael Thomas, etc could do.  As long as it was in the vicinity, they could go up and get it.  How do you feel about it? Also, since I first joined after the NC game against the Hurricanes, I've read about the split up between Bucknuts and Scout.  Can you elaborate on what happened?

BG: I always want the great QB first and foremost, but there's a lot of truth to what you say. Bucknuts used to be a part of the Scout network, much like the BSB arrangement we have now. Bucknuts left Scout to go independent in December of 2006, which left this site pretty much bare. Nevadabuck and I had the choice of going with Bucknuts or staying here with Scout. We decided to stay with Scout and the rest is history. I'm fast approaching my 11-year anniversary with the company, which seems pretty unbelievable looking back on everything. 

bobosu: Daily I hear OSU has a very weak passing game. Its one key reason OSU has struggled for last 3 weeks. In addition teams like Michigan ,etc. They know this and of course exploit  it.IS there NOTHING OSU or Urban can do ? I know JT and O-line have issues then knowing that how to fix it?

BG: They are well aware of what's going on right now, but it's not always one thing holding them back. Sometimes Barrett isn't throwing well. Sometimes the wideouts are inconsistent. Sometimes the O-line breaks down. There are no easy fixes. Northwestern is not good defensively, so I expect OSU to throw it pretty well this week. Hopefully they have a big week, gain some confidence, and simply play better on offense. This is still a very young team and I expected growing pains this season. They need to start taking steps forward. The past three weeks have not been positive on offense. 

Buckem: Bill, I've seen you mention several times that Barrett is planning on leaving after this season. I don't understand this as I can't imagine a team drafting him at QB and unlike Pryor and Miller you don't draft him on athleticism alone. What is his thought process? Is he just ready to be move on? While I admittedly don't follow recruiting as closely as some on this board, I am underwhelmed with the talent at WR, TE, and RB outside of Samuel. I know that Meyer has recruited at a higher level than Tressel, and I realize youth is a factor, but there seem to be a lot of misses? Finally, what are your thoughts on Parris Campbell. There was lot of excitement about him coming in and he looked like a good pick to emerge as our deep threat, is he destined to be another Jamario O'Neil, a track guy who never translated to the football field?

BG: I don't think Barrett should necessarily leave, but I'm also not convinced another year running the football prepares him for the NFL either. I do not see him as NFL material, now or a year from now. I think the young talent is really good at runningback with Mike Weber, but depth is an issue. Hopefully Anotonio Williams is a player, but the early reviews are mixed. I really think Mack and Victor are the real deal. And the same with Grimes and Lindsey. A lot of these wideouts have been ruined by foot and knee injuries. I'm convinced Dixon was going to be a star. At tight end, look out for Jake Hausmann to be another Vannett or Heuerman. I know for a fact that Zach Smith and Urban love Parris Campbell as a wide receiver. I would disagree 100% and think he should be a DB or RB. He's made a ton of progress, but he has shaky hands. And shaky hands don't usually result in drops against Bowling Green when you're winning 66-2. The drops will happen when the pressure is greatest, like last week when they NEEDED a great kickoff return to start the final drive. He dropped the kick, and barely got out to the 10-yard line, effectively killing the drive before it started. 

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