Bank Bag: OSU vs Maryland Week Part-One

Ohio State is coming off a huge win over Nebraska and national championship hopes are still alive. Before the Buckeyes play Maryland, Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers.

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Thank you for doing this. I really enjoy it. Do you see Hooker, Conley, and Lattimore in the NFL this time next year? Is Meyer seriously considering giving Hooker a few touches a game on offense? Best guesses on State Champions for division 1, 2, and 3.

BG: I do see all of those DB's in the NFL next year. It makes sense for all three to go now. You never know with Urban, but I would never risk your best defensive player on offense for a few measly touches. Seems foolish to me. DIVISION-I: Huber Heights Wane, because it's time for Jay Minton to get his state title. DIVISION-II: Cincinnati LaSalle for the three-peat. DIVISION-III: Columbus DeSales. 

Todd2854: What running back(s) would be ideal for Ohio State to chase in order to keep Dobbins and still get quality in the second player if they wanted a second one?

BG: That's a tough one, but I think in-state guys like Morgan Ellison or Bryant Koback could be great additions, while not threatening Dobbins at all. As long as it's not a highly rated five-star guy, Dobbins should be fine. He has to understand that the RB depth is not good right now. 

Encyclopedicbuck: I know you have said that the offense is going to change at OSU and they are going to do away with the zone read option and become more of a traditional offense. I know the QB's that have committed now and for 2017 and 2018 would have a hard time running this offense because they either are not running quarterbacks or would get pounded badly running it too much. My question(s) is: Since Urban is 58-5 at OSU with one national title and one Big Ten title, why would he want to change an offense that has helped him get this great record? Why wouldn't he want to keep running this offense that he was one of the innovators of and is one the all-time greatest coaches in history because of it? Wouldn't he continue to want to recruit QB's that fit this style.

BG: You make a lot of great points. I think he knows the game has changed in the past four or five years, and he needs to evolve with the game. Look at Nick Saban, he of all those titles, now starting a freshman QB and a runner at that. The great ones change and get better, not just grow old and die clinging to their system. The way Urban has recruited the past few QB's tells us that he wants to change this offense. And I still think the QB running the ball will be an important part of this offense, but not THE most important part. Ohio State will not become Washington State or Baylor. You don't bring in Burrow, Hasklins, Martell and Jones to become the next Braxton Miller or J.T. Barrett. 

binarysniperbuck: Bill, any chance Urban goes back after Todd Sibley? He could be the ideal candidate to pair up with Dobbins in this class.

BG: No chance. That was a messy and painful divorce, and I see no chance for a reconciliation on either side. 

buckii5: There was a post that urban took over the offense and called the plays last week. What are your thoughts and did u hear anything in regards to that? If they continue what they did last week for the rest of the year do u still see an oc change?

BG: I have not been told that and I don't believe it happened. Last week showed what this offense is capable of doing from a scheme perspective, but they've always looked good when killing an out-manned opponent. Let's see them call that game when they're behind or tied with Michigan in the fourth quarter. I've just consistently said that a change is needed. We sure saw that last week. If it continues through the bowl game I would make no changes at all. 

BuckeyeBK: 1) Is Harris AL or UM bound and is Akers pretty much out for OSU? 2) When does Carman commit to continue with the 2018 class? 3) Do you see KJ Hill becoming our deep threat? 4) Rate the following by throwing ability: Barrett, Burrow, Haskins (I assume Jones would be #1)

BG: Najee Harris should end up at either Bama or Michigan. I have Akers to Florida State or LSU, but you fight like crazy for both guys as long as they're listening to you. No clue when Jack Carman might announce, but he's all Buckeye. Not sure how they see K.J. Hill, but I think he has had some good moments this year. Barrett would be last for me. Jones, Haskins and Burrow would all be pretty similar, but I think this staff is loving Haskins more and more. 

Blackhawkbul94: If you could only take one of Josh Myers, Wyatt Davis, and Jackson Carman who would it be? In your recruiting update you said if we miss on Akers, OSU might still go after a second back, any names you would throw out there as a possibility? Has there been any change in the number of recruits you expect OSU to sign this year? What do you think changed between the last few games and the Nebraska game with the offense?

BG: I would want all three of those dudes, LOL, but if I had to pick just one it might be Carman because he's the one true tackle of the group. Tough to say now on the second RB names. I still think they end up taking 21-22 in the end. Against Nebraska, you saw a very confident coaching staff that trusted their players to run the entire playbook. We saw first down throws, passes over the middle, deep shots, different players getting touches, and the Buckeyes attacking the defense, not picking and probing in a defensive manner. It sure looked good to me. 

ohiostate2002NC: from 1-10 how do u rate Weber ? should Alexander get more PT at TE ? if JTB goes pro, how good do u feel about Burrow for '17 how do u rate the OL as a unit so far in '16 from 1-10 ? who are our best 3 defenders regardless of positions ?

BG: I think Mike Weber is a 7 or an 8. The only knock would be lack of explosion and breakaway speed. I'm not real high on A.J. Alexander, and would rather see Jake Hausmann instead. I like Burrow a lot, and I know they love Haskins. Best three defenders? How about Hooker-Hubbard-Conley, with Raekwon a close fourth. 

BuckeyePavs: Bill, it seems like every week you have to field a question about Lynn Bowden. I personally went to the Warren Harding / Brecksville playoff game this past Friday and I have to say.....WOW. He IS the next in line.. Omar Provitt, Maurice Clarett, Mario Manningham, and now Lynn Bowden. He was like watching a video game with a talented game player on the joy stick. Simply amazing skills...he did it all. We left shaking our heads as we have done in the past with the above players mentioned. Do you honestly feel that Tyjon Lyndsey is a better player? How would you compare them? I see Curtis Samuel in this kid...a kid who puts a team on his back and can single handily take it over. If he stays out of trouble, and goes to Michigan St., this kid could come back and hurt us.

BG: I think you are very much on the money in your thinking on Lynn, and it's hard to argue the points you've made. The thing with Lindsey is that he has been a wide receiver all his life, while with Bowden you're going to have to convert him. Is Bowden Curtis Samuel? He just might be. You just can't take everyone, and I think Ohio State feels they have far more pressing needs than adding another slot guy. Are they right? Are you right? We are going to find out, but I definitely get your thoughts totally. 

victor64: Herbstreit raved about JT "going through his progressions". To me, he is still holding on to it too long. I still can't get on the bandwagon regarding his passing. It was reinforced watching Burrow in mop up duty. I saw somebody getting the ball to people on time and quickly. What am I missing?

BG: I thought J.T. struggled early against Nebraska, but the coaching staff stayed with him and kept calling passing plays for him. In the second half, Barrett was pretty darn good. I do think Burrow can throw it as well as Barrett, and think there wouldn't be much of a dropoff between the two. If you look at Barrett against Indiana, the first half of Wisconsin, Penn State and Northwestern, it's hard to see anything resembling the player we saw last Saturday. At his best, Barrett is pretty good, but he just hasn't been consistent at all the past two seasons. 

ntaylorut: I know that you mentioned another possible mass exodus of underclassmen after this year. CBS and Walter Camp has updated their position list including all eligible players. Here is what they have for the Buckeyes. Do you see all of these players leaving? FS Hooker - Top 10 pick CB - Conley - round 2 RB/WR - Samuel - round 2 OG - Price - round 2 DE - Lewis - round 4 QB - JT - round 5-7 Hubbard is listed as a top 2 round pick in the 2018 draft, not this year. Also, we just moved from Pickerington to Marysville, any golf course recommendations on the north side of town near Marysville? I played the Golf Club of Dublin last week (and shot a 77) but I haven't played any other courses up here.

BG: I see all those players leaving, except Price because I don't buy that second round grade at all. If he is a second rounder, and that can be authenticated, he needs to go quickly. I see Price staying and playing center next year, because I think hes a very low round to undrafted player. I also don't see Barrett as NFL material, this year, last year or next year. I guess he might as well go, because this QB class is pretty awful headed to the NFL. I really do not know the Columbus area courses well at all. One of our members took me to Brookside and it was very nice, but it's private I believe. 

success: Bill, given that we are only a couple of weeks until the Michigan game, where do you think they have the edge and vice versa and % wise how confident are you with respect to each team winning. 

BG: I had Michigan winning last summer, and I still feel that way today, November 9. But I don't have to make my pick for a few more weeks, so let's see how things transpire over that time span. If Ohio State is the team I saw last Saturday, I might have to revise that pick. A huge part of my thinking involves all those seniors on the Michigan team that have had so much heartache in their careers until Jim Harbaugh came into their lives. I just feel these kids are going to go undefeated and head to the playoffs, and a lot of these kids are Ohio guys that would sell their collective souls to beat Ohio State in three weeks. The talent seems pretty even, and the home team probably doesn't mean much between these two teams. To me, the mental edge would go to the guys that came back as seniors and have a huge chip on their shoulders to win this game. To the Michigan seniors, it would be their ultimate triumph and I think they get it. 

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