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Bank Bag: OSU vs Maryland Part-Two

Ohio State is coming off a huge win over Nebraska and national championship hopes are still alive. Before the Buckeyes play Maryland, Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

rdsbucks: Bill as a golfer and an astute observer of sports and those who play them, what do you think happened to Tiger and his game? Does he make any noise on a golf course ever again?

BG: First off, he has had so many surgeries that it's tough to see him getting back to what he was before. Knee issues and back issues are killers. He is also over 40 now, and the recovery time takes longer. From a mental standpoint, he hit rock bottom in his personal life and lost confidence in his golf game. I hope he makes it back and becomes a great player again, but the odds are against him. 

BraveFan: You had mentioned earlier in the season that you felt Mike Weber might be the most important player in the offense to keep healthy -- and I agree. The lack of depth in terms of an every-down back is a bit scary. In your opinion, if Urban would've known that Bri'onte would end up not playing this season, would he have allowed Warren Ball to come back for his final year of eligibility? He seemed like a good locker room guy and seemed to have the size/speed and certainly the smarts to play at this level. I saw he was really off to a strong start for Akron before an injury appears to have ended his season.

BG: I definitely think Ohio State wanted another back to help carry the load this year, and Brionte Dunn was coming off a great spring. Had Dunn been dismissed earlier, I think they would have wanted Warren Ball to stick around and contribute. With Antonio Williams not ready to contribute this season, Ball or Dunn would have gotten carries.

mrbigbux: Your honest opinion on B1G Friday night football. Ohio U at Purdue? Who is going to watch this? Live or on tv.

BG: I think it's a horrible idea and I'm always at a high school game so I never watch Friday night college football. I know the ratings are bad for the Saturday noon games, but it's hard to believe Friday night makes it better. I hope this Friday experiment only involves the bad Big Ten teams. 

buckzip: Bill, we always hear about committed recruits recruiting other players and recruiting at all star games. How often does this work, if ever?

BG: It goes on and it can be effective, but only if the player feels comfortable with the school they're pushing and has a relationship with that staff. No recruit will commit to a school to be with his new friends if he doesn't fit that scheme and has no relationship with his future position coach. But if a recruit is truly torn between two schools, having friends going to one school can make him feel more comfortable going there.

Coors73: Bill thanks again for doing these.  'Bama's defense looks awfully good.  I would argue their D-line looks as good or better than any I've watched in twenty years. If you had the reins for OSU's offense how would game plan for them.  What kind of odds would you lay on Torrence Gibson sticking this out and coming back in the winter?

BG: Alabama is very good, but they can be beaten. You need to spread them out and have a QB that can throw outside the pocket, and also run when needed. Chad Kelly of Mississippi has given them fits. Ohio State would need to spread the field and get the ball to Curtis Samuel, Noah Brown and the other skill players. Lining up and running right at them worked with Zeke Elliott, but I'm not sure this OSU team could do that. Regarding Torrance Gibson, I did not agree with the decision to suspend him and I know exactly what transpired. He really needed this practice time so much, that I worry about his development as a wideout. I hope he gets back into the fold ASAP, and gets back to trying to become a contributing wide receiver in this system. 

ohiostate2002NC: Bill does Michigan score over 20 on us ? Bill. If we beat Michigan any chance of a letdown vs wisc ?? Bill on defense what position groups are most important ? Pls rank as DT, DE, LB, S, and CB as choices ... in terms of recruiting importance

BG: Michigan had better score over 28 against Ohio State, or they will probably lose. Even though both teams are great defensive squads, I'm not seeing a 17-13 game at all. I like how the Michigan offense has developed over the course of the year, and I think it will be a great game. Ohio State had better not have a letdown against Wisconsin, or they will lose to the Badgers. I love dominant defensive tackles, mainly because they're so hard to find. Next, I would take the lockdown corners, because they're hard to find. Then I want safetys that can hit and cover. The speed rushers are also huge, at defensive end and linebacker, but they're easier to find. In today's game, I think you can get by without a Katzenmoyer or Spielman in the middle, but I'd still look for that player. 

ohiostate2002NC: Bill. Would u let backups play early vs Maryland ? How early ? How many point lead ? do u think keeping a TE in as a 6th blocker for Michigan game would be a good strategy .. so you effectively make it 4 skill guys being covered by 7 LB/secondary personnel ?? we havent seen it that much but then again the pass run by Nebraska didnt warrant it .. is this a potential wrinkle ?? do u think it makes sense to get Barrett 1-2 extra seconds at the cost of 1 less receiver ??

BG: I think this particular Ohio State team is not the most confident group in the world, and their play often shows that. I believe I would try to pound Maryland as bad as I could, to try to get this team to believe they are a powerhouse. The shaky performances against Penn State and Northwestern showed a team that played scared and tentative. If the Michigan pass rush starts to dominate your defensive line, the way Penn State did, then you either have to keep a tight end in to block, or use a back to help with pass pro. You have to adjust to what they're doing to you, not just stand there and continue to get whipped. The lack of in-game adjustments at Penn State was confusing. The Ohio State passing game being what it is, and with Barrett not being a strong read-the-field QB, I would keep the extra receiver in for pass protection. 

ohiostate2002NC: Bill - over the course of this season, what plays that OSU has run have been your favorite ?? plays u think we hit at a large percentage of time ?? you can be generic like JTB keepers, etc ..

BG: I'm not a big individual play guy at all. I'm more into scheme, approach and philosophy. What people saw last week against Nebraska was most definitely NOT what they saw vs. Indiana, the first half of Wisconsin, Penn State or Northwestern. And I'm not talking about the yards and points. I'm talking about the attitude Ohio State showed offensively right off the bat. They need to attack defenses, not prod and probe like it's Northern Illinois going against Alabama. We saw it last year with the different game plans and playcalling from  Michigan State to Michigan. A lot of people attributed the difference to Warinner being in the booth, but that didn't mean squat to me. I felt the difference was attacking Michigan, rather than playing Michigan State with a safety-first, defensive scheme for how to move the football on offense. We've seen in tight games that Meyer does not approach their offensive philosophy the same way he does in other games. They can tend to play very slow, and just run the QB behind ten blockers, rather than use the entire playbook and utilize all the playmakers. If you're going to lose, at least go down with the ball in Carlos Hyde's hands, Zeke Elliott's hands or Curtis Samuel's hands. 

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