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Bank Bag: OSU vs MSU Week Part-Two

Ohio State enters this week's game with Michigan State on a roll, and the Buckeyes are playing their best football at the right time of year. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from the Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers about the team and other topics. Here is Part-Two.

bucknutsinurface: Bill, wI'll psu get left out of the championship with a big ten title?

BG: I'm a big James Franklin fan, but if they win out and Ohio State wins out, that 39-point loss to Michigan might be tough for them to overcome. There is still a lot of football left to be played, but it's tough to see both Penn State and Ohio State getting in right now. The committee will probably never admit it, but a rematch is the last thing they want and I think that will kill the possibility of two teams from the same conference that have already played.

NorthPoleBuckeye: You have had Okudah as in for quite a while - is he still in and does he bring Browning with him?

BG: I do have Okudah as 100% in, and I think Browning is still waiting to see if Strong is retained by Texas. But I think Ohio State will get Browning, because I have Strong as OUT. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: according to another site, Simmons and the staff have kissed and made up.  Is this now a non-issue or is there movement afoot?

BG: I think it's pretty cut and dried. If the kid agrees to no more visits, I think all is well and he gets the MSU visit for free. If he takes more visits, he's OUT. 

irishkiller: You often spell out the blueprint for defending against OSU offense. What is the Greene blueprint for attacking the OSU defense??

BG: Man that's a great question and I'm not sure there's an answer for that one. I have loved this defense from Game-One, and I still do. I guess you have to try to soften them up by running right at them, like Wisconsin did in the first half, and then hope that opens up passing lanes. But when they can cover you man-to-man all over the field, you have a problem throwing the football. This is the best man coverage secondary I've ever seen at Ohio State, and that just limits the opposing offense so much. If Ohio State needs to, they can commit the linebackers to the run and not be worried about exposing the secondary at all. 

BadHabit48: I know, it's probably a bit too early, but who are some of the 2019 guys in Ohio that OSU fans should be taking note of as potential offer-type kids? Thanks to an injury-plagued season, we didn't get to hear much about McCall a year ago and nowadays he's starting to become everyone's favorite true freshman. Is anything about his play this year surprising to you or is he performing up to par with your expectations of him as a recruit?

BG: For 2019, it is very early, but I really like linebacker Jamir Thomas from Massillon, cornerback Moses Douglass from Springfield, athlete Andre Gordon from Sidney, and tight end Zach Harrison from Olentangy Orange. I love Demario McCall and think he becomes Curtis Samuel in another year. He is exactly what I thought he would be, and another 10-pounds of muscle will make him even better. He has a chance to be a great one in this offense. 

joebuckeye: The 5 best recruits in 2018 that we have a shot at. If we get into the playoffs, can you rank the following teams from favorable match up for OSU to least favorable for OSU: WV, Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, Washington?

BG: For 2018, I would go with Jeffrey Okudah, Baron Browning, Thayer Munford, Jaylen Harris and Bubba Bolden. For Ohio State, I would choose West Virginia first to play, then Washington. Probably take Clemson third, because Watson can win games by himself. I just might have Louisville even with Alabama, even though Bama is clearly the most complete team. And the most talented. I would worry about giving offensive genius Bobby Petrino one month to prepare. There's a chance Louisville could run out to a 24-7 lead in the second quarter, and then you have to ask J.T. Barrett to go win the game and that's not good. I think Louisville scares the heck out of everyone. The Cardinals would be the team Nick Saban would want to play the least, I'm guessing. That offense could get you out of your game plan in a hurry. 

donfatman: Urban has been beaten by Dantonio more than any other coach since he has been at Ohio State (twice) Do you think Urban thinks about that? Or does it drive him in any way?

BG: There might be a day throughout the year that Urban doesn't think about it, but I doubt it. It drives him, Bank That. These guys are not boys, and it started on Dantonio's end with the Se'Von Pittman deal and has just escalated from there. Having someone shatter your dream season twice is bad enough, but to have it come from a coach that does not like or respect you is too much to take. It's why I had this game as an Ohio State guaranteed win game for a year now. If Urban can score 100 this week, he will score 100. 

cjdjbucknuts: Any word on what is up with McDowell being dropped off of depth chart by Dino?

BG: I think it's just Dantonio trying to screw with Ohio State. Malik has been injured, so he just doesn't want to say if he will play or not this week. My guess? He plays. Dantonio would sell his soul to win this game. 

bucksoup: Do you think Dantonio needs to stop "Tresselizing" by promoting OC and DC from within? I think by not replacing a talent like Narduzi (sp?) with an equal national talent , like Urban has, is causing the program to regress. Can he change the momentum by replacing OC and DC with coaching talent worthy of where he has taken their program? I kinda liked them owning scum.

BG: They lost Narduzzi last year, and the staff they put in place won the Big Ten and put them into the playoffs. This year has been awful, but it seems like it's just one of those years and they should be back next season. I don't think they're as awful as the record is, and the main problems have been poor QB play and turnovers. I don't see Michigan State as having any coaching issues and would write this year off as an aberration. They really need to fix the QB position first before they can get back to being Michigan State again. 

KansasCityBuckeye: Any thoughts on the presidential election and what it says about the country and Ohio? (I'm not very political so I'm not looking for a specific answer.)

BG: Obviously this is a controversial subject and I rarely discuss politics on the message boards. But this piece is about answering your questions, so I'm going to answer with my opinions. I think the result was a great statement on our country, exactly as the last two elections were. Whether it's an African-American president being elected twice, or a businessman being elected with no political experience, it shows the beauty of our great country. We do not have takeovers by force. We have free elections and the will of the people determines the outcome, not the military and not the media. Regarding Ohio, I believe economics was the number-one issue, as it was across the Rust Belt that the Democrats had been winning easily. Hillary got dramatically less union support than Obama, less women support, less African-American support and less support from younger voters. I believe these groups carried Trump across the finish line, and their main concerns were jobs. I think it's tough to tell Joe the Union Laborer to back the union candidate, when unions have drifted more into climate change, social justice and civil rights issues, more than caring about Joe's job and his ability to pay his mortgage. It's not good to see either party win all the time, and this country was founded on participation at the ballot box and the acceptance of the results. Our last three presidents have all been elected to a second term, so we will see in four years if this continues. I have lived through several different administrations, and to be honest my life never changed all that much through any of them. Whether Trump or Hillary won last Tuesday, my life was still going to be lived through my principles, my thoughts and my beliefs. My alarm clock gets set at the same time whether it's Reagan, Clinton or Trump, and if I work my tail off and treat people right, I'm going to have a very fulfilling life. 

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