Bank Bag: OSU vs MSU Week Part-Three

Ohio State enters this week's game with Michigan State on a roll, and the Buckeyes are playing their best football at the right time of year. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from the Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers about the team and other topics. Here is Part-Three.

BuckeyePete: Obviously, the supposed “character” of a player influences the staffs that are recruiting them.  Does “character” effect the star ratings amongst the recruiting services?

BG: That would be more a question for our national guys, to be honest. For my rankings the answer is No. I like who I like based on what they do on the field, and I do not consider anything else. Usually these character issues are so vague that you don't know what to believe, unless it's an arrest that makes the newspapers. When I'm asked to give my rankings on players, I only go by how I see their talent. 

KansasCityBuckeye: Who has a longer stay at their current school- Ash or Durkin?

BG: Great question. Tough to say right now obviously, as both are struggling big time, but that was expected. I'm inclined to say Durkin, even though I think the world of Chris Ash. I believe the Under Armor backing of Maryland can tilt the scales of recruiting over what Ash can do at Rutgers. They're both looked at as excellent football minds, and great defensive coaches.

KansasCityBuckeye: You're Urban and God offers you the following magic trades (they just kinda happen)Which ones do you take? Jabril Peppers for Malik Hooker Jalen Hurts for JT Barrett Lane Kiffen for Ed Warriner Beth Mowins for Paul Keels Lamar Jackson for JT Barrett and Mike Webber LeBron plays WR for rest of this year but you give up a scholarship for two more years. Rashan Gary for Nick Bosa Marvin Wilson for Dremont Jones, Robert Landers, and Tracy Sprinkle Guaranteed zero turnovers against Michigan, but they get 8 free points.

BG: Wow great questions and way to put me on the OSU hater hot spot with these, LOL. I love Hooker, but would take Peppers. I think Barrett is coming on right now, but Hurts as a true freshman is my guy. Think a lot of Warinner as an O-line guy, but Kiffin is a heck of an offensive coordnator so I'm going with Lane. Keels by a mile over Beth Mowins, but I would take a Russian with a speech impediment over the Lovely Beth. I would take fingernails on the chalkboard over Beth. I would take having my eyes poked with needles over listening to Ms. Mowins. I would take Lamar Jackson slightly over Weber and Barrett, because I would love to see Jackson in this offense. I would take LeBron and give up the scholarships because I'd love to see him on the football field. Love Bosa and think he and Gary are equal, but I would take Gary because edge rushers are a lot easier to find than dominant D-tackles. Would not take Marvin Wilson for any of those two guys. He's not worth a two-for-one to me. Very tough question on the turnover vs points against Michigan, but I'm not giving away eight points in a close game under any circumstances. 

bobosu: Bill your thoughts on O'Koren as he looks to be UMs QB. My question is, he the type of QB that OSU can prepare for? I think back to OSU losing JT then C. Jones wins big  next games. Does OSU know enough to prepare for this new QB? I mean beating UM will take everything OSU ,has as I think UM will rally around him,with Peppers playing an even bigger role. Is there enough info,tapes,etc to prepare for this new QB? 

BG: There is a lot of tape on O'Korn from his days as a starter for Houston, so I don't think that will be a problem for Greg Schiano. I'm not too sure the Michigan offensive approach will change all that much with him. I'm envisioning a great game, one that resembles the old days with a low scoring, defensive game. I think it could end up being a classic game.

ScarletAndGray02: Is J.K Dobbins the next starter after Weber or is it Williams or even McCall? The RB depth isn't where I would like it to be so I'm needing a little reassurance that one of these guys can get it done.

BG: I see Weber leaving after next year and Dobbins grabbing that starting spot as a sophomore. McCall becomes the next Curtis Samuel, while Antonio Williams becomes the goal line back. I think Dobbins can be pretty special in this offense, and so can McCall. 

rcooper45: Bill, I posted in the Saturday Weather thread it's the wind, more than other elements, that seems to affect the Buckeyes' performance bc of both JT's weakness and the play calling: what do you think? It seems like Recruiting has become fixated on a few top recruits at critical positions like RB and DT which may lead to a Deshawn Watson like outcome: Your thoughts? Finally, are you ready to speculate on OSU coaching turnover?

BG: I think weather is a BS excuse. Green Bay and New England throw it every week, and the worst day at Ohio State would be considered balmy to those two cities. The runningback recruiting is definitely getting interesting, especially if Cam Akers really does show up next Saturday. As for defensive tackle, they are chasing big timers and you can't blame them for that. As for coaching turnover, Beck and Warinner have been pretty amazing the past few weeks and if they keep this up they aren't going anywhere. I do see Luke Fickell exploring options, and Schiano wants a head coaching job, but not a bad head coaching job. 

rdsbucks: Bill I don't know what you can say or if you know but how is Brionte Dunn doing? How do you think having him on our team this year would have changed things, if at all.

BG: Mike Weber has been really good and very durable, so I'm not sure how much of a difference Dunn could have made. I have checked on him through his high school head coach, but as of a month ago he had not heard from him. He's probably very embarrassed to face people. 

buckeyebones: Say it is raining, blowing, and 39 degrees Sat. Do you modify your offensive game plan and how?

BG: Go back and watch the Ohio State game at Minnesota from 2014. Now THAT was REALLY bad weather, not the fake bad weather that gets blamed every time Ohio State gets whipped. Against the Gophers, in real winter conditions, the OSU offense rang up 500 yards of offense, including 200 passing, against a darn good defensive team. So my answer is "NO", I'm going to do what I do and you have to stop it. Watch Green Bay in December and New England in December, and there's your answer. They would laugh at the Columbus "bad" weather in November. 

buckeyebones: As I see it, Alabama has accumulated the most talent on their roster and OSU is #2. Agree? Based on our recruiting trajectory do you see us overtaking them and how soon?

BG: I would agree 100%, but Alabama might have the best coaching staff in terms of player development as well. Ohio State cannot simply stack more talent than Alabama can, as no team can do that. To overtake them, you need to match their talent, which is very tough to do. And then you need to have your nine assistants be the absolute best coaches in America as well. And your head coach needs to be a better game day coach than Nick Saban. That's to get even with them. They have four out of seven, and are favored for five out of eight for a reason. They could be working on six out of nine in a few months as well. I think Ohio State is the clear number-two program in America right now, and that's pretty freaking amazing. But they aren't Alabama right now. Can they be? Maybe when Saban starts to slip, because Urban is much younger and will outlast him. 

buckeyebones: Do you think that the strength of this years B1G will attract more top recruits to B1G programs in the next recruiting cycle?

BG: The coaching in the Big Ten is the highest it's been in a long, long time, so YES, I do think recruiting will continue on this recent uptick. Urban is looked at as #2 nationally. Harbaugh is top-5. Dantonio is top-10, even with this bad year. Then you have Fitzgerald, Riley, Franklin, Ferentz, Lovie Smith and Paul Chryst that are all very solid head coaches. Love where the conference is headed, to be honest. 

EncyclopedicBuck: Will Hue Jackson get fired if his Cleveland Browns team goes 0-16? The QB position has always been a problem. It seems like playing quarterback there is a career-killer, so my next question is: Can you even win there nowadays? I was very happy that the NFL brought back the Browns after 4-5 years without a team, but they didn't help them land enough talent to help them build a team right away and it's been a long, long struggle ever since.  It seems like the league helped Carolina and Jacksonville from a talent standpoint for an expansion team in the 1990's more than they did Cleveland. Perhaps the NFL helped the Panthers and the Jaguars a little too much to help them compete early and that had the rest of the league bent out of shape. So maybe the league didn't want to help Cleveland any more than they had to? Would be interesting to get your take on that subject.

BG: I think it would be criminal if Jimmy Haslem fires Hue Jackson, but that shoe probably fits him already. I like Hue Jackson a lot, and think he needs a GM that can get him real football players, not the trash they throw out there every Sunday. You know I think you're right about how they did or didn't help Cleveland, but it's been a lot of years since they came back, so they should be past that. They're just a dog crap organization at the top, and hiring the baseball analytics guy was laughable. Or maybe criminal once again by Jimmy. Until they get their front office fixed this will probably continue to go on and on and on. My son is a huge Browns fan, and I feel for him, because I see no end in sight for this team. 

drewsus: We never saw Jalin Marshall highlighted in this offense the way Curtis Samuel has been the last 2 weeks. How would Jalin have fared with the same game planning? Would you take Jalin or Curtis as your H-back and why Who is next year's Curtis Samuel As certain teams may enter the playoffs without playing in a conference championship game...aside from the obvious positive of not risking a loss, is there a potential disadvantage of not having an extra game to stay sharp heading into the playoffs Name your best and worst recruiting misses, game predictions, etc. I nominate your pick of UCLA to make the playoffs this year. Your turn:-) How much would Brionte Dunn have realistically contributed to the offense this year? With JT, Curtis and Weber getting carries it seems like there wouldn't have been many balls to go around.

BG: I think Jalin and Curtis would have been dynamic this year, and Marshall probably would be the deep threat they need and another game breaker like Samuel. I love Jalin, but Samuel is the better player I believe. Next year I see Demario McCall as the next Samuel. I don't think missing the conference championship hurts a team at all from a developmental stage. As long as you still make the playoffs, why play another head knocker of a game? Best recruiting hit? Probably Brian Hartline who I had as a Buckeye starter early in his career and an NFL starter as well. Miss? Man I bought the farm on Connor Cook for sure, because I was adamant he was a two-star that would never play for MSU. Worst game prediction was guaranteeing OSU would beat LSU, because there was no way Tressel would get out-coached a second time. Ooops. Best prediction? Saying that a sorry Florida team with the head coach with the funny name could actually beat powerhouse Ohio State for the national title. Or guaranteeing Ohio State would handle Oregon easily in the title game two years ago. Picking Georgia to win it all for the past decade could also qualify as "bad." LOL. 

tridentawc: Looking forward to the next few years of instate recruits, (2018-2020) who are you the most excited about Bank. Who's the next Chris Wells, Ted Ginn Jr, or Andy Katzenmoyer in your opinion. What affect would having a National Champion that's not a Conference Champion do to modifying the system? I know there are many who want to see expansion out to at least eight teams. If this would happen, would that be more ammunition for those who want playoff expansion? 

BG: I really like Jack Carman, the junior O-lineman out of Fairfield and think he can be an All-American. First off, there is no criteria for selecting the final four teams. It's all based on eye test. They are trying to get the best four teams, so if it's not a conference champion, so be it. There is no perfect system when the human element is involved. Unless they go to a Harbin system, there will be controversy. And that's not all bad, because it keeps people interested. 

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