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Bank Bag: OSU Regular Season Finale

Ohio State concluded another impressive regular season under Urban Meyer last week with a victory over Michigan, and are on their way to the playoffs. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers.

OSUee85: What are your scenarios that get two B1G teams into the CFP? Do you buy any of the opinion floating around that Michigan can still sneak in if VT upsets Clemson AND Colorado upsets Washington?

BG: I know for a fact that the thing the committee wants the least are rematches, and we haven't seen one yet in two years of the new system. And I would agree with them, that they would be the least watched games for the most part. I respect and admire what James Franklin has done at Penn State, and it's a great story, but nobody wants to see Ohio State play them again. As opposed to OSU vs. Clemson, or OSU vs. Washington. But when you bring up Michigan, that might be a different story, and a rematch with Ohio State in the semifinals just might be very appealing to the committee. As well as a nation of college football fans. I'm not sure they would do that, but it would draw an audience I believe. 

BuckeyeL: 1.) Are there any other kids on the commitment list (other than S. Wade) that aren't 100%? It looks like Simmons is back on board. Would really hate to see this class fall apart this late in the process. 2.) Just because of what we've dealt with in the sunshine state over the years, I have a real tough time counting Brian Snead as IN. Is Snead (ala Trevon Grimes) different than most Florida kids? And do we have a chance with any of the top flight RBs in 2018 (Zamir White, Ricky Slade, Lorenzo Lingard)? 3.) Has the, "take ten from Ohio every year" rule changed to "take five from Ohio every year"?

BG: If Simmons is back on the "maybe" list it might be because Ohio State has replaced him with Peter Werner. I don't see any other player wavering, but there's another commit that I thought might not be what they really want. I hate naming names, and in Simmons' case it's only because he started looking around that I mentioned him. This class is not falling apart as much as it might be getting even better. I was told Brian Snead is different and is all Buckeye. Now if you add Jaelen Gill and Zamir White, that could push Snead to being a typical Florida kid. I see no scenario where three stud tailbacks all come in to the same class, because it doesn't make a lot of sense. The "take ten" might be more of a "take a few", although I think this junior class is really starting to take shape. They could easily take ten from 2018 if they want to. 

AkronBigDawg: What are your thoughts on Mitch Trubisky?  Did the  Buckeyes consider him?  Should they have considered him?   Would he have come to Columbus?    Would he have been or is he better than JT?

BG: Loved Mitch in high school and put the = sign on him early on once he was offered. I wasn't sure they would go with the offer vs. OFFER on in-state guys, which they did with Mitch. He got offered, thought it was an OFFER, called to commit and was told he needed to come to camp. He definitely wanted to be a Buckeye, but before camps started Ohio State found their QB. Better than Barrett? To me, YES Mitch is better. To Urban for his offense, NO I think he would take Barrett. Trubisky could never play the fullback/quarterback combo position at Ohio State. He could not carry the ball 20 times per week and hold up. 

buck1075: Who starts at QB for the Bucks next year?

BG: I believe J.T. Barrett will make that decision in a few weeks. If he gives the spot up, it will be a battle between Burrow and Haskins. 

dfaulkne: How long of a leash does Jim Harbaugh get at Michigan? Let's say, for fun, he goes 0-3 against OSU after next year....is he on the hot seat? What about if he starts 0-4? Might his "antics" not quite be as easy to put up with if he can't beat OSU/win the big ten? Have you heard anything that gives you hope that any of these players will contribute next year...Torrance Gibson, Justin Hilliard, Malcolm Pridgeon?

BG: His "leash" will last a long, long time. He could probably go 0-5 or 0-6 before the university would start to get antsy. He is 20-5 in his first two years, and I have to think the Michigan folks are thrilled with their coach. Of those three, I would have Pridgeon as the most likely to contribute. Want to see Hilliard stay healthy. Gibson was behind up until he was suspended. Hard to believe he got better playing video games and going out with his boys the past six months. 

mrbigbux: Notre Dame is a mess. What do you see going on there?

BG: It is totally a MESS, and you are 100% correct. I have no idea where they go from here and it appears they don't want to fire Brian Kelly. I'm told his agent is out soliciting every job opening in America, so I think he'd like to get out of there. I consider Brian Kelly a success at Notre Dame, but I'm not sure others do. He is winning nearly 70% of his games. The last coach to win at 70% was Lou Holtz and he left in 1996. It's a tough place to coach. 

ScarletAndGray02: I'm looking at a potential matchup with Bama/OSU in the title game, and I see a low scoring game. Living in the south I see a ton of Bama games, and they are very good defensively (front 7 is monster good). Both offenses have had trouble throwing the ball consistently, and both defenses are very tough to run on. In my opinion, much like the Michigan game this comes down to which team makes the fewer mistakes, and I think OSU has a much better shot at beating them than they are going to be given........would still favor Bama, but I'd take OSU and the points. Am I just being a homer here?? I don't think Bama is near as good offensively as they were last year, and if you can get pressure on Hurts (tough with that OL) he struggles.

BG: I don't think you're being a homer at all, and I agree with you. The first thing I look at is the mental game. Do you think the Michigan State players are ever scared to play Ohio State? I can assure you they aren't. Dantonio has a track record of success against Meyer. So even if they're on the road without Connor Cook playing the undefeated number-one Buckeyes, it's not even a problem. This year with a team getting killed by bad teams has to play bad-azz number-two Ohio State, and once again it's no problem at all. Well Urban Meyer is one coach that can look Nick Saban in the eye and just sneer at him, not cower in fear. So mentally Ohio State is good. I agree about two great defenses, and that makes it a low scoring game. Ohio State can spread Alabama out, and maybe Curtis Samuel makes a few plays? Maybe the Bama freshman QB plays like a freshman? And if all that happens, you're looking at a 21-20 game where you hope you have the 21. 

OSUee85: Do you think there will be changes on the offensive staff going into 2017? Beyond the rumor mill swirling around Fickell and FAU, do you see any other assistants getting snatched up this year?

BG: It's hard to call for changes to a team that goes 13-1 and wins the national title, and that could very well happen. On the other hand, if they continue to struggle on offense and they get thumped in the semifinal, maybe they look to go in a different direction. Too tough to say right now. I know Greg Schiano wants a head coaching job and he will take the right one. I do think Fickell will look to go as well. Don't see anyone else being pursued by other schools, other than maybe Zach Smith, but his internet persona could really hurt him. 

bobosu: Its beyond obvious game after game ,the o-line with #59 is just terrible. Is there anything, I mean anything OSU can do? Also I have posted here after reviewing games of 2014,2015, you can see there is a difference in JTB delivery and his accuracy in his passing. I really think he has issues either with his eye,depth perception ,etc. Are you aware of any issues ??? Your thoughts on WHY JTB is having issues in passing,?

BG: Isaiah Prince has not played well down the stretch, but he wasn't the only one last week. For three quarters that group didn't block anyone, then they found themselves in the fourth. I think J.T. Barrett is a guy that has lost confidence in his ability to throw the football, and it started last year. He has also taken a MILLION hits in three years, playing fullback in this offense. Let Peyton Manning or Tom Brady take these kinds of shots for three years, and then come tell me about their accuracy. With passing teams, the goal is to NEVER, EVER let the QB get hit. In the OSU offense, the QB is going to get beat up. Over three years, the hits take their toll. Braxton Miller got pounded as well. So did Tim Tebow, and he never got better as a passer either. Running the football 20 times per game is not the way to develop a passing QB. And a lot of these carries are between the tackles, and they are getting belted by defensive linemen and linebackers, not little defensive backs. If you're going to play QB in this offense, you better be the toughest, meanest guy on the team because you're going to have to be one of the more physical players on the team. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Haven't heard much on the Bubba Bolden front recently. Do you still think he is in? Also let's say in a perfect world Tuflee and Wilson want in. Does Ohio State take both and would they push Cage out or would they take four defensive tackles?

BG: Now that they are jumping on a new linebacker, Peter Werner, that probably cancels out Bubba Bolden. And they have Isaiah Pryor and Brendon White as similar players. With low numbers it's tough to duplicate similar talents. I also think the more they watch their current wide receivers, that Jaylen Harris becomes more of a priority now. Regarding Cage, I hate talking about dropping committed guys, but they would NEVER turn down Tufele or Wilson. NEVER. 

BuckeyeNatural: Finish this years recruiting Class.....

BG: Impossible. And I'm not ducking your question, but which Ohio State writer was writing about Pete Werner or Kendall Sheffield three days ago? And there are over 65 days left until National Signing Day. Sit back and enjoy the ride my friend. 

dplaw: I was worried Schiano would leave after this year but not too many top jobs are open... I cant see him at Oregon, B. Jones probably gets one more year at Tenn.... Would ND be an option?  Doesn't seem like a fit to me... Do you see any openings that would be a possibility for him this year?

BG: I agree with you that I don't think Oregon hires a defensive minded coach for their system. Schiano would love the Tennessee job, and that's not a guess, but it does look like Butch survives. I think Schiano would be great for Notre Dame, but who knows what they're doing? He won't go to Purdue. If Larry Fedora leaves North Carolina I could possibly see Schiano going there. Don't see him at Baylor. Right now, it looks like Schiano will be back to me. 

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