Bank Blog: OSU Regular Season Finale III

Ohio State concluded another impressive regular season under Urban Meyer last week with a victory over Michigan, and are on their way to the playoffs. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three.

drewsus: Better coaching job - 2014 Chris Ash or 2016 Greg Schiano? If you were choosing your staff tomorrow would you take Ash or Schiano to run your defense? And yes, you have to pick one! What's amazed me about the defense this year is how infrequently they were out- schemed or caught out of position or out-hustled. How many broken plays were there? For such an inexperienced group this was phenomenal. Did you know that Curtis Samuel was going to be this good coming out of HS? Especially given his lack of competition in Brooklyn? Is PSU for real? How do you see the Wisky/PSU matchup? Where does this OSU secondary stack up in the history of the program?

BG: The question of Ash vs Schiano might be the one question I've spent the most time on this year since we started doing these pieces. I'm going to go with Ash on 2014 by a razor thin margin. When Chris came to OSU the defense was in shambles, and it was pretty awful. Just got torched by both Michigan and Clemson for tons of points and yards. Their was no confidence in the unit, and the Ash scheme was REMOTELY different from what Ohio State was doing under Withers and Fickell. With Schiano, even though he had to replace a lot of great players, the system was set and nothing needed overhauled. He has done amazing things, but I think Schiano had it easier than Ash. To pick one for tomorrow, again I'm going with Ash by an inch. I never thought Curtis Samuel would be this good, and Yes, I questioned the high school competition. Until I saw him every day at Under Armor. I became a believer. I think Penn State is for real and I think they will beat Wisconsin. This current OSU secondary is as good as I've ever seen, because they are doing great things in the passing era, not the Woody Hayes era.

jnmbuck: Last week poster on here who usually has good info posted that JT has much stronger arm than Burrows. What are your observations on this.

BG: I have not seen Haskins in over a year, and not much from Burrow in two years. Comparing both as high school seniors I would have them very close in arm strength. Haskins did not blow anyone away at Under Armor last year when he bounced out-passes and underthrew deep balls all week. Greg Powers and I watched him a lot and were not all that impressed. But he might not have picked up a ball for a few months and might not have taken it seriously.

jnmbuck: Do you view Florida Atlantic as a place where Luke can be successful and use as a stepping stone? If you were his agent would you steer him that direction or suggest he wait for a good opening in the MAC?

BG: Great question. Luke has such great ties in Florida that I think he's going to recruit well down there. Better than a good MAC job? I'm not sure about that, but it's close. FAU has a great stadium and they're building new facilities, so it's an attractive place. 

Coors73: Thanks again Bill.  I was really surprised LSU kept Orgeron.  Any thoughts on his hiring and do you think he can win an SEC title before they fire him?  Who's the B1G champ?  Who do you believe OSU matches up better against on a neutral site Clemson, Washington or Penn St.?

BG: I was surprised by LSU as well, but Coach O can recruit. He needs a great offensive mind to overhaul that side of the ball. How can he win the SEC when the dude in Tuscaloosa is still going strong? I see Penn State as the Big Ten champ. Neutral site for Ohio State? I think they would rather play Washington or Penn State, not Clemson because Deshaun Watson can outscore you by himself and force J.T. Barrett to throw it well. 

binarysniperbuckeye: Bill, if Osu lands Sheffield to go with Wade and Okudah, would Okudah play safety with Sheffield coming in?

BG: I think Okudah can play cornerback, but he's a far better safety. Think a bigger, more physical Vonn Bell. Sheffield plays corner if he comes to OSU, and somebody else is sitting. He would be their top corner assuming Conley and Lattimore leave. 

WraithBuck: Bill, how do the Buckeye coaches tell prospects, recruits committed, or the players who have no chance of starting that their services are no longer required? Do they get called in an office, phone call from their recruiting coach or does Coach Meyer give the personal touch? I would think this is one of the hardest duties of being a coach at our elite institution.

BG: I believe Coach Meyer sits down with the player and lays it out honestly where things stand. If the player is good academically and off the field, calls are made to do everything they can to help that player find a new school. 

dpjmd: Bill, We are once again discussing which Buckeyes will be leaving early for the NFL. I am not saying they shouldn't, but just read an article about the great Alabama defense and their senior leaders( Reuben Foster, Tim Williams, Jonathon Allen). They always seem to have great senior players. This combination of talent and experience is what separates them from everyone else in my opinion. How do you explain this difference in attitude i.e. staying vs leaving.

BG: I really don't have that answer to be honest, and I thought all three of those guys were leaving last year. I do believe traditionally that Alabama puts as many early entry guys into the NFL as anyone, but I would need to go back and research that. 

raider2426: What's your assessment of Leonard fournette as a draft prospect? He reminds a lot of Beanie Wells. I think he has a rare combination of speed and size. However, for a big back he doesn't run with same kind of power as an Adrian Peterson or even a Carlos Hyde. Also he has a history of injuries. I would take Zeke over him any day. Also, where does Les Miles end up next year?

BG: It's tough to compare any runningback to Zeke when talking to me. I have Zeke as one of the greatest football players I've ever seen play at Ohio State. In one of these summer blogs I said Zeke would rush for 2,000 yards and score 20 touchdowns this year. I took him in every fantasy draft he was available to me, even as high as number-one overall. Zeke will go into the Hall of Fame in Canton one day barring injury. That being said, I think Leonard Fournette has multiple question marks about durability and work ethic. He is a Carlos Hyde, not a Zeke. I think Les Miles will be coaching somewhere next year, and I think he will take just about any job that's offered to him. He wants to coach.

fumi2: Chances of Josh Myers stepping in and starting from day 1? Buckeyes only lose Elflein if Price stays. Josh played guard in Miaimisburg wing T...very athletic and college strong already.

BG: I love the potential of Josh Myers, but I worry about him picking up pass blocking quick enough to start the first game next year. He has a chance to be a special player, but I would think Wyatt Davis might be more advanced right now. 

drewsus: Justin Hilliard and Jason Cornell...big recruiting victories but neither have hit the field yet. Are they getting recruited over at this point? Price moves to center next year...who takes his spot at guard?

BG: Justin Hilliard needs to stay healthy before anyone knows if he can play or not. Cornell is well thought of I believe, but guys like Jones, Landers and Hamilton are by him on the depth chart. I think Price to center is a given, and Pridgeon jumps in there next year at tackle and they move Prince or Jones inside to guard. Maybe Prince with the way he's struggled this year lately. 

BuckeyePavs: I have a good source within Warren Harding who let me know that Nebraska has now offered Lynn Bowden and that OSU called asking for a copy of his transcripts/Grades (in case they want to offer). This all went down this past week/weekend. Have you heard anything about this?

BG: Would not surprise me at all that Nebraska would offer and Ohio State would look very closely at Lynn. He's a great football player, but in the end I do not see Ohio State moving on him. Lynn would take a Buckeye offer in a second though. 

rollymolly2: Which 18' recruits sign with OSU Gill Carman  Vincent Oates Gant Gaoteote Woodley.  Are they high on Matt Jones from Brooklyn NY. Now to golf: Does Tiger play all 4 rounds this weekend? Please note no cuts after the second round. All players play 4 rounds. Does he break par.

BG: I'm almost ready to say "YES" on everyone of those 2018 kids to be honest. Obviously a long way to go with that class, but those guys all look good to me. Yes they like Matt Jones a lot and I think they're the leader in the clubhouse for him too. I watched Tiger hit every shot on Thursday (don't tell my boss) and loved what I saw. I think he might have gotten tired on the back nine and that might be why he screwed up in the end. His back looked like it was giving him no problems, so I think he's physically in great shape and he will play every day. I do think he finishes under par. The weight he's lost seems to fit him too, and his body might not be able to handle the "supplements" at the age of 40 like it used to. I would guess he's clean now, as a steroid scandal is the last thing he needs right now. 

Encyclopedicbuc: Zeke Elliott question:  If the injury bug doesn't come up and bite him, will he be putting on a gold jacket in Canton one day?  The talent he has, playing with Dak Prescott and running behind the NFL's best offensive line, probably has Jerry Jones and Cowboy fans doing cartwheels with excitement because the possibilities seem endless. And they have the best backup QB maybe in NFL history.

BG: Great minds think alike!!!!! This was my answer to an earlier question and I think Zeke will be a Hall of Famer. The Cowboys should be thrilled to have Zeke and Dak for the next decade. They will trade Romo for high draft picks and get even more talent next spring too. 

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