Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer Became A Grandfather Hours Before CFP Announcement

At 5:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer got some good news that did not involve his football team.

While the world was waiting to see who would be in the third edition of the College Football Playoff, Urban Meyer was at the hospital, more specifically in the maternity ward. 

Meyer's first child Nikki, has been expecting a child and around 5:30 a.m. in Columbus, gave birth to a baby boy named Troy with her husband and Ohio State graduate assistant Corey Dennis. 

"We got a little bit of sleep. (Meyer's wife) Shelley went at 4:00. The baby was born at 5:30. I grabbed my son (Nate Meyer) at about 5:45," Meyer said. "We got down there about 6:15. Got to meet the baby. Make sure my daughter is fine, which she is. And dad is fine.

"We watched the selection show from the maternity ward."

With his grandchild being born, Meyer said putting the whole day in perspective was something he did before turning his focus over to football and where the Buckeyes would be playing their postseason game. 

"I'm just one of those guys, I understand these are all gifts and you're just very grateful that God blessed my daughter with a healthy baby and a great husband," Meyer said. "So that's the first thoughts.

"I am very strong in my faith and I understand it is an incredible blessing," Meyer added on the Fiesta Bowl teleconference. "I never thought I would be watching the College Football Selection Committee picking our school as my daughter gives birth. I just sit back sometimes and realize how grateful I am and really grateful for my daughter and son-in-law. They are going to be a great mom and dad."

Once he had time to turn his thoughts to football however, Meyer saw his team get matched up against a Clemson team that gave him his first and only bowl defeat as Ohio State's head coach. The Buckeyes and Tigers met in the 2014 Orange Bowl, a game that Clemson won 40-35. 

Fast forward three seasons later, the two teams are much different than they were in their last meeting, but have been similar in terms of their success. Outside of Alabama, the Buckeyes and Tigers have the most appearances in the CFP with two each, Clemson advancing to the national title game a season ago before falling to the Crimson Tide. 

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