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Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer Previews Fiesta Bowl Matchup Vs. Clemson

Urban Meyer met with the media in the team room for the first time since the Buckeyes were announced as a top-4 team for the College Football Playoff.

For the last time until the Buckeyes arrive in Arizona, Urban Meyer met with a large group of media members to preview Ohio State's matchup against Clemson and discussed the Torrance Gibson situation.

  • Meyer described the Torrance Gibson situation as "unfortunate." Added Gibson has met with him since the news broke. Meyer said nothing has been finalized. 
  • Meyer said he did not want to keep Luke Fickell when he arrived in Columbus. He said their initial meeting was "over the top." Said after first few years, their relationship was tense when the defense struggled but said the best thing he has ever done is keep Fickell. 
  • Meyer said Kerry Coombs role on the coaching staff "will be expanded."
  • Meyer said Malcolm Pridgeon is not prepared to play, but will be a good player. "He will play for us (in the future)," Meyer said. Pridgeon recently lost his black stripe. 
  • Meyer said the Buckeyes are preparing for multiple looks while on offense. Said the Tigers throw three different types of defenses at opposing offenses.
  • In terms of an eight team playoff, Meyer said playing more than 15 games "would be tough." Said the entire college model would have to change. 
  • Meyer said "great gifts, fantastic food" and money are important for players to have fun and keep them out of trouble on bowl trips. 
  • Meyer said in the offseason, he wants to see Ohio State expand its passing game. Said he will be heavily involved in that. Meyer said "I thought we would be better" throwing the football in 2016, but is confident it will improve in the offseason. 
  • Meyer said Raekwon McMillan is one of the top 2-3 players he has ever been around. Said when he arrived, he was already a grown man. Said he has exceeded expectations at Ohio State. 
  • Meyer said he has not seen a player work harder in two weeks like he has Isaiah Prince since the Michigan game. He praised his work ethic since struggling against Michigan. 
  • Meyer said he has tried to talk Craig Fada and Joe Burger into coaching, but they are pursuing professions in the medical field. 
  • Meyer said he studied Clemson and that Ohio State changed its social media approach in recruiting because of how the Tigers used Twitter and other social media in recruiting high school talent. 
  • Meyer said he has seen J.T. Barrett hold the ball to long at times, but said he will accept that as long as it comes with limiting turnovers. He mentioned Barrett's touchdown to interception ratio as something he is pleased with. 

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