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Bank Bag: OSU Dead Period Edition

Ohio State enters the dead period with another highly ranked recruiting class, and bowl preparation has started for Clemson. Bill Greene is back to answer questions from BSB subscibers.

diznick: 1. What do we make of Deshaun Watson's 15 interceptions this year? Lackadaisical? Confusing defenses? Relying more on passing than running this year? 2. Can the OSU O Line hold up against the Clemson pass rush? Can they open holes for Weber? 3. Will Fickell to Cincy or Kiffin to FAU affect these games in any real way?

BG: Great question on Watson, and I think he's an amazing quarterback. But he does throw picks, and a lot of them are costly ones in the red zone. I think he gets greedy at times and tries to force things into tight windows, and if he does that against the Ohio State secondary it could cost him. The OSU O-line has been awful the past two games, and they'd better not be awful against Clemson. They absolutely need to run the football, and it cannot just be J.T. Barrett behind ten blockers. Mike Weber is definitely a key to the game. If he can run on those great D-tackles it opens up Ohio State's east/west attack. I don't see eith Kiffin or Fickell having any impact with their departures.

victor64: If they get Okudah and Holmes, that seems like too many DBs. You have implied that there is one more potential decommit. Might it come from this group?

BG: No, I don't think so. I think they know they're losing three starting DB's, so they want to restock the cupboard.

rdsbucks: Do you believe there are "jive turkey" coaches spreading the Harbaugh-to-the-Rams rumor and if so who are your candidates for this title? And what athletes' recruiting battles with TTUN have inspired said jive turkeying?

BG: HaHa, I ABSOLUTELY DO believe there are jive turkeys out there spreading untruths about Harbaugh. He mentioned three specific jive turkeys, and I think he meant Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio and Nick Saban. I believe the jive-turkeying was inspired by the battles for Najee Harris, Donovan Peoples-Jones and then just Dantonio not wanting to miss out on all the fun. 

Irpcvv: -Shocked about the guy at Wake Forest, what say you? -Are the people Gibson is not listing to and should coaching at OSU?

BG: I don't think I'm all that surprised by the Wake Forest mess, and I think it needs investigated thoroughly by the NCAA. The announcer was a former coach at Wake that was not retained by the current coach. You have no idea the petty jealousies that are out there between these coaches, so I'm not shocked. The Torrance Gibson transfer move was not instituted nor approved by Ohio State or Urban Meyer. With the way Meyer stood up for Torrance against the Ohio State administration, I just feel Torrance needs to listen to Meyer on what he needs to do. If there was no path back to Ohio State, I believe Meyer would have told him that months ago and helped him find a different spot. If there is a path back, Gibson should trust Meyer to work it out. 

BadHabit48: At the beginning of Jerron Cage's recruitment, there was a lot of talk about him being longer and more athletic than his brother. But, after his commitment, we haven't heard much else about him. With his senior year over, who do you like more as an overall prospect between Jerron and Daniel?  Personally, I feel Brendon White is an absolute sure-thing at being a future all conference player at LB, I may even like him more than Browning. Tell me why I might be wrong in thinking that or why I might need to pump the brakes with my enthusiasm.

BG: I think both of the Cage brothers are about equal in talent. I like Brendon White a lot, but worry he might be a tweener at Ohio State bouncing from safety, linebacker and wide receiver. To me, Baron Browning is the best linebacker in America and a future superstar at Ohio State. To me, it's the difference between a solid four-star and an exceptional five-star. I see Brendon White's every year, but don't see Baron Browning's all that often.

JohnCarrollBuckeye: What percentage would you put that we will have at least one more decommit? (No names needed) and if there is another decommit is it because they are being pushed out by a higher ranked player Are you hearing any names for the Fickell spot and when do you expect it to be filled? When and whom will be the next commit for the class of 2018?

BG: Hard to put a % on this, but there's one kid I'm watching closely. I do not think this guy is being pushed out. Haven't heard any names for Luke's replacement and I don't think we will know anything until after the playoffs. I always thought Juice Scruggs was close to committing for 2018, but it hasn't happened yet.

Todd2854: Why not have the staff hire you as recruiting coordinator?  I mean, you could hit every golf course down south on your way to recruiting

BG: HaHa, that's exactly why nobody WOULD hire me. I was offered an office job by a school a few years ago, but turned it down. The more I see Mark Pantoni do what he does, the more I realize I'm not in that league at all. I love doing what I do now, and hope it continues for the next few years at least. 

AllianceMike: Bill......I know it is extremely early, but in looking at the recruiting class of 2018, it seems as though OSU is in on several of the top 100 kids. In looking at this list of possibilities, which ones do you currently feel the Buckeyes have a better than 55% to land?

BG: All the top Ohio kids for sure. Then you have guys like Palaie Gaoteote, Kamryn Babb, Taron Vincent, Jaiden Woodbey, and several others. They are set up well for the 2018 class.

donfatman: You are the Athletic Director at a mid tier school (say Cincinnati) and you need a new coach. Do you hire the up and comer knowing he will be gone in two years but will improve the program, or do you look for a guy who will give you longer term stability and will hopefully keep you competitive? Now you are replacing Urban Meyer after he retires. Do you have philosophy that you get an offensive mind or defensive mind, Ohio ties or national ties? What is your game plan or criteria?

BG: I want the younger guy that does what Tom Herman and Justin Fuente can do for that type of program, then be on the lookout for the next guy just like them. To replace Urban, I want the greatest coach in America. Period. And that's where I start and work backwards until I get my guy. 

pburgbuck22: How do wade and okudah compare? Who do you like better overall between the two? Is darnay holmes better than both as a pure cover guy?

BG: You are talking about three of the greatest DB's in the 2017 class, and I would rank them Okudah, Wade and Holmes. But they could be ranked in any order and you're probably correct. As a pure cover corner, I might take Wade, but it's close. I do see Okudah as a safety, and a more physical Vonn Bell. 

fairfax1: if today were signing day, what is your feeling class would look like as far prospects not committed yet?

BG: It's just so tough to say, because guys like Darnay Holmes, Marvin Wilson, Cam Akers and Jay Tufele probably don't know where they're going right now. Ohio State is in the mix for some of the highest rated guys in the country, and they're all far from the state of Ohio. 

bucknutsinurface: With bowl season prep going on. As a coach, you obviously prepare for clemson first. But do you work on fundamentals? What kind of practices do these guys go through at this point of the season.

BG: Great question. You definitely have to prepare for Clemson, but being out of the game routine also forces you to go back to basics on offense and defense. These players are such creatures of habit, that I believe you focus on getting your legs back in the early practices. And do more Clemson specific stuff as you get closer to game time. The early practices gives you opportunities to look at your younger guys that you wouldn't have during regular game weeks. 

Coors73: Thanks again Bill. PSU or USC? UM or FSU? Whisky or WMU? Who wins the AFC North?

BG: I think Penn State and USC are going to play a shootout where the loser could score 35 points. I think USC wins a tight one. I think Michigan will defeat Florida State, and it might not be close as those seniors go out in style. Do not sell P.J. Fleck short, and I think Western Michigan can beat Wisconsin. The AFC North is all about the Steelers my friend. They have a one game lead over Baltimore now, and the difference will be Pittsburgh gets Cleveland Junior High School in the last game of the season in the Burgh, while the Ravens have to go to Cincinnati in the final game for Marvin Lewis. War Pittsburgh!!!

buckeyebones: Thinking about recruiting pitches regarding NFL potential. Do colleges running pro-style offenses make their players more NFL ready? Does it play out that way on draft day? Does Joe Receiver do better in the draft by going to a program stacked with talent or one where he is the big fish? It sounds like OSU successfully promotes and accomplishes preparing their guys for life outside of football. Compared to other programs are they a leader in that respect?

BG: Great questions on the draft, and I would love to see a statistical study on that to be honest. My feeling is talent trumps system at the end of the day. That's why you see great NFL stars coming from smaller schools, intermediate schools and national powers. The NFL wants the best players, so I'm going with talent. I really don't know much about the question of preparing athletes for life after football, other than what I've seen Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan do over the years which is very impressive. I have to think other schools are doing the same thing, but I can't say I know they are. I know more about the guys I've covered that stay in this area. 

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