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Bank Bag: Ohio State Playoff Edition

As Ohio State prepares to meet Deshaun Watson and Clemson in the semi-final playoff game, Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the Buckeyes.

otterbeinbuckeye: Who do you have leaving for the draft, and what round do you think they go?

BG: I'm definitely not an NFL draftnik at all, so I'm not good with predicting rounds at all. I can only go by what I read. I have no clue what J.T. Barrett will do. I have Price and Hubbard staying. Samuel says he's staying, but I'm not sure I believe that at all. I have him as a solid second rounder. I have Tyquan Lewis leaving and see him as a 3-4 round guy. I have Raekwon McMillan leaving and see him as a second round pick. Malik Hooker has said he's staying, but I definitely do not believe him. He's a mid first round guy to me. Hopefully to the Steelers. I have Conley and Lattimore as gone, with both as possible second rounders. 

buckii5: I know your take on JT and should not go into the draft but have u heard anything other that what you already said on his end?

BG: I have heard nothing concrete on what he will do. I do not think he should enter the draft, but I'm not sure I would return to Ohio State to run the zone read either. He needs to be in a passing offense and learn to be a passing QB to have any shot at the NFL. I have heard rumors about Barrett to Texas with Herman, but not from anyone I trust all that much. 

quakerdevil: To me, there are two keys to this game: 1) slowing the Clemson rushing attack on First and Second downs, and 2) the number of touches Weber gets running the ball.  Regarding #1, how does the interior of our Dline/linebackers stack up against the Clemson Oline?  On #2, I'd like to see Weber get at least 12 carries.  Do you agree?

 BG: I agree 100% on both points. Ohio State must stop Wayne Gallman to have any chance of slowing down Deshaun Watson. Ohio State has been much better stopping the run lately, and that must continue. Weber has to at least occupy these defensive tackles between the guards, to open up the outside for Samuel and Barrett. If Weber gets 12 carries that would mean they're having success, and not just going with Barrett behind 10 blockers into the teeth of the Clemson defense. 

bucknutsinurface: Bill, no one is giving respect to Washington. You think Washington has a chance? Also, how well will the dline do against clemson oline. That will be the key to the game

BG: Chris Peterson is a GREAT coach and that alone gives Washington a shot. He will come up with something to slow down Bama's running game and force Hurts to throw it to beat him. If Hurts is on, Washington will lose. The OSU defensive line better stop the run, or Clemson will score 35-40 and Barrett will have a tough time matching scores with Watson. 

1XBUCK: Is there any fire with the Kevin Wilson smoke? Also, will there be any guys who may be early graduates given the option of continuing their careers elsewhere?

BG: I believe Wilson to Ohio State makes a ton of sense, and I believe there is something to it. I think Evan Lisle fits your description and I think he leaves. Look at younger guys too. 

Can23: There's been a lot of talk about Haskins taking a big step forward during bowl practice. Anybody else making similar moves?

BG: Haskins was really good, no doubt about that. Much more athletic than they thought when they recruited him. Didn't really hear about any other younger guys because they didn't give guys lots of reps this year like in the past. They worked on getting the O-line solved. 

MBURGBUCK: If you were a nfl gm and had to draft a Ohio State defensive back this year, who would your 1st choice be?

BG: I like Hooker, Conley and Lattimore a lot. But if I have my choice I'm taking Hooker all day long. Can hit. Can cover. Great ball skills. Smart and tough. He's my guy. 

binarysniperbuckeye: Bill, i have osu winning 38-27. You agree? Also, do you see JK Dobbins taking a redshirt next year?

BG: Not sure I see either team winning by double digits at all. I'm seeing a game that goes to the wire and gets decided by a field goal at the buzzer or overtime. I believe Dobbins gets playing time next year, because Weber will leave and he will be looked at as a contributor in his second season. 

HINYG8: Do you think PSU and Michigan are both 10+ win teams again next season?

BG: Very early to tell, but I would say YES for Ohio State, and probably/possibly for Michigan. 

FunkMastaBuck: Bill,Thanks for doing these Bank Bag features. Love them! It seems like our offense functions best when one or both of the QB and RB can be a power inside run threat. At Florida, Tebow picked up the yards between the tackles. At OSU, Urban has had Hyde and Zeke. And now Barrett and to some extent Weber pound the middle. As the offense evolves, we're probably less likely to see Burrow, Haskins, Martell, etc. running up the middle. McCall appears to be a future H-back. And Dobbins seems a big light to be this type of back. Where will the power run game come from in the next few seasons?

BG: They have to hope Antonio Williams gets better, number-one. If they go to more of a spread passing attack, there should be the ability to get the extra safety out of the box and stop the linebackers from crowding the line of scrimmage. That should open things up offensively for Ohio State, which would let guys like Dobbins get more room running inside. Much different than running into defenses stacked against the run like OSU sees now. 

WraithBuck: Bill, what would be your play if you were in charge of drafting for the Browns? They have so many needs and no real studs at QB this year from what I see.

BG: They have one football player, Joe Thomas, and he's 60 years old. I would fire the baseball guy that drafted 5 wideouts last year, which was TOTALLY CRIMINAL. I would get a football guy to run the organization, the way the great teams do. Last year's money ball theory was laughed at for good reason. They need football players, plain and simple. I would not take a QB, because they have shown they know nothing about the position by drafting Kessler so high. They need to get real football players in this draft, and forget QB and skill guys. They HAVE to sign Jamie Collins and build that defense around him.

JohnCarollBuckeye: Bill does scout give Shaun Wade a 5th star? If Ohio State gets Darnay Holmes is this the best defensive back class you have seen recruited in college, and if not what class do you think was better?

BG: No clue on Shaun Wade. I like him a lot, but have nothing to do with his ranking. It's a great DB class even without Holmes. Alabama signed great DB classes in both 2014 and 2015, but this one would be higher in my eyes. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: If you had to pick a current OSU player to be your son-in-law, who would it be?

BG: Impossible to answer, because nobody gets that many stars, LOL. These are really good guys, and I do think this has been an emphasis by Urban Meyer since the way the Florida era went. I think he's learned that you can get great players and great people, which he is doing at Ohio State. There's a reason you don't see the arrests, suspensions and problems right now, and it's because of the guys they are recruiting. I had a coach tell me the past few years have been really enjoyable because these kids go to class, listen and follow orders well. 

ScarletAndGray02: Why do NFL scouts miss on obvious guys so often? I mean I have a very untrained eye, but I could see the incredible strides Dak Prescott made from his Jr to Sr year throwing the football. For the life of me I can't see how guys valued Paxton Lynch or Cody Kessler over this kid. How does this happen when it was pretty obvious imo that Dak could play. On a similar note, I've read where Watson is being rated as a 3rd round pick by the NFL scouts. On this one I agree as I think he's a better version of JT (running back playing QB), but my question to you is if he has a really good playoff against OSU and Bama throwing the ball does that put him back in the 1st round conversation?? I don't see how he has a good game against either of those secondary's, but Mike Williams is good enough he just might.

BG: It's very hard to evaluate football talent. I do think it's easier to project guys from high school to college than it is from college to the NFL. And I don't know why that is. I never thought Prescott would be this good, but I did think Kessler was AWFUL, LOL. I'm not sure Watson is a franchise NFL QB at all, but he's a great college QB. He torched the pee out of a pretty good Bama team last year, and he's going to have success against Ohio State. The question is how much success? If he's under 30 points, OSU has a great chance. Over 35? OSU might be dead in the water. 

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