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Bank Bag: Ohio State Playoff Edition Part-II

As Ohio State prepares to meet Deshaun Watson and Clemson in the semi-final playoff game, Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the Buckeyes.

TB777: Some have suggested Lamont Wade was too short for OSU's liking. Seems to be similar size as Marcus Williamson. Did OSU simply like Williamson better, or is there a story behind the story when it came to Lamont Wade? Have you seen Isaiah Pryor play in person? He looks to be a physical beast. Appears to have future First Round NFL potential from a combine perspective, but wonder what you think about his pure football skills? Seemed a little stiff and a half step slow on the field in a game I watched him play in TV this year. MCall and Tyjon Lindsey both have similar frames, but super quick in space. Do you see them as interchangeable players in Urban's offense, or two different types of players? If one is the future Dontre Wilson and the other a future Curtis Samuel which one is which? Disappointed that Austin Mack never emerged this year given WR position was lacking explosive downfield playmakers. Seemed to have everything physically to be that WR, and came in early. Do you expect Mack to break out next year, or do you see him staying behind current group and possibly being passed by Victor, Grimes, and Lindsey?

BG: Wade vs. Williamson is a great example of why I always say I need to see guys in person to accurately evaluate them. I don't really care what their heights are listed at on Scout, because I've seen both. When I see Wade, a heck of a player by the way, I ALWAYS worry that he's too short. When I see Williamson, I NEVER think that, because he has long arms and appears to be more 5'10"-5'11". Wade seems more 5'-foot-8" ish to me. I like Pryor a lot and have seen him in person. I worry about his position a little bit, but he's a baller for sure. I think McCall and Lindsey are different. Demario is more Curtis Samuel, while Lindsey is more Steve Smith-ish. I think Mack is really good, but more of a Noah Brown type, not the deep threat people think. I think he's right there with the other guys you mentioned. 

go22bucks: Did JT have any injuries during this season but just played through it? I thought he threw the ball very well vs OU but hasn't looked the same the rest of season. And if so, has he recovered from it?

BG: I don't think he had any major injuries, but he sure took a physical beating this season. Lots of sacks. Lots of runs where he got whacked by defensive linemen and linebackers. I would think he needed that month off more than anyone else on the team. 

WSPBUCK: If you could pick up any player from any team in the playoffs to join OSUs roster who would it be?

BG: Deshaun Watson would be my choice. He would make the Ohio State offense a little more dynamic, and a little less predictable. That doesn't mean Barrett can't/won't outperform Watson, but I like Deshaun better. 

Trent16: Bill, long-time listener, first time interrogator. I have been extremely impressed with where we are on D with this young squad. What is your honest feel for where Schiano is coaching next season with our semifinal just around the corner?

BG: Love the interrogation. I feel pretty strongly that Schiano will be back next year. He likes his job at Ohio State, and won't just jump for any head coaching job. It has to be the right fit. There was less turnover this year than expected, which helped Ohio State keep Schiano. 

bookiewookie: Wake Forest mess - any insight beyond what is being reported in media? any chance that Louisville, Virginia Tech, others will be punished? ever heard of anything like this before? is it common for assistant coaches that do not get retained to be bitter and/or vindictive?

BG: All I know is what we all read about that mess. I know ex-Bowling Green coaches on that staff, but have not talked with them about it yet. I'm sure the other schools involved have to be shaking in their boots, because this might not be over yet. These guys are pretty petty at times, but I've never heard anything like that before. I don't understand how this guy got so much access. I'm sure Paul Keels has no access to the Ohio State game plan vs. Clemson, and I don't think Jim Lachey gets it either. It's a pretty crazy story. 

Hayze: Can you name the top three or so guys in the last 10-15 years that you either thought were going to sign with OSU that didn't or that OSU didn't go after hard enough but should have? Also curious on players who surprised you by signing with OSU.

BG: OBVIOUSLY, I don't get surprised too darn often or you don't get called The Bank!!!! HaHa. I definitely thought they were getting Ben Martin about 10 years ago. I was wrong on Prescott Burgess about 15 years ago as well. My most famous miss was obviously Aundrey Walker, who tricked me a week before Signing Day when he told me he was going to USC. I thought it was an obvious head fake, but he cruelly fooled me by telling the truth. I did not think Urban was going to pull Kyle Dodson in his first class, but was wrong. I really liked DeShone Kizer a few years ago and wrote that I felt Ohio State should take him, but they went with Stephen Collier instead.

Coors73: Thanks Bill once again.  Really enjoyed these weekly segments this year.  I hope these continue in the off season (maybe twice a month if not every week?) as I can (and others can) always find questions to ask.  So does Schiano play straight man on Mike Williams?   I think he's a stud and a top 20 pick and Watson is going to be a Brown next year so this one scares me.  Steelers found some magic against their  nemesis Christmas night, think they might be able to pull off something like that against New England?

BG: I think Schiano will play man on Mike Williams, unless forced to double him which is tough because they have guys like Scott, Cain, Leggett and Renfroe that can kill you. The matchup of the Ohio State secondary against Watson and those great receivers is going to be fun to watch. I give the Steelers zero chance of beating New England on the road. I hope I'm wrong though. 

mrbigbux: Do you think Mike Weber can take a step up next year and be ready to be an NFL running back? Is his production thus far about what you expected coming out of high school? Do you see Price being Elflein II - staying and moving to center?

BG: I think Mike Weber met or exceeded expectations this year, and I do think he's set up to be an NFL back after next season. Would like to see him drop some weight, and that might help him break more long runs. I definitely see Billy Price moving to center next year like Elflein did. There's no way he's ready for the NFL, and no way he was an All-American this year either. Jamarco Jones is a better player, in my opinion. 

BuckeyeBoyle: Will Mike Vrabel rejoin Luke in Cincinnati? Do you have thoughts on other possible hires by Luke?

BG: Doubtful Vrabel would leave the NFL for UC. I loved seeing Marcus Freeman hired, and hope Luke gets his staff completed soon. They need to be ready to recruit once the dead period ends. 

mancow3: In your years of covering recruiting, biggest Buckeye surprises, good and bad. Meaning, guy you thought wouldn't amount to much that excelled, and guy you thought would be a star was a bust(non injury or off the field issues, just plain couldn't play at collegiate level)

BG: I never had much hope for Mike Thomas at all after seeing him at Under Armor, but boy was I wrong on that. He went to Fork Union, added about 30 pounds of muscle, got faster and came to OSU with great hands. He was awful at Under Armor, and I never saw the player he is today. I thought Storm Klein would be really good at Ohio State, and he was really good as a true freshman backup. But he got too big, and lack of foot speed got him. I clearly missed on him. 

cjdjbucknuts: Every year Coach Meyer has a red shirt freshman or new starter burst into the scene, like Apple, Lee, Hooker and so on. Who does that next year offense and defense?

BG: Great question. I think Dwayne Haskins just might be that guy from all I'm hearing, if J.T. Barrett actually leaves the program. Defensively, I still think a lot of Jordan Fuller even though he did not redshirt this year. I think he can play and will get his shot next year. 

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