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How Kerry Coombs' Vote Of Confidence Helped Tyler Durbin Convert On Final Kick Against Michigan

Tyler Durbin missed his first two kicks against Michigan on Nov. 26. Before his final kick however, Kerry Coombs came over to Durbin and gave him his personal vote of confidence and the rest is history.

PHOENIX - Ohio State kicker Tyler Durbin had just missed a chip shot field goal that would have tied the Buckeyes with Michigan in the fourth quarter. His kick was pulled wide left and Ohio Stadium was silent, aside from the northeast corner which held most of the Wolverine fans. 

It was at that moment when cornerbacks coach and special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs walked over to Durbin, something he rarely does, and assured Durbin of his own abilities. 

"I don't usually talk to him during the game, (but) I went down there and saw him and gave him my E+R=O wrist band," Coombs said. "And I said, 'Listen, I want you to put this on. You are going to make the kick to win the game. Those (missed) kicks are over and done. You are going to make the kick to win the game'. I said, 'I want my band back, but you go make the kick.'

"You had to do something, and that is why I said, 'I want my band back,' because I knew it would get him to laugh."

Ohio State's E+R=O band stands for 'Event + Response = Outcome', and has been a part of the Buckeyes culture since Urban Meyer arrived in Columbus. It was created by Tim Kight, who has worked closely with Meyer to help establish the culture OSU has had since 2012. 

After missing his second kick, Durbin said Coombs' words and actions helped calm him down. 

"That was really big in helping boost my confidence before that last kick," Durbin said. "It is kind of a good thing if coaches stay away from the kickers during a game because that means you are doing your job. But when he came over to me and talked to me, it really helped me get ready for that last kick and I will remember that for the rest of my life."

Should Ohio State's matchup against Clemson come down to a game tying or game winning kick, Coombs said he believes that Durbin will once again rise to the challenge and push the Buckeyes over the top. 

"We will win," Coombs said. "If it comes down to that, we will win."

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