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Bank Blog: Latest Ohio State News

The all-star games are over, there is one bowl game left, and the dead period is over, so where do things stand in the Ohio State World?

- Things have been pretty crazy the past ten days or so, and buckle up the seat belts because the madness could continue all the way to National Signing Day. I DO expect to see new names pop up on the Ohio State recruiting list, as the staff attempts to see who might flip from a prior commitment. Plus there are still some late deciders left on the board.

- Curtis Samuel and Marshon Lattimore. I "think" both might be leaving, but this group of guys has been very tough to read and get info about. I never had Noah Brown leaving (a HORRIBLE decision in my book), or Tyquan Lewis returning. I have no concrete info on what either Samuel or Lattimore will do going forward, so I'm going to keep digging and see what I come up with. 

- As far as Kevin Wilson, I STILL have him IN as the next offensive coordinator. I don't have Ed Warinner staying with Ohio State, but let's see if Urban Meyer gets creative and finds a way to keep him. I have no clue what's taking so long with Wilson, but I'm not coming off him on this staff.

- You're never too old to learn things in this business, and I learned something this past weekend in Miami. Was chatting with DeVier Posey and Travis Howard at the South Florida Express 7on7 tryout camp, as both were guest instructors. When talking about Lattimore's decision, both were in complete agreement that he should leave for the NFL now. But they added a disclaimer that while the money and lifestyle is awesome, you had better be ready from a maturity standpoint to go from the fun of college football to the "JOB" of pro football and hanging around GROWN MEN that are there with a different mindset than hanging with your fellas in college. If you're not ready to grow up and learn to be a MAN, then another year as a college kid would be just fine. And while they feel most are ready to make that jump, there are guys that just want to enjoy another year of the college lifestyle. Maybe Marshon Lattimore is that kid? Maybe Samuel is? Maybe both? 

- I'm convinced Darnay Holmes bowed to his parents wishes with his college choice of UCLA. And there's nothing wrong with that, but I feel his heart is in Columbus and with the Ohio State recruiting class. But he should do fine and have a great career.

- Regarding Kendall Sheffield, I think Ohio State is in great shape to land this stud. He's going to be a one-and-done, and that's fine. I believe he's waiting on Lattimore, but he could still head to Ohio State even if Lattimore returns. It all depends on Meyer convincing him he's going to be a starter on a great defense so he can head off to the League. 

- I don't see Marvin Wilson or Jay Tufele coming to Ohio State, and I think LSU/Florida State gets Wilson, while Utah keeps Tufele home. But there is still time left for Meyer and company to make it happen with one or both guys. I just don't expect it. 

- Torrance Gibson is back in the news again, and I think it's OVER between Gibson and Ohio State. I think he comes back to Ohio, and takes necessary courses at a community college to regain eligibility. Now predicting what Torrance is going to do next is about as easy as predicting the weather, and probably 10X harder. What I believe the plan is TODAY, is to transfer to Cincinnati next fall when he's eligible and play QB for Luke Fickell. He will need a waiver from the NCAA to be eligible next fall, and I don't think that's likely, but you never know. 

- I do see two in-state players possibly landing into the 2017 class, and I'm going with Jaylen Harris as 100% IN, and Thayer Munford as "probable". I have Lynn Bowden NOT getting into the class, and see him heading to Kentucky or Penn State. 

- Ohio State landed Jeffrey Okudah over the weekend, and I've made my thoughts on him well known for months. He might be my top recruit in the class, and I think he can be a combo of both Vonn Bell and Malik Hooker. He could play corner, but can impact the game FAR MORE at safety. He will be an All-American at some point, a first round draft pick and looked at as one of the best DB's in OSU history in three years. 

- You can go broke betting against Nick Saban, but after a .500 season picking games this year why not go down in flames again picking against the DYNASTY? I think Deshaun Watson is going to outscore Bama just like he almost did last year. I think he will hurt Bama again, AS LONG AS HIS O-LINE CAN HOLD UP. They did really well against Ohio State, but the Alabama front-seven is on another level. Can Clemson block them in pass pro? If they can, Clemson will win this game 30-28. I'm taking Clemson+6 to either finish one game above, or one game below .500. Both are terrible numbers, but this was my worst year picking games in a while. Probably wrong again. 

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