Bank Bag: Home Stretch For OSU Recruiting-II

The college football season is over, but college football recruiting still has a few weeks left until National Signing Day. Where do things stand with Ohio State? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers.

OSUistheCatsPJs: Bill - I am not going to bad mouth a kid having never spoken to him, but I have not heard much positive on Thayer Munford. Being a Cincinnati guy and him being here before his transfer to Massillon, there has been A LOT of talk about his work ethic, or lack there of. It worries me about Ohio State taking him. Can you shed some light on him? I know you are very tight with the Massillon guys.

BG: Nobody is going to speak highly of a kid that just left the area, so I understand how those things go. He did come to Massillon in terrible physical shape and in bad academic shape. Since coming to Massillon a year ago, he has lost a ton of weight and gotten himself in really good physical condition. They put him on an academic program that he has followed religiously and he is going to be a qualifier. Now is he good enough for Ohio State? I know Studrawa thinks so, but the staff does not agree. We will see if Stud wins this one. 

DukeFan43: Who do you like as the MIKE next year? Can we have an elite(or even competitive) passing game with Z. Smith as the WR coach? A bit concerned none of his recruits have panned out (except maybe Jalin). Does Ohio State lead for any of the south Florida boys? (Similar to Grimes last year and Bosa the year prior)

BG: I "think" Dante Booker might be able to play there. He has the size and he sure isn't beating out Baker or Worley. Zach Smith had as much to do with the awful passing game as you or I did. Get Urban/Beck/Warinner away from the offense and watch the difference in the passing attack. I don't see any locks in the south Florida area right now. 

getbucked: With the losses at WR&H mounting, do you envision the staff upping their recruit numbers at those spots (WR,H,maybe TB) now and targeting some new names? It looks like we have already lost 5 and guys like Clark, Dixon, and Stump have had issues getting on the field and may be ? as well.  Adding even 3, plus EGW, doesn't seem nearly enough to me. Also, what is the status of Sheffield, classes are two days in now and no word?  Would they now ask him to wait until Summer to enroll?

BG: I do think they will add another receiver in addition to Jaylen Harris, and I think they are trying to add a runningback as well. Sheffield still has some academic work to do, I believe. Since they want him to start next year I would think they would push to get him on campus ASAP. 

ScarletAndGray02: With most of our secondary going to play Sunday's do you think Okudah has a good chance of starting next year at safety or is that pretty much an Eric Smith lock? Secondly, if Sheffield takes over one CB spot is this pretty much a battle between Arnette and Ward or does someone else come into play? Finally, I look at this team going into next year and see a TON of talent coming back. The only unit that will suffer heavy losses is the secondary (duh), and the DLine legitimately runs 8 deep. Meanwhile they have the majority of the OL, Barrett, and Weber coming back. So, do you think this team is set up for a title run next year? I don't often say playoffs or bust (because I think your going to be a miserable fan doing so), but in this instance I honestly think anything short of a playoff birth with all of these guys back would be a disappointment.

BG: I think Okudah will give all the returning guys a run for their money right off the bat and he has a chance to start. I haven't seen Erick Smith do anything yet, so not sure he's a lock for anything. I would think Ward grabs the other CB spot opposite Sheffield, and Arnette is the slot corner. I think this team is the favorite to win the Big Ten, and that puts them in the playoffs, so Yes I see next year as a title contending season. I agree with you about the playoffs. It's not championship or bust or you will be miserable. Only Alabama feels that way. This past year was a good one, but getting pasted 31-0 with everything on the line leaves everyone with a bad feeling. Then you see all these guys walk out the door, and you do question motivation a little bit. 

woodyl: Who will be the starting QB in 2017; what is your projection on OSU's win total in 2017; will the 2017 defense be as effective overall as the 2016 defense; who finishes out the class of 2017 and how many does OSU sign; who do you have in the final 4 for 2017; who will be our back up RB and who starts at H back; who's our OC for 2017.  I guess that enough for now.

BG: With numbers being tight they only brought Barrett back for one reason, and that's to start. To bring back a three-year starter and then bench him would be a disaster for the team. I think Ohio State can compete and win every game, but it's always easy to say that in January. The defense backfield will not be as productive as this group just was, and it might be one of the best groups in OSU history. The D-line will be stronger and the LB's should be good as well. I would think Munford gets in and then we wait for new names to visit. They could sign 21-22. Final Four next year? Ohio State. Georgia. Florida State. USC. Backup RB: Dobbins. H-back starter: McCall. OC: Kevin Wilson. 

jnmbuck: There has been several rumors of EGW moving to offense. Your thoughts??

BG: It is 100% true and I have confirmed that. I'm excited to see what he can do with the ball in his hands, and I like the idea of him returning kicks and punts as well. I'm not sure he's a Curtis Samuel, but I think he can be better than Dontre Wilson. 

BraveFan: Piggybacking on a couple previous questions.... I was curious of your general thoughts on EGW and White as part of the receiving corps. Is this a 2017 spring ball thing or is it longer-term? Any other position changes you see happening? Along those lines, I saw you mention you'd be surprised if Paris Campbell starts at receiver next year . Do you mean you see him as a back-up at WR getting beaten out by the younger guys? Or do you mean you see him at safety or possibly at RB? Seems to have Hooker-esque size and athleticism, and has great hands for defense. Was the staff taken as off guard with Noah's decision to declare as everyone else, or did they see it coming? Does it open up another spot or does it kind of cancel out Tyquan's decision to stay? If it opens up another spot - any chance there's a renewed interest in Lynn Bowden, or has that ship sailed?

BG: I'm excited to see both Eric and Brendon play offense, but there are a couple different types of position switches. There is the "he can't play here at all, so throw him over there and see what happens". Then there is the "I really feel he can make a difference for us on the other side of the ball". I'm not sure how they feel about EGW, but I hope he can show his skills with the ball. I like Brendon as a Mike Thomas type WR, and think that might be his best spot after outside linebacker. I still see him as a Darron Lee type more, but we will see where things go. I don't think Parris cuts it in a true passing offense, but we will see. I think he fights the younger guys for PT. I think they were stunned by Noah's decision, and I don't think anyone saw that coming. Not sure it opens up a spot, because I believe they felt they were losing six all along. They might have believed Samuel was coming back, but they shouldn't have. I think they are passing on Lynn Bowden, and it would take Kevin Wilson pounding the table to get OSU to look at him again, which I don't see. Think Lynn goes to Kentucky.  

Coors73: Thanks again Bill.  I've heard and read lots about Wilson but I know nothing about the new QB coach.  Any info on him, back ground, offensive philosophy etc.?  Any chance Noah Brown even makes an NFL roster?  He seems kind of short to convert to TE.  OSU's top receivers next year?  Steelers looked good against Miami, can they do it in KC?  If Le'Veon Bell weren't running on two rebuilt knees who would you take, him or Elliot?

BG: I love the thought of Kevin Wilson as the OC. He is a passing game guru, but he loves the power run game as well. Couldn't be higher on Wilson. I think Noah Brown "might" make an NFL roster, but thought he made a poor decision by leaving. I would expect to see Victor, Mack, Campbell, McCall and Grimes on the field next year. I think Pittsburgh will have a tough time beating KC on the road, but they are playing well right now. Even being a Steelers fan, I would still take Zeke by a tad. I love Bell, but I think Zeke is more durable. You couldn't go wrong by having either of these studs on your team. Of course, you have to be smart enough to give both the football in the second half of a close game, LMAO. 

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