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Bank Bag: Home Stretch For OSU Recruiting-III

The college football season is over, but college football recruiting still has a few weeks left until National Signing Day. Where do things stand with Ohio State? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three.

tforaker2: Glad you are doing well from that scary incident in Florida this week Bill!! I have gone on other boards and you sir, in my opinion, are the best at what you do. I love JT Barrett, all he has done for tOSU, but he is who is as you say. He's a decent running threat but has poor pocket presence, not a strong arm, and bad accuracy when throwing. Do you see the qb position being an open battle or does JT already have it? Will Haskins and Burrow be given a look with Kevin Wilson coming in? I just don't want to waste the wr talent we have coming in. How will the offense look this fall with Kevin Wilson at the helm? What differences will we see? Scouting question, not sure this has been asked before. When grading cornerbacks, how is recovery ability different than quickness or speed? Also when talking hip flexibility, can a prospect improve that, or is it something you essentially are born with? Sorry, I have a rudimentary understanding of scouting prospects lol.

BG: Thanks so much for the nice words my friend. I don't think Urban brought Barrett back to Ohio State to have him get beaten out in an open competition. That would be terrible for team morale, in my opinion. I think he starts. If Wilson is allowed to have the offense to run as he pleases, you will see an updated, modern passing game, with crossing routes, throws down the seams, and swings to the backs. But he LOVES to run the football in the power game, so more north/south, and less east/west. Recovery means everything and that's change of direction. Everyone gets beat, and I mean EVERYONE, but who is going left and can instantly stick that foot in the ground and get themselves headed right in a blink of an eye? That beats speed every day. Hip flexibility can be worked on and improved through drills to an extent, but you cannot turn Pittsburgh Brown into Malik Hooker through drills. 

ohiostate2002NC: Hi Bill glad u are safe and back, happy New Years. Few things I would like you to comment on:  Allowing punts to fall short and roll drives me nuts why doesn't Urban or other coaches do this more aka Ginn and Holmes in 2004 ... is the need to have extra guy close to LOS that much more important ??? Would you have used McCall instead of Weber on all those screens and throws into the flat ?  We know who has left so far but what position group will be afflicted before signing day to get to 85. Don't need names to embarrass guys but what area of team do u see transfer/medical/or no scholarship retention coming from ?? My numbers suggest about 5 more guys need to go to get to 85

BG: I hate seeing balls hit the ground myself, and I like two returners back but nobody does that much anymore. I would have used Earle Bruce or John Cooper more than Weber once it was apparent he was not good at gaining yards catching the ball. Catching 24 balls for 91 yards is pretty funny to see. I think there are wideouts and O-linemen that cannot play. 

JimmytownMike: How many OSU players get drafted before Peppers? I made a bet during The Game that one would but I am thinking of doubling down on 3.

BG: I'm just not a draft guru at all and can only go by what I read. I think Hooker and Peppers will be drafted close together in the first round, and both of them should go before any other Ohio State guys. But I could be dead wrong. 

bucknutsinurface: How close is Urban with dabo? Also, what was the back story behind kifin and Saban. It always seemed kifin did his own thing and did not follow the path Saban wanted him on

BG: Dabo is so classy and seems like such a good dude that I'm betting he has few enemies in the coaching profession. I have no clue about him and Urban, but I know Dabo is tight with Nick Saban and Saban respects him a lot. Kiffin just keeps falling all over himself at every job, and it ALWAYS ends HORRIBLY. It's hard to imagine a coach being fired the week before the championship game, but that's the Kiffin way. He seems like a 19-year old frat boy. 

cjdjbucknuts: First and foremost so pleased to hear you are OK. The world needs as many good guys as possible. Who do you think will be the leading WR for the playoff bound Buckeyes? YDS? TDS?

BG: Wow, that is a great question. I don't know how to answer that one, to be honest. Your guess would be as good or better than mine. Maybe Victor? 

buckii5: Lindsey decommits.... did u see this coming or hear rumblings of it? Any insight?

BG: Never saw this coming and had no clue, and I don't think OSU did either. I have no idea why he did this at all. I could see if it was for UCLA or USC, but Nebraska seems kind of odd. 

EncyclopedicBuck: 1.) Were you really serious when you said your surprise commitment will come after Signing Day in Shane Morris, the graduate transfer from Michigan? I didn't get to look on that super long thread again to see if you were just joking or not. How on Earth would he beat out any of the three QB's OSU has on the team now? I'm just going by the tough career he had with the Wolverines. 5* in camps only like, former OSU quarterback, Rob Schoenhoft. I take it Stephen Collier will be transferring, Morris or no Morris?  2.) I'll be the first to say I love J.T. Barrett, but I don't see how he'll fit in Kevin Wilson's offense. Is there a chance Meyer will give him some snaps if he doesn't win the QB position outright? He couldn't just go in and run like Braxton did in '15, he'd have to throw some passes to keep the defense honest. 3.) I know another Zeke Elliott won't be walking through the door anytime soon, as he was probably the best RB OSU has ever had, neck and neck with Archie Griffin. I am simply not completely sold on Mike Weber. Is this J.K. Dobbins kid the real deal, can he help the running game next season? 4.) I'm sure you remember Drushawn Humphreys, the TB recruit out of Toledo Rogers that committed to Ohio State back in 2002, who ended up passing away after playing in a pickup basketball game before he came to OSU. Just a tragic ending to such a short life. The kid had Eddie George's size and 4.4-4.5 speed to burn. The Buckeyes had a lot of problems running the ball when Clarett was out with injuries during that 2002 season. Would Humphreys have been able to help the OSU running game that season, because Lydell Ross and Mo Hall struggled to be the answer behind Maurice Clarett.

BG: 1- Just kidding on Shane Morris, and was just goofing on myself because I thought he was going to be really good coming out of high school. 2- I think Barrett will be the starter and I think that's why they brought him back with numbers being so bad. 3- I think Dobbins is the real deal, but I also think Mike Weber had a heck of a year for a redshirt freshman. He averaged 6 yards per carry and rushed for over 1,100 yards. 4- I do remember Humphries. He might have been as good or better than Clarett. Would have loved to seen both battling for carries as freshmen during the championship year. I know Tressel loved the kid. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: What are your thoughts on Mike Vrabel already being thought of as a possible HC in the NFL?

BG: When Mike was first hired by OSU I was not impressed and thought he was some NFL Diva that would never accept the workload he would be given. I said of his hire that "at least he has a cool beard", and he DID NOT find that funny at all. Since that time we ended up having a good relationship, and I think the world of the guy as a coach. I think his next job will be replacing Matt Patricia as DC of the Patriots when Patricia takes a head gig, then on to being a head coach. I still speak to Mike, and he's doing a great job in Texas. 

bookiewookie: Name your starting lineup at each position for next year. Thanks for doing these. I always look forward to reading then.

BG: OFFENSE- Barrett. Weber. McCall. Victor. Campbell. Baugh. Price. Jordan. Prince. Jones. Pridgeon. DEFENSE- Bosa. Lewis. Hill. Jones. Baker. Worley. Booker. Sheffield. Ward. Webb. Okudah. But who knows at this point? 

buckeyebones: What would you think of Sheffield playing some reps as a wide receiver in addition to CB? Last time we had a HS state champion hurdler it worked out pretty well. So if comfort and relationships lead to commitments, do decommits imply problems with comfort and relationships? Thinking about the Bama graduate transfer, wr Dieter from BG. Since we could use some help at wr and rb it would be great to find another Dieter or similar out there. Do graduate transfers get recruited? Do we have coaches looking at rosters to float the idea to these guys?

BG: I would rather see Sheffield concentrate on being the best CB he can be. There are 7,000 WR's on the roster. It's not asking much for a few of them to be able to play the position well. In any decommit, there has to be a breakdown somewhere along the line. It almost always has to be one or the other. Teams are always looking for better players than what you have, but understand every grad transfer you bring in knocks a potential recruit out of the class. Tough to do unless it's a Sheffield that TOTALLY fills a huge hole. 

NorthwestBuckeye: Bill...Thanks so much for doing all that you do to keep us Buckeye fanatics well informed. Could you give us your 5 favorite Buckeye leans for the class of 2018. Also, do you see our BIG rivals, Michigan and Penn State (MSU has already recruited Ohio heavily under Dino), making Ohio a priority in future recruiting classes?

BG: For 2018, Ohio State has targeted some in-state guys that I think they get, like Carman, Gant, Oats, Gill and Hawkins. I would think Michigan State does the best of those schools in Ohio. Penn State stays East, while Michigan goes national. 

WraithBuck: Bill, you are very respected by us on this board. My question regards Lynn Bowden. I know you have mentioned you are not able to get into specifics when it comes to Lynn and I am not trying to cross that line. If by answering this it does then please disregard. If you were a D1 coach would you accept his commitment?

BG: I know of ZERO character issues with Lynn, not that I would say if I did, but I would dance around it. I don't think I've hinted at all that there are issues with the kid, and I hope you did not get that impression. There are no specifics I'm aware of that cannot be discussed. He's a GREAT player and I would take him in a second. I will say that Ohio State has done a pretty amazing job under Urban of not taking problem players at all. They might know more than me, or they might not like his talents. 

mrbigbux: When OSU was in the running for Weber, LJ Scott & Damian Harris a couple years back i think i remember you saying any one of the three would be fine. At this time do you still feel the same - or would rather have on over the others?

BG: I think I still feel the same way, to be honest. I might favor L.J. Scott a tad, but the other two are really good as well. Like all three a lot.

miamibucki: Bill thanks for doing this as always.  You and others seemed to intimate that Torrence got a raw deal from OSU with the suspension from the university even saying if I recall correctly that Urban felt the same.  You also seemed to hint that he would not be back and head to UC even before he did.  Why then did he not return to OSU and instead move on to UC?

BG:  It's Torrance Gibson. Anything is possible with him. I hope it all works out for him, but he needs to grow up. He needs to scrap the QB fantasy. He is a potential NFL wide receiver, but the clock is ticking on that. I like the kid and want what's best for him, so you just hope the light comes on. 

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