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Are there any more questions about the Buckeyes after Saturday night's game?

Any More Questions?

Here were the questions (well, some of them…) and here are the answers (well, so far…)

1. Question: Will OSU come out flat after all the distractions and this whole national championship hullabaloo?

Answer: OSU came out flattening. As if they intended to flatten everything in their path. And, god help you if you stood in front of that defensive line.

2. Question: Can we contain a high-powered passing attack with this year's defense?

Answer: Add Pickett's name to the glorious roster of Kingsbury, Gesser and Dorsey – to name a few. There will be two more "passing superstar" names to add to that list, in the next two weeks.

3. Question: Will we open it up more this year?

Answer: How about five passes in the first six plays – with three of them bombs? How about sneaking Troy Smith into the middle of the game? How about using a dozen different formations and seemingly run them all smoothly? (How about answering these flippin' question with even more flippin' questions…)

4. Question: Do we have the depth to play a lot of players?

Answer: Does the military have enough guys to get them to Baghdad? We used four quarterbacks, ten defensive linemen, a walk-on linebacker for a fullback and…can we go on? We can if we need to!

5. Question: Can we be as good as last year?

Answer: We were. The Buckeyes haven't played that well in 238 days. That is, since we blew up Miami.

And those are the questions for this week. There will be more, I'm sure, as we go along…

* * * * *

The real battle between the Huskies and the Buckeyes…Yeah, the game is always kinda interesting but the real story seemed to center on the controversies generated by two football powers. Now, that's the good stuff, right? There was the transient trash story about ten of our guys getting booted/reinstated for signing autographs. And then we had Mr. Clean (Derek Morris) calling OSU a dirty program (takes the expression "pot calling the kettle black" to a whole new level…). And then we had that whole Clarett thing. I'm sure you read about it. But – hey – how about them Huskies? They get their head coach fired for some big-money sports gambling, then that same coach bets he can sue to get his job back. So the university can't even name a new coach all summer, so they pick a "supervisor" for the football team, then…well, I'm just glad these kids got out on the field and relegated the off-the-field crap to the back pages…

* * * * *

Devastating D, Dominating D…The only question that Mr. Bucknuts had after the first half was: How will Dantonio make his legendary adjustments at halftime? There was really nothing to adjust. I posited at the beginning of camp that this might be the best defensive line in OSU history. I'm not ready to change that assessment. Will D. Beast on one end and Simon D. Fraser on the other have to seem like bookends of terror to scouting opponents. Run on this defensive line? Run somewhere else. Nobody is going through Tim AnDerson and Darrion Scott. Then add to the mix Marcus Green and the Killer P's (Pitcock, Penton and Patterson) and you've just got to be D-lighted. The reality of this defensive bunch is even better than the theory…

* * * * *

The bomb that didn't get over the top…Craig Krenzel had great numbers; running, passing and scoring. But his 15-27 for 203 yards and no touchdown passes would have seemed positively gaudy if he had hit that last home run bomb to Drew Carter. How would 16-27 for 270 yards, a touchdown throw, 27 yards rushing and two TD's on the ground sound? Like a Heisman candidate? You bet…

* * * * *

From that analyst Mike Tyson…Apropos to nothing much, Iron Mike used to listen to all the planning by his future opponents and respond (in falsetto): "They all have plans ‘til I hits ‘em!" How easy it is to plan for the Buckeyes after watching films and taking apart tendencies. Then they hit you. And this is one hitting machine this year. The defensive front, AJ Hawk, Will Allen, Brandon Mitchell, and Nate Salley were only some of the perpetrators of Big Hits last Saturday night. And, each time, it changed somebody's plans…

* * * * *

Numbers from the odds-and-ends zone…After Saturday night, Ohio State is 6-0 in night games and 6-0 when ESPN's GameDay crew shows up in Columbus. And in 1995, when U Wash played in Ohio Stadium, they were also rated 17th in the country and were 8.5 point underdogs. In retrospect, I think even Rick Neuheisel would have gotten this bet right. Coach Neuheisel. By the way, was notoriously bad on the road. In addition to single-handedly finding a way to blow last season's opener in Ann Arbor, he put together a 4 and 8 record away from home over the last two years. So do you think Saturday would have been any better for the Huskies with Coach Rick-etty at the controls?

* * * * *

I predicted 30-14…I figured Pickett would get one scoring drive (he did – but they only came away with a 47 yard field goal) and get one trash-time touchdown (he did – in the stats-padding last five minutes). And I thought they would stop us a bunch of times so that The Nuge could nail three field goals. They didn't. Really, the score could have been pretty much whatever Jim Tressel wanted it to be. 42-3? Coulda been. So, I would like to apologize for simply believing in my Buckeyes. I didn't believe enough!

I won't make that mistake again.

Now, any more questions?


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