Pregame Pics (Page 1)

Susan Z has sent in some photos of pregame and postgame activities for us to post, and we have page one of those photos posted now, featuring the College Gameday set and the walk to the stadium.

Lee Corso speaks on College Gameday

A break on the Gameday set


Corso puts the Buckeye hat on

Corso and little Herbie

Corso and little Herbie

The team exits St. John Arena after walking through the skull session

Coach Tressel leads the troops

Hey, why not?  Everyone else is doing it

Shane Olivea with Craig Krenzel in the background

Dustin Fox, Ashton Youboty, Mike D'Andrea

Santonio Holmes is GQ smooth

Jay Richardson in front of QB stompers Robert Reynolds and Simon Fraser

Coach Daniels, Mike Kudla, Justin Zwick

Lydell Ross

Drew Carter


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