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Former Ohio State Football Player Vaughn Broadnax Weighs In On Buckeye Offense

In response to Ohio State's offensive struggles toward the end of the season, BSB spoke with a number of former Buckeyes to get their thoughts on what went wrong and what needs to be done and their opinion of quarterback J.T. Barrett. First up in the series is fullback Vaughn Broadnax, who played at Ohio State from 1980-83.

According to Vaughn Broadnax, Ohio State’s offensive woes didn’t start this season. 

“To be honest, I can take it back to the past couple of seasons,” Broadnax said when asked what was wrong with OSU’s offensive attack in 2016. “They just seemed to be a disjointed offense as far as plays called, the timing of the calls being played and just the lack of diversity.”

The former Ohio State fullback went on to say that J.T. Barrett has fallen behind in his development as a passer because the Buckeye offense relies so heavily on him to run the ball. He also noted that the offense’s downfall began in 2015 when Barrett and former quarterback Cardale Jones went back and forth as the starting signal caller.

“What I saw in 2015 was – and this kind of started with Cardale and moved to J.T. to find an answer – but I saw a confused offense,” Broadnax said. “I saw passing routes that didn’t seem to complement each other. And then this year, I just saw – people can blame it on our quality of receivers and things like that – but I see lesser teams making the same passes with less receivers and lesser quarterbacks and doing an effective job. And I think you have to put your quarterback in position to be successful in the passing game.” 

As far as fixing it, Broadnax suggested the coaches should get more creative with the play-calling. 

“First off, you’ve got to have some imagination,” he said. “If you’re going to have those dyed-in-the-wool plays, you have to have options off those plays – play-action passes that complement those running plays. You have to be less predictable in certain situations.

“When you’re an offensive coordinator, you’re playing a game of chess. And if you’re playing checkers, you’re not going to be very successful.”

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