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Bank Bag: Week Before Signing Day Edition

National Signing Day is only days away and excitement is high for Ohio State's 2017 recruiting class. Bill Greene is here to answer questions about the class, and more, from BSB subscribers.

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Do you see any commitments from the junior day on Sunday? Two years ago I believe Ohio State got Hausmann and Myers. Have you heard that Warnier was looking to get out last year? Have you heard anything on Jadon Haseleood? I know you are not a fan of the crystal ball but Mr 50/50 himself has crystal balled him to Ohio State. Lastly do you think Gaoteote will sign with Ohio State and who will be the biggest competitor against Ohio State for his services?

BG: I don't really see anyone committing this weekend, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. I think Ohio State is in great shape with the in-state guys, and it's just a question of when, not if, they pledge to the Buckeyes. It could be Sunday, but I'm not aware of any. If you mean Ed Warinner, No he was not looking to head off to Alaska to pursue his dreams. He and Tim Beck were simply not going to be back. Period. Ohio State is in GREAT position to land Jadon Haselwood, but he is a sophomore in the South, so get ready to follow his recruitment for two solid years. He is an AMAZING talent though. Palaie Gaoteote is a HUGE Buckeye lean, and I would worry about USC the most for him. 

Llamajudge: Being from Stark county, I'd like to know the best football player you ever saw from there.

BG: Wow, very tough question to answer. Some of the best players I've seen from the area would be guys like Mike Doss, Chris Spielman, Jeff Logan, Percy Snow and Che Bryant. The absolute best of that bunch would be Doss, in my opinion. 

Barnaclo15: Thinking about getting a group of guys together to go play the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Have you played any of their courses/do you recommend them if you have? Any favorites if you have? TIA Also, we have discussed Kevin Wilson in depth and know much more about him compared to the other two new hires. What are your thoughts on these men as coaches, what do you know/expect from them at OSU?

BG: Have not played those courses in Alabama, but I've heard they are amazing and not really all that expensive either. I have friends that have played The Shoals and just loved it. I really don't know much about Ryan Day or Bill Davis, other than their resumes, which are pretty impressive. To me, it was obvious the on-field coaching on the offensive side of the ball was very sub-par. Changes had to be made. As for Davis, he's replacing a great recruiter and great position coach in Luke Fickell, so he has his work cut out for him. Wilson and Day have to be upgrades, no question in my mind.

fairfax1: Next 2018 commit?

BG: Very tough to say. A lot of these guys are IN in my book. Guys like Jaelen Gill, Jack Carman, Dallas Gant and Chris Oats. They are in great shape for Blue Smith, Aeneas Hawkins and Tyreke Smith as well. These are just in-state players. They are set to land some big-time out of state guys as well, but it's hard to guess who might be next. I'm not seeing anything happening soon. 

buckeyeinsc: Just curious - OSU has gone into GA, MD, VA to get some really good players...although NC/SC kind of get overlooked. I know Derek Ross/Mike Hill are from SC and they did get Tyquan Lewis and Antonio Williams from NC...but there are some TOP level players in the two states...any thoughts as to why they aren't necessarily in on the top guys?

BG: I think they go and get who they want, regardless of state. If there were kids in South Carolina or North Carolina they wanted, trust me they would be all over them. There was a heavy emphasis in the West and Southwest this year, and look at the results. For 2018, there is already a heavy emphasis being placed in-state. In two years you might see a large emphasis in the Carolinas. They are going to go where they have to go to get the best players in America. 

ScarletAndGray02: Bill do you think tOSU adds anyone besides Munford? I know a lot can happen in 8 days, but curious on your thoughts of what you THINK will happen. On a side note what is your handicap??......want to see if your as bad a golfer as I

BG: Look, they are fighting the Marvin Wilson and Jay Tufele battles right to the end, whatever that end is for them. I do not think they're getting either guy, but would it be all THAT shocking if they pulled one of them? Not to me it wouldn't be. They want to add another wide receiver, but I don't see a big timer falling their way. Will they take a flyer on a project wideout? Too tough to say right now, but it's possible. They are out there visiting wideouts right now, and trying to add one more. Right now, I believe Munford is IN and he could be the only one. But these guys don't sleep and there are still a few days left, so let's see what shakes out. This past year I actually charted my handicap, and I finished the year as a 12. And I've only been playing the game for 6-7 years now, and this was the first time I actually tracked it. I'm a low-to-mid 80's guy on courses I know. On courses I don't know, I'm looking to shoot mid-to-high 80's. I believe only 20% of golfers consistently shoot in the 80's, so I'm good with that. 

Coors73: Thanks again Bill.  Have you heard anything about Tracey Sprinkle?  I know he's coming back, do you believe he'll be a steady in the rotation?  If OSU has no more gains or losses from now until signing day where would you rank this class against the last 10 years?

BG: I don't have anything specific on his recovery, but I know they're counting on him to be part of the rotation next year. Assuming they only add Munford, this class is going to finish with a star ranking well over 4.0, which is amazing. This class should compare to the Bosa/Zeke class of a few years ago, but you have to prove it on the field of course. 

jnmbuck: I see Jalin Gill listed as 6"1" and 180; What kind of frame does he have? Where do you see him in a couple of years?

BG:  Jaelen has the type of frame that should allow him to add 20-25 pounds over the next few years. I don't believe he's really dedicated himself in the weight room yet, so there is a lot of room for growth. He is such an amazing athlete that I could see him playing a number of positions at Ohio State. I don't think he has a defensive mindset, but if he wanted to he could become an amazing cornerback or safety. On offense, I could see him as a runningback, slot receiver or outside receiver. It all depends on how Ohio State sees him, and what plans they have for the kid. He is a big-time talent in my opinion. 

Encyclopedicbuc: When will the state of Ohio High School Football championship games be coming back to Stark County? Starting next season? I just don't like them in Ohio Stadium. It just doesn't look right with maybe 15,000 in attendance tops that doesn't even fill the lower deck in a 105,000 seat stadium. When the games come back to NE Ohio, will they be played in Canton (Fawcett Stadium at the Pro Football Hall of Fame) and Massillon (Paul Brown Tiger Stadium) or in just Canton? Where can I buy a DVD online of the Army All-American Game played 2 1/2 weeks ago? I want to see the Buckeye recruits in action.

BG: The games will be back in Canton next year, and people are going to be blown away by the new stadium. I'm obviously biased, but I've always hated high school games played in that big monstrosity, be it championship games or the Herbstreit Classic. It's such a horrible atmosphere when there are 4,000 people in there. I don't think Massillon will get the games when they return to Stark County, and that's a shame because they have a great venue and treat everyone so well when they are the hosts. I don't know about finding a DVD, but the game should be on the internet somewhere. I've been pulling highlights of the OSU guys from the Army Game and including them in the "Instant Impact" articles. Have done Baron Browning, Shaun Wade and Jeffrey Okudah ones to date. 

bucknutsinurface: Bill I'm hearing chase young is getting some bama attention, any concerns there? Also who is the first to commit for the 18' class.

BG: I believe Ohio State is good with Chase Young. No worries there for me. It does amaze me that kids can be committed somewhere for months, but go looking for a school a few days before Signing Day. You have all this time to find the right place, why limit yourself to finding your school in the last week? I see it all the time now and it's crazy. 

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