Tate Martell (Brandon Huffman)

Instant Impact: OSU QB Tate Martell

Ohio State's 2017 recruiting class holds one of the highest average star ratings in the history of Scout, and five-star quarterback Tate Martell is already enrolled in school.


WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE ABOUT MARTELL? On the high school level, Tate Martell is Johnny Manziel, and you can see it in the Army Bowl clips above. He uses his feet and his football smarts to beat defenses and make plays outside the pocket. While he does not possess a rocket for an arm, it is adequate enough for the college level. Martell has been a winner all throughout his career, and he should be a player that relishes pressure situations, not shrink from the spotlight. 

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS ABOUT MARTELL? Can he succeed in a structured offense that requires him to make plays INSIDE the pocket? When J.T. Barrett leaves Ohio State and it's a three-way competition between Joey Burrow, Dwayne Haskins and Martell, can the latter win that job? From watching Martell it doesn't seem like he's close to the type of QB Haskins, Burrow or even Emory Jones would be. Would OSU have to switch their offense totally away from Haskins and Burrow to accomodate Martell? It would seem his style of play would need to be outside the pocket, with a lot of run/pass options. 

CAN MARTELL SEE THE FIELD AS A TRUE FRESHMAN? With Barrett returning and his two backups having time in the program, it would seem almost a sure thing that Martell would reshirt next year, then battle Burrow and Haskins for the starting job in 2018. His best bet would be to run the scout team offense on a weekly basis, but learn the Buckeye offense as best he can to put himself in position to be able to battle the other two QB's in the spring of 2018. 

WHO DOES MARTELL COMPARE TO? As mentioned earlier, Tate Martell has a chance to be the next Johnny Manziel at the college level. He has the speed, the creativity and the cajonas to be that type of player at Ohio State. It's going to be interesting to watch his career unfold in the next few years to see exactly how this turns out for him. 


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