Instant Impact: OSU 4-Star Commit Josh Myers

Ohio State's 2017 recruiting class holds one of the highest average star ratings in the history of Scout, and four-star offensive lineman Josh Myers is already enrolled in school.


WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE ABOUT  MYERS? What I like most about Josh Myers is the fact that he has great size, but he can run and is very athletic. Myers can sink his hips and bend his knees, and this is extremely hard for offensive linemen to master. He plays a very physical style, and is very strong. He can pull and use his speed to get to the second level, and is equally adept at moving people in short yardage. The questions about pass blocking are legitimate, because he has not been asked to do so in high school, but other than Michael Jordan which Ohio State freshman offensive lineman was ready to pass block college defenders on Day-One? 

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS ABOUT MYERS? Only one: Pass blocking. He played in a Wing-T offense, so how will he ever block college linemen in pass pro? Kirk Barton played tight end in a Wing-T offense in high school, but took to pass blocking because he worked his tail off and had the requisite skills to do so. Billy Price played very little offensive line in high school, but started for the national champions as a redshirt freshman. And trust me, Myers has more raw ability coming out of high school than either Barton or Price. Will he become a good pass protector? Yes he will. Why? Because he has talent, drive and football intelligence. Now, will Myers be a right tackle or move inside? Can't say that right now, but don't assume he can't play because he struggled with the top pass rushers in America at the U.S. Army Bowl. 

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES WITH MYERS? For myself, I was glad to see the kid get criticized and doubted for his Army showing. That game means zip in determining how a player will succeed in college, so Ohio State is going to get a very ticked off and determined Josh Myers. I love this kid's football intelligence. In talking to a New England assistant a few years ago about offensive linemen, this coach said flat out that "we don't take dumb linemen on this team". He stressed that if you have the size, footspeed, balance and nastiness, that's all needed, but Bill Belichick placed football smarts right there with those other qualities. Josh Myers has size, footspeed, balance and nastiness, PLUS he is a very smart football player. He's going to have a fine career at Ohio State, Take That To The Bank. 

WHO DOES MYERS COMPARE TO? I saw both players in high school, and I think Josh Myers compares very favorably to Jack Mewhort. If you remember, Mewhort played guard and center in high school for a running team, but blossomed into a heck of a tackle at Ohio State. And now plays in the NFL for Indianapolis. I expect the same career path from Myers.

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