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Thad Matta Describes How He Has An Autographed Photo Of Will Ferrell In His Office

Ohio State men's basketball coach Thad Matta has a unique and humorous autographed picture of Will Ferrell hanging his office. He explained Tuesday how he received that photo of the actor.

Ohio State men's basketball head coach Thad Matta essentially never stops working. Whether it be preparing his team for the upcoming season, being in the midst of a season or on the recruiting trail, you can bet Matta is always working. 

With that said, he has to have a laugh every now and again to break up the grind of being a college basketball coach, right?

Well, about a month ago, a sign with a quote from the movie "Semi-Pro" was placed above the OSU team's locker-room door.


The film, which came out in 2008, takes a comical look at the now-defunct ABA. Will Ferrell plays the character of Jackie Moon, who owns one of the teams, and uses "E.L.E" as his team mantra. 

The above photo of the sign was posted on the OSU Basketball Twitter page on Monday, prompting questions regarding the sign to be asked to Matta on Tuesday. 

"I’ve been wanting that thing up for years and I walked in one day it was up about a month or so ago," Matta said Tuesday. "It’s funny because all of my former players say, ‘You finally got it up there.’”

Matta added that the sign being placed above the locker-room door this season had nothing to do with this year's team, and that it's been a motto of his since the movie came out in 2008. 

"It’s more along the lines of it’s February and I needed some humor because I look at it and laugh," Matta said. "These guys probably don’t even remember the movie."

Buckeye junior center Trevor Thompson is actually familiar with the motion picture.

“It’s a great movie," Thompson said Tuesday. "The message is pretty clear: just be happy, everybody love everybody. We’re all a team, we’re all in this together so the more we embrace that, the better off we’ll be.” 

Matta went on to explain that former Ohio State forward Matt Sylvester, who played under Matta, was Ferrell's stunt double for the movie. Seeing as Matta loves the "Everybody Love Everybody" catchphrase and one of his former players was in the movie, Sylvester was able to get his old coach a signed photo of Ferrell. 

"(Matt) got me a picture of him, signed," Matta said. "It’s the greatest signature I’ve ever had on a picture. He’s got an Ohio State jersey on and he wrote, ‘Thad, happy birthday, b****. Will Ferrell.’

"I think about all of the things that I’ve signed in my life and what I’d really like to write, I can’t do that and he can. So it was good. It’s up in my office.”   

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