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Bank Bag: Post Signing Day Edition

National Signing Day has come and gone, but there are still big things happening in the Ohio State world. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers.

buckzip: Who do you see as starting QB in 2018 and do others transfer? If today was 2018 NSD what does the OSU class look like? (You knew that was going to be asked). :)

BG: I think J.T. Barrett returning really forces the transfer issue to the forefront for either Dwayne Haskins or Joey Burrow, because to them this now looks like another lost year. That's more important to Burrow as a sophomore, but if Haskins loses the backup job to Burrow in the fall he has to think he might be blocked at Ohio State. Should Burrow feel he is behind Haskins in August, I think he has to go. He would then be sitting out his sophomore year (2017) and then if he returns as a junior and doesn't beat out Haskins, that leaves him with only one year. If he transfers in August of 2017, he sits out 2017 as a transfer, then has two years to start somewhere. Haskins has a little more leeway because he is a year behind, but I don't see both finishing their careers at Ohio State. And this doesn't even include Tate Martell or Emory Jones, and both of them will be looked at as threats as well. Shoot, Martell could win the job a year from now and that could bring total chaos. 

Next year's class? Will be very highly-rated as all of them are. They have grabbed three out of state studs so far, and they are poised to sweep the state of the awesome 2018 class of kids. This class in Ohio is amazing. 

mrbigbux: After the football OT rules discussion - i am wondering how you feel about golf? Sudden death playing one hole at a time or next day 18 hole playoff which i believe is still used in a couple tournaments?

BG: I know television rules, the spectators have to be considered and there are tight schedules the players have to observe, but I'm for coming back the next day and playing 18 holes to determine the winner. I hate seeing players battle it out for four days, and then an errant shot off the first tee of sudden death determines the champion. But I'm in the clear minority here, and nobody would listen to me on this stuff. We live in a "Now" society, and people want their winner instantly whether it's golf, football or basketball. Even if you played a three-hole playoff with a par-three, par-four and par-five, where every shot had to be executed makes more sense than going back to number-18 and best score wins. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Will Oklahoma be a better team in September than they were at the end of last season? What is your take on Harbaugh hiring parents and coaches of top recruits and is there any news if the NCAA is going to pass a rule with regards to this action.

BG: It's so early to try and figure out college football teams for next year in February, but my guess is they are going to be a tough test for Ohio State. Much tougher than they were last season. A lot will depend on the QB's, and last year against Oklahoma J.T. Barrett played one heck of a game and Baker Mayfield did not.

Harbaugh is ticking people off, not that he cares about that at all, and he's going to do whatever he can within the rules to win. I would think Michigan fans love it, and Michigan haters despise it, while wishing secretly that their coach was doing it, LOL. Personally, it's within the rules so I think it's smart. I do think the NCAA will step in and try to regulate hiring friends and families of recruits, but they haven't yet so Harbaugh is probably full speed ahead. 

tforaker2: How do you think Luke Fickell will do at Cincinnati? Is he ready to be a head coach? How many years until Tom Herman wins a NC, as a head coach? When will the browns not suck? Prediction for the Indians this year?

BG: I've really come to know and admire Luke over the years, and think he is ready for this step. He and I talked about this last summer, which is why I was positing for months that this would be his last year at Ohio State. He is cut more from the Tressel cloth than the Urban cloth, and that's why you're seeing his recruiting going strong in Ohio, especially Cincinnati and Dayton. I expect to see teams built with good Ohio guys, and not a national all-star team at Cincinnati. Of course, he will need to step outside the state and go after top players, but I believe his backbone will be made up of Ohio kids. He is a great recruiter, but a no-nonsense, no-BS, no promise-the-world type of recruiter. Very honest and down to earth. I hope he wins big, because he is the type of man you want your kids to be led by.

Tom Herman is in a great spot at Texas, and he has a TON of young talent on that roster. I expect him to win big next season, and he should be in the national championship hunt soon after. I don't really like his staff, but Herman can coach. As for the Browns, I hate their leadership team and that's where this stuff starts. When your organization cuts Taylor Gabriel, and then drafts five wideouts, you're too dumb to win. I like Hue Jackson, and think he will be fired at the end of next season. If they blow this draft, they will be set back another 3-4 years of terrible football. The only way out for them is to draft their way out of the bottom, but I'm not impressed by what they did last year at all. I love what the Indians did last year, and the nucleus is solid, but I worry that they are below the league average for team salaries. When your team salary is ranked with Colorado, Miami and Atlanta, it's tough to consistently beat Boston, Toronto and Texas. Their starting pitching is great, but I'm not sure they will hit like they did last year. They were fifth in runs scored last year, and I'm not sure the lineup can sustain that again. I hope they do though. 

buckii5: Do we finally land that coveted 5*DT this year that we have missed on the last 5 years? Again u knew it was gonna be asked. 

BG: I would say Ohio State has a great shot at Taron Vincent, even though he is a high 4-star, LOL. Aeneas Hawkins won't be a 5-star, neither will Tyreke Smith, but those guys are going to be really good college players. If they pull those three it will be a heck of a haul. 

Barnaclo15: Pick your 4 playoff teams for next year. 1. OHIO STATE 2. 3. 4. Also, after Carman, Gill, Gant could you rank the next 5 prospects in the state of Ohio on talent alone?

BG: I DO have Ohio State in the playoffs for sure, probably at undefeated. Next comes Georgia, HAHAHA, which you all knew. Washington could be back, but I will go with USC. Clemson won't make it back, as Florida State will be really good next year. I will go with OSU over FSU for the title. 

After those three guys, in my opinion the next five based on pure talent would be Xavier Henderson and Trenton Gillison of Pickerington Central, Tyreke Smith, Chris Oats and Joseph Scates. 

buck1075: I'm still in shock over the Wilson hire. Did you see this happening after he was let go from Indiana? Knowing that coaching changes were going to be made on O who were some other names that Urban was interested in?

BG: I didn't see it happening when he was let go from Indiana, but the day after the Clemson loss I posted that Beck was out. The next day I posted that Warinner was out, and Kevin Wilson was the choice to replace those guys along with a new QB coach. Not sure what other QB coaches were considered, but Wilson was it for OC. The Chip Kelly nonsense was just that. 

BUCKS1974: What do you think is the problem with our offensive line development? Guys like Knox and Burrell don't seem to be able to play. Are they recruiting misses or is it coaching. What have you heard about younger linemen like Gapp Wolenbaugh and Gerald?

BG: I don't think it's talent, because if you add up offers and recruiting stars for all the major teams, Ohio State would be near the top. They want guys everybody else wants, and they don't take many projects. Under Urban, the offensive line was at its best during the 2014 season, especially during the march through Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon. I would have loved to have seen them keep that staff intact with Warinner as the O-line coach only, but that did not happen. They were still good in 2015 with Warinner doing double duty, but not dominant. Last year was a line that started strong and was awful the last three games under Stud. If they play this year like they did against MSU, Michigan and Clemson, there will be no playoff appearance. I expect them to be MUCH better than that though. 

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