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Bank Bag: Post Signing Day Edition Part-Two

National Signing Day has come and gone, but there are still big things happening in the Ohio State world. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

captmsmith: Bill, thanks for doing these. Let's talk CB depth. I've seen comments across various sites projecting Ward, or Annette, or even our new 2017 signees (Sheffield, Okudah, Wade, etc) as our starters for the upcoming season. But not a word on Rodjay Burns or Wayne Davis. I assume the staff burned Burns' redshirt for a reason. And Davis is the former #1 player coming out of VA. What have you heard about their development? Either moving to Safety? In the staff's plans going forward?

BG: When Ohio State brings in the haul of defensive backs they just landed, it's not a good sign for either of the two guys you mentioned, and I would include Josh Norwood in that group as well. Haven't heard much positive about any of these three, and with who's coming in right behind them, they'd better have a good spring/fall or risk getting buried for good. Sheffield, Okudah and Wade are all three coming to play and I expect all three to be in the two-deep. You almost have to be ready to go in your first or second year with the way they are recruiting, because if you take three or four years to develop, you might not get that chance. All of the DB's they brought in with the 2017 class could be ahead of the guys you mentioned in fall camp. 

diznick:  Have you ever seen Antonio Williams play live in HS or practice at OSU? If so, do you think he can play? Who is your prediction for this year's "deep threat? Does Pridgeon start? Guard or Tackle? Are there really any questions for the DL? Man, they look good. Can Baron Browning pull an "Andy Katzenmoyer" and start at MLB as a freshman? Is Erick Smith ready to start?

BG: The reports were not all that good on Williams, but the good thing for him is that there is no depth behind Weber so he stays in the mix. They will want to bring in three RB's in this class, so he gets another year to prove he can play. I have not seen him much at all to form an opinion. The deep threat could be K.J. Hill or possibly Binjimen Victor. I do think Pridgeon gets a shot at starting, and I think he ends up playing guard. There are zero question marks for me about the D-line. Deep and talented. Browning needs to learn the system, first off, and then prove he can handle the physicality at this level one year out of high school. Erick Smith needs to be healthy, and if he is I believe he can play. He can hit and he can cover people, so I think he takes the safety spot opposite Webb. He could end up being this year's version of Lattimore or Hooker, because he has a lot of talent. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: who do you see as the next commit and when?

BG: Very tough to say. I think the Ohio guys all know they want to go to Ohio State, but guys like Jack Carman, Jaelen Gill and Chris Oats don't seem to be in any hurry to end the recruiting process. I think losing Fickell might have Dallas Gant pausing a little, but I still think OSU leads. Aeneas Hawkins also seems to be loving the process. I'm not sure Ohio State is pushing all that hard for commitments right now from the out of state kids, because there's still one year to recruit those guys anyway. 

mrbigbux: Reading a "way too early" 2018 Buckeye starting lineup in the PD and Wyatt Davis was listed as the starting center. Do you see potential for him at center?

BG: He is talented enough to play anywhere on the line, but I like him best as a center or guard, so Yes I can see that for sure. 

Coors73: Thanks Bill.  Do you know why things didn't work out for Sheffield at 'Bama and outside of Wilson and Schiano do you see any future head coaches on the staff right now?

BG: I was told Sheffield felt he should have been playing as a true freshman, and never saw eye-to-eye with the Bama coaching staff. I believe the two coaches you mentioned are the only coaches at Ohio State that are head coaching material right now. 

BuckeyeL: Where do you see the Buckeyes going at Linebacker in 2018? Do they take four? It seems like Gaoteote, Oats, and Gant are too good to pass up. But now that Xavier Peters has emerged that could be something to watch? Really like the idea of getting a guy who is a Mike linebacker. What about Brian Asamoah?

BG: Right now, I think it's reasonable to assume they are getting the three you mentioned in Gaoteote, Gant and Oats. I could see them going to four though, and if they do I think a true MIKE backer would be the choice. That would bring Xaver Peters into the mix for sure. I like Brian Asamoah a lot, and think he's good enough to play at Ohio State, but he could get caught up in the numbers game. 

cjdjbucknuts: I see this coming spring as HUGE for several players and I assume you do as well. Who is on your get better fast list? and how do you think it will go?

BG: Anytime you bring in a class as talented as the 2017 class is a lot of the returning guys are instantly put on notice, because this class has a lot of guys that might be physically ready to play now. And if they jump ahead of guys already on the roster, they probably won't look back. There are probably 20 guys that need to really elevate themselves in the eyes of the coaches this spring, or risk getting left behind. Guys I'm looking forward to watching would be Eric Glover-Williams, Joey Burrow, Austin Mack, Luke Ferrell, Matthew Burrell, Demetrius Knox, Jonathan Cooper, Jashon Cornell, Justin Hilliard, Nick Conner, Jordan Fuller and Rashod Berry. 

irishkiller: On average, how often are OSU coaches and specifically Coach Meyer calling recruits during the entire process? How often do they text??

BG: They are sticklers for following the NCAA guidelines under Urban Meyer, and Mark Pantoni is the one overseeing the coaches on this. The rules state that they only get one phone call to the current juniors between April 15 and May 31, then it starts back up September 1, when they get one call per week for their senior year. When they opened up the text messaging it created a ton of problems for kids and their phones getting blown up. The good thing is like with their friends, they ignore the schools they aren't interested in, and answer the ones they are. It helps coaches know who is interested. I can't answer about the volume from the Ohio State staff, because I don't know, but the way I know Meyer and recruiting, I can assure you they have a plan for how and when they text. 

akbuckeye: Some thoughts on the LBers nick Conner and tuff Borland. how are they progressing.

BG: I have heard a lot of good things about Borland, and I'm anxious to see him this spring. I have heard next to nothing about Nick Conner, so I want to see how things shake out for him this spring as well. There is a huge hole at middle linebacker, so we should see who can or cannot play pretty early on in the process. 

AMBuckeye: On a ttun board they claim that they were leading for Ted Ginn Jr until late in the process and something happened that pushed him to OSU. Was he almost a wolverine? Any good stories in his recruitment that you remember?

BG: They NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER had any reasonable shot at Ted Ginn, and that's the funniest message board story I've ever heard in my life. I don't think there ever was a Glenville kid that went to Michigan while holding an Ohio State offer, and the first one was certainly not going to be Ted Ginn Sr.'s own son. Teddy LOVED Tress. Repeat: LOVED, not liked. And still does today. Ted Ginn Jr. was going to Ohio State from the day he was born, and all it took was the offer to end his recruitment. That story is preposterous. 

raider2426: How did tom Herman end up choosing Tim beck as his OC? Beck's results at Ohio State were fair at best and I dont think Herman or beck were ever on a staff together.

BG: Tom Herman and Tim Beck are friends and have known each other going back a while. Herman took a lot of heat for hiring Beck, and got pretty defensive when talking about him. Herman said he couldn't understand all the criticism of Beck, and said he's not bothered by it because he has a lot more information on Beck than "Joe Fan" does. He'd better be right, or he's going to hear from about 100,000 "Joe Fans" at every home game, LOL. 

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