Bank Bag: Post Signing Day Edition Part-Three

National Signing Day has come and gone, but there are still big things happening in the Ohio State world. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three.

buckeyebones: Give us a preview of the top talent is NE Ohio over the next few years and kids that you think will be recruited by OSU. For a generic OOS 5* recruit, give us your take on the top selling points for OSU and the weaknesses. When a kid gets processed, how do you think that goes down?  How would you use Campbell?

BG: Ohio State has already issued an offer to Tyreke Smith from Cleveland Heights. I know they're interested in Nate Bauer of Akron Hoban, Michael Dowell and Darnell Shields of Lakewood St. Edward, Darian Kinnard from Cleveland St. Ignatius, Kevin Brewer of Bedford and Chris Julian of Warren Howland. To be honest, the top talent is in the Columbus area and the Cincinnati-Dayton area. 

The strengths of Ohio State to an out of state kid would be the NFL draft he watches every year filled with Buckeyes, the overall academic/athletic plan they can present to a recruit, the chance to legitimately play for national titles and the opportunity to compete on the national stage every year. Weaknesses? Maybe distance if it's kid from far away from Ohio. 

The transfer of kids from Ohio State is a sensitive issue, and I would think it involves Urban Meyer and the position coach being very honest and upfront about how they see that player's career going at Ohio State. With Parris Campbell, at this stage of the game I guess I would try to keep developing him as a wideout. They could switch him to runningback as well. To me, as I've written since he was a high school junior, I saw him as a Gareon Conley clone as a cornerback, but it might be too late for that now. 

dplaw: What is going on at Glenville and will we see OSU offer any kids soon?

BG: The talent dropoff at Glenville has been pretty significant since Erick Smith, Marshon Lattimore and Chris Worley walked out the door. Right now, I just don't see those type of kids in the program. I wish I had an answer for why this is, and I believe it coincides with Ted Ginn almost dying a few years ago. He had to fight for his life for over a year, and maybe that scared off the top kids? He's a great man in my book, and I would love to see him get those types of kids again. He truly puts the kids ahead of winning games, and we need more of those in education. 

WraithBuck: Hi Bill, can high school football coaches ban a college from coming to their schools to recruit?

BG: I guess you could, but you had better be prepared to answer to your administration and your parents why you're decided to limit scholarship opportunities for your players. I can't imagine a good enough reason to ban a college from coming to your school to potentially reward one of your athletes with $150,000 worth of free education.

KansasCityBuckeye: You get these two choices. A) A Pirates World Series followed by nine 100+ loss seasons. Or B) Take your chances with what you got. The definitive best starting pitcher or the best first baseman in the game as a Pirate. You get to have the definitively best of any position- including manager- be a Pirate for the next six years. What position and why? If LeBron called you up for dinner but made you pick up the check, do you go? Where do you take him? You're in charge of non-conference scheduling for Ohio State. What do you do?

BG: Wow, you put some thought into these bad boys. I hate seasons that don't matter, so heck with the title and give me a reason to root every year and I'll take my chances. Titles are over after a few days, and not worth seasons of garbage ball to me. 

Give me the best pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, every four days and I will be happy. If I get my pick of any player in the game for the next six years I will probably go with Mike Trout over Kershaw. I love the great defensive centerfielder, plus 30 home runs and 25 steals. 

I would love to have dinner with LeBron, even though he's not one of my favorites by any means. But greatness is greatness, and I would love the opportunity to pick his brain. I would let him pick the spot, but if he gave me the choice I would choose Lucca in downtown Canton. It's quiet and quaint, and the Italian food is amazing. 

I love the current schedule for Ohio State, and think this year was perfect. One stud team. One middle team (Tulsa). One MAC team. That is how I would do it.

KansasCityBuckeye: You're tOSU AD/BB coach and ESPN calls and says they want to promote an annual All-Ohio BB classic with tOSU, Xavier, Cincinnati and Dayton in a different Ohio city every year. It's set to be an instant sellout. Do you take the deal and why? I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame 25 years ago and was not real impressed. Would it be any different now? You're recruiting for Ohio State. There's a high 5 star DT who is a really good kid but dumb as a box of rocks. Do you take him and why, and if so, how do you make it work? You become the czar. What do you do with health care in this country? Quick fire... Name your five hottest women besides Betty White that first come into your head. Then pick the hottest one of those five and say why. (Not the pressure of a permanent answer. You could have a new list tomorrow. ) Quick fire 2... Name the five talents that specific people have that you would take. Then name the one talent/people combination from that list that you would take and why. (Again, just what you think now, you could have changed your mind tomorrow).

BG: I love the idea of that basketball classic, and take it in a heartbeat. Rotate the venues every year and I would jump on that in a minute. Make the boring non-conference schedule something very special. Did you think of that yourself? Because it's brilliant in my opinion. I love that idea and have never heard it before. 

The Hall of Fame is kind of boring, but the surround-sound theatre makes it all worthwhile. You have to catch one of more of the movies. A must.

Everybody recruits the same kids, so Yes I take the slower student that can play. We get him academic help with tutors, preferred scheduling, and make sure he's in a course of study that gives him the best chance at earning a college degree. We monitor his academic progress daily, and do everything we can within the rules to help him succeed.

Far smarter people than me have no clue how to solve health care, so there's no chance a dummy like me can figure it out. Hottest women? You're sure my significant other won't read this right? LOL. Let's go Halle Berry, Hayden Panetierre, Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron and Ali Larter. Hottest? Today I would say Charlize, because we just watched a movie with her in it last weekend. 

Five talents? The best one of all is genuinely being able to make people like you, because you're such a nice person. If you can do that, life gets easier. The talented jerk eventually has issues. I'm a sucker for work ethic, because I think mine is strong and my kids have it as well. I also value loyalty, which is an old fashioned quality, but it was installed in us kids by my dad. I also preach to my kids to be unselfish and treat people well, because this makes US the happiest. The selfish people that spend their lives in the me-me-me mode are EASILY the unhappiest people I know. Lastly, I value people who take their health seriously and live their lives with the well being of their bodies as a priority. When I get blood work done, I know what every number means when I get my e-mail and don't really need my doctor to explain everything to me. I know where I want every number to be, from blood pressure to weight to cholesterol to any other number. The best combination? Treat people well and have a powerful work ethic. Those two traits alone almost guarantees success in life. 

bobosu: Any idea OSUs next commit will be??

BG: It actually could be Tavion Thomas, but let's see how that goes over the next few weeks. 

bookiewookie: Is Riley Keller the best QB prospect you have ever seen at this point? Woodbey's announcement that he is "shutting it down"  --   based on your comments, it felt like another way to keep himself in the news.  Maybe I'm cynical.  Has the announcement changed your prediction of what his recruitment will be like?

BG: You know, Riley Keller is as good as I've ever seen in Ohio as a freshman. But the size kind of troubles me, and that's my only reservation on him. If he could get to 6-2/6-3 I would definitely say he's the best I've seen in Ohio. And he's only a freshman, so I can see the 6-2/6-3 thing. As for Woodbey, this is a Game-Player supreme. He will be on USC's campus in the next few months, and probably UCLA and others as well. He CANNOT go all the way to when he signs without being a recruiting story, so sit back and watch the show. I'm not saying Ohio State won't sign the kid at all, just that I'm not buyong any of this stuff at all. But maybe I'm wrong?

drewsus: Would the Florida Urban Meyer have made the same coaching blunders as the OSU Urban Meyer? I don't think the respective failed hires at DC and OC were as egregious as the decision to keep those 2 staffs intact for an extra year when it was obvious to everyone in the world that it would never work. It just seems like a more cutthroat Meyer would've nipped both experiments in the bud before letting it ruin an additional season and shot at a NC. I could be 100% wrong but it seemed like he kept some people employed for loyalty/kindness reasons as opposed to football reasons.

Reading between the lines it sounds like the Meyer/Warriner break-up was quite acrimonious. Do you know the reason for this? There was no way that Warriner could remain in his current capacity and you'd think he would know this. So why the theatrics (cleaning out the desk, emotional tweets) from both sides? Did Warriner's performance as an OC destroy his final shot at becoming a HC?

Before the 2016 season you wrote that you had a source who said that JT had taken the next step in his evolution as a qb. Did you delete that source from your contacts list?

Has there ever been a potential top 5 pick from OSU who's received such little acclaim from the fanbase as Marshon Lattimore? Maybe he just wasn't on the field long enough for OSU fans to appreciate him? A top 5 pick is a BIG DEAL. Are you shocked at his draft projections or did you consider it a real possibility?

Did Dontre Wilson's foot injury ruin his career or was he simply a vastly overrated recruit?

Do you think Billy Davis is the heir apparent to Schiano or will they pull someone from outside the program? Davis' experience is solid but his results appear to have been less than stellar.

BG: Man, talk about getting tough questions, LOL. If I don't answer these will you jam bamboo shoots up my fingernails, or use a cattle prod on me as you have me strapped in a chair? HaHa. 

As for Meyer and the coaching decisions you mentioned, you have to remember that people were questioning the Withers/Fickell pairing the minute it was announced, not second guessing after it didn't work. So this was very questionable in people's eyes. The pairing of Beck and Warinner was also questioned right off the jump, so again no second-guess here either and who was shocked this was a disaster? These were mistakes, and every coach makes them, but these were costly. Would this have happened at Florida? It's hard to say because guys like Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong were so good. Would he have gone the extra year with obvious weaknesses like he did in these two situations? We will never know and I can't say for sure.

Nobody likes to be fired, number one. Now Warinner might be feeling like he could have been a better OC had Meyer kept his nose out of it and let him run the offense, but I don't know that for a fact. To me, judging from past history Warinner had little shot at ever being a head coach. If you can't get Kansas or Army, what jobs are you getting? He is a great O-line coach, in my opinion. 

Regarding Barrett, I liked everything I saw up through the Rutgers game and thought he was taking the next step. Then came Indiana which was awful. Then came the lame excuses about the breezy conditions, then the 45 degree temperature was too cold, and all that BS. And it was pretty much downhill from there. The Northwestern, Penn State, Michigan State, Michigan and Clemson games were not good at all. 

I think Ohio State fans DO appreciate Marshon Lattimore, but he was a comet that shot through the sky and was gone in a flash. I never thought Lattimore would be this good, but I did see him as a DB all the way. Just like I did with Gareon Conley and Parris Campbell, when the talk was about they were WR's or DB's. 

I think Dontre Wilson was all about nothing. Was in the doghouse a lot, and those guys have to be SUPREMELY talented to overcome messing around. He was not that at all. 

I know Urban thinks a lot of Davis, and he just might be Schiano's replacement. One thing on Schiano is that he is VERY happy at Ohio State, and will not jump at a bad job. That might keep him here a while longer. 

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