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buckeyejls: Steve....... How would you rate Mike D'andrea's play on Saturday and do you see him as a big time player or is he gonna stay at second string for a while?

SteveHelwagen: Mike had 2 tackles in the game on Sat. He was limited. I believe he split time with Freddie some and the MLB sat during most nickel situations. I did not make a point to watch him, but one observer who did said they simplified things for him and almost used him exclusively as a pass rusher from the LB spot. Remember, he has been dinged up. He will still have a nice year.

No Mo: Were you all as shocked as much as I was to see Mo on the Gameday set? I think Geiger and JT were! You would think he would somehow learn to SHUT UP!

SteveHelwagen: No Mo, nothing that kid does will shock me. I was on the sideline in the first half and was torn by whether he was supporting the team or being a glory hound. I think that, along with what was reported in the PD (parking near stadium and argument over wearing jersey) led them down this path.

NEOhio Buck: I LOVED David Patterson's sack :) It was awesome.

SteveHelwagen: NE, Patterson was so keyed up, he threw up. Nice debut for the true freshman. He said the other freshmen were egging him on, saying he had to represent them when he got in the game.

Scoots64: Howdy Steve -- Couple of hoops questions -- 1) It's Malik week -- anything new on him??? -- do you know anything about his visit schedule??? -- care to handicap our chances of landing him?? 2) Any further word on Horford or Brackman???? 3) Great Q & A with Twig -- really enjoyed it -- what kind of changes can we expect here at Bucknuts with the Hoops coverage moving forward???? Thanks as always!!!!!!!!!!!!

SteveHelwagen: I haven't heard of anything regarding Malik's visit. We know he's scheduled to be here. We'll probably try and follow up afterwards. T-wig and Butler are coming in to "assist." Nothing new on Horford or Brackman, either. Charles did a nice job on the T-wig story. We will be doing more and more on basketball in the weeks and months ahead.

buckeyejls: Steve....... do you think it's a good idea to use Gamble on punt returns considering how valuable he is to our defense?? Why not give Childress a shot

SteveHelwagen: Buckeyejls, I thought Santonio Holmes solved this one for everybody Saturday when he fumbled a punt. This is just like David Boston. They could have put Rambo back there, but they were risking putting the ball on the ground. JT considers the punt to be the most important play in football. Not fielding one cleanly and turning the ball over to your offense safely is about the same as having one blocked. That's why Gamble will continue to handle punts.

edbuck51: Do you think the Bucks will work to get MoHall and Flydell into a good rythmn this week?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, yes, I think they will concentrate on grinding meat this week. SDSU should not be able to contain OSU's running game. I thought the OL did a nice job. I rewatched the game last night and saw that Hall was hitting holes, just running a bit tentative to protect the ball. I think Duane Long said he looked like a pinball in there. Ross, in my opinion, showed poor vision. He missed 3 good holes in the first half before I lost count and even ran in to a blocker's back and fell down once. He needs better vision.

Kirk: Question from YBuck: I think all starting O'line members graded high. How did the second teamers perform and who do you think will advance as the season progresses?

SteveHelwagen: I was surprised to Mangold in on the second series. You can almost consider him to be the sixth man. They are really grooming him for next year, as he provides relief this year. Beyond that, I'd have to go back and see who else got in. It looks like Datish, Kne, Olds, Downing all played, so talk that Datish and Downing were third team (even though it is official on the printed depth chart) may not be entirely true.

Skilly McRailnob: see any change in Carter's PT vs. Holmes and Hall?

Scoots64: Steve -- What were your thoughts about Washington leaving their starters in late in the game after going for the field goal -- there first teamers did out play our 3rd string -- lol.

ODOGG45: Steve........ sounds like alot of good players at the game Saturday night, anything new to report ??

SteveHelwagen: ODogg, yes it's great when you have guys like Ginn, Freeman, Davis, Byers and O'Neal there. You could take those 5 guys and start a pretty good team. I want to follow up on some of the other names and see if there have been any new offers.,

edbuck51: how's come JT didn't let Nugent kick a long one?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, I don't recall any situations where I thought they'd have him go for it. One of them would have been 58, I believe. That's too far when you don't need it.

NEOhio Buck: Who do you think redshirts this year as far as freshmen are concerned?

SteveHelwagen: Well, 5 of them have played. If I guess, Jordan, Barton, Frost, Cotton, Reggie Smith, Gonzalez, Hiley, Lukens probably won't play if they don't see action this week.

edbuck51: I was worried going in about the D-backs, and the punter. Was everyone happy with their performances Saturday night? It looked like BJ settled down pretty well after the first one.

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, yes, the three areas of concern were P, young DBs and young LBs. I thought all three areas pulled through. Sander averaged 40.1, Hawk and Salley played great and others did nicely as well.

BuckeyeJoe: Will White be seeing the field much this year?

SteveHelwagen: BuckeyeJoe, not sure about White. Looks like he is a man without a country if they're not going to play him at his hybrid H-back deal until the FB gets healthy. Irizarry got in the game and he is a keeper. He and Hamby will abuse people next 2 years.

NEOhio Buck: What about Pierce?

SteveHelwagen: NEOhio, I assume you're talking about K Brian Pierce. He's still around as far as I know. Probably would redshirt. He'd be third behind Nugent and Huston right now.

Seabus: On the Oline backups, was the original depth chart just a message/wake-up call for Datish, Coleman, Downing and others??

SteveHelwagen: Seabus, probably a wake-up call. They obviously don't want to waste Barton's year. Coleman didn't play, so maybe he isn't where he needs to be. But the other 2 did play at least. I take more stock in what happens on the field than what's printed in the release. When I was at BSB and we printed the depth chart each week, we would tweak it based on what we saw, rather than what they put out.

ODOGG45: is John Kerr practicing yet ?? How would you compare him to the rest of our LB's?? How has Schlaegel looked so far ??

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, Kerr not practicing yet. We'll ask about him when we get a chance. Schlegel looks all right. He'll help out in many ways next 2 years.

edbuck51: Were you surprised the slimmer, quicker o-line didn't try to go outside a little more?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, I don't know about the slimmer OL and the game plan. They did go outside a few times, like on the Gamble reverse.

ODOGG45: Steve..... last chat session I asked you if this year's D could be as strong or stronger than last years and you seemed to think they would be good but not quite as good as last years, still feel the same ??

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, doggone the defense looked pretty good. They were swarming to the ball and tackling extremely well. Great showing overall against what is supposed to be a good offensive team. Time will tell, but they will contend with last year's defense.

worthabuck: Given the slimmed down line, do you forsee some sweeps and screen passes. I would imagine it would be something they would save for the big ten. Tressel likes to surprise, and given that we probably haven't run either of those in the last few years, I would say it would be a surprise.

SteveHelwagen: worthabuck, yes, I suppose they will try and go outside more. Maybe they will test that this year. Guys, their advantage is up the middle and setting things up for the pass. If they make people commit 8 or 9 guys to the box that is what frees up Jenkins for the bread-and-butter plays like we saw Sat. Going outside is nice in premise, but this line isn't built to do that an abundance of times, regardless of how much weight they say they lost.

CRAIG KRENZEL IS MY DAD: I don't know if anyone asked this yet, but whats the gut feeling about how many games reece will be out, I'd love to have him back for madison and annarbor

SteveHelwagen: CRAIG..., my gut feeling is things look bleak for Clarett to play for OSU this year. He may get 10 games and they'll mutually agree for everybody's sanity it isn't worth having him play in 2 games and the bowl. Who knows, maybe he will. And, as I noted in Buckeye Grove, about his only viable option is to take his medicine, come back next year, get his 1,500 yards and go to the NFL. Nothing else makes sense, especially a transfer because he would not be able to play a full year at another I-A school until 2005 at the earliest.

edbuck51: Is Simon Fraser that awesome, or was this a better than average game?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, Fraser is a nice player, has been since his junior year at UA. Just stuck behind some great talent last 2 years at OSU. He is going to have a monster year, because you can't possibly block Smith, Scott and Simon on every play.

ODOGG45: Steve.....do you think Hall and Ross are good enough to get us back to the N/C game

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, tough question. I would say yes, on a team that may have a dominating defense, decent passing game and good OL.

No Mo: Along with CK they are

edbuck51: If written MC off, but what could be taking Geiger so long? He can build a stadium faster than he can conduct an investigation.

worthabuck: I would think with 8 in the box, if you could seal the end of the line, Ross or hall should be able to turn it. Would mean less guys to block straight up. Also less guys available to make the tackle.

AZbucknut: if he takes his medicine like a man and is the best back when re-instated.....why not give him a chance to play this year.

SteveHelwagen: AZbucknut, I think there needs to be a lot of healing. Maurice, from my view, has fractured the team concept with his behavior. He needs to start showing some contrition if he expects to come back with open arms.

edbuck51: What more information could be needed? How does it better serve MoC or OSU to gather more information? What are they going to learn that they don't already know? Let's get it over with.

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, he says he wants to send one report to the NCAA. There are apparently some loose ends. Things they need answers to and can't get them. He does not want to get into a give-and-take and have to keep going back with new info. He wants to send one comprehensive report, and can't get to the bottom of it yet.

ODOGG45: Steve........ did you get to see the JUCO O-lineman at the game and if so does he pass the look test, what are our chances with him ??

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, did not see a JUCO OL, but I'd love to have another experienced guy to go with Mangold and Sims. Great idea if he's like a Sumner. No Paul Breeds please.

edbuck51: Will Justin get to throw a pass this week?

SteveHelwagen: yes, I hope they can split the 4th quarter and let them both play.

OrlandoBuckeye: Like the idea of Branden Joe getting a look at TB, he was a Top 15-20 back in HS

SteveHelwagen: hey, that has some merit. He was a pretty good TB

SteveHelwagen: in high school and can handle the rock.

OrlandoBuckeye: Tressel mentioned we might see ghim in some short yardage situations, it might grow from there of he produces

SteveHelwagen: Orlando, that sounds good. Get B-Joe healthy and get him in there.

edbuck51: I hope that Ira gets some reps as well. It seems like you need lots of RBs these days in the long season

SteveHelwagen: edbuck, Ira just needs experience too. He's been battered pretty hard going against the OSU defense

ODOGG45: Steve.......was you as impressed as I was at how fast Salley closes on the ball, that guy has first round draft pick written all over him dont you think

OrlandoBuckeye: ODogg- Salley sure looks like a stud to me

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, yes, Salley can cover and play. The hitting wasn't supposed to be his forte. That was Mitchell's calling card. Guess what? Salley can hit too now. Wow.

OrlandoBuckeye: Put 20lbs on him and he'd be a Sean Taylor clone

edbuck51: What is the prognosis on when BJoe will be back?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck, I think he's out until about the start of the Big Ten season. I imagine he would be full-go by Wiscosnin.

ODOGG45: and just think we have Whitner still to come

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, will be nice when Whitner gets healthy and can get in there too.

scribeohio: We'll probably need Ira this season because Hall/Ross probably can't take the pounding all year without some injuries. Had Ira had a frosh spring followed by a fall camp like Mo C he probably would be ahead of the curve. I think he will pick it up though.

SteveHelwagen: scribeohio, I agree, he abused people in N.J. But these guys here can all run and hit and tackle. He's finding that out, but he hasn't backed down from challenge.

OrlandoBuckeye: ODogg- and eventually Guilford should be back there headhunting

ODOGG45: the future is definitely very bright

ODOGG45: O'neal also

OrlandoBuckeye: Underwood sure looks the part doesn't he?

ODOGG45: that D is gonna be obnoxious for years to come

edbuck51: Is Kne a Jr. of Sr.? I've seen it both ways.

OrlandoBuckeye: Heard Lachey tell someone he would probably start next year

SteveHelwagen: Kne is a junior. Played at Fordham in 2000, came here in 2001, played last year as soph and now is a junior.

Seabus: I am looking forward to seeing the second and even third string Dline get lots of time this weekend. I am eager to see Patterson, Green, Pitcock, Richardson and others start developing

SteveHelwagen: Seabus, no need to waste Scott this week. Save him for Rivers. That means Pitcock, Patterson and Green should get a lot of snaps in the middle. They need to get Richardson going. Penton and Kudla played some at end last week.

ODOGG45: Steve........ any diamonds in the rough we havent heard of yet

SteveHelwagen: ODOGG, Marcel Frost looked great to me in preseason. Not sure why he isn't playing, other than the fact they have plenty of D-line help already.

OrlandoBuckeye: SH- It probably makes sense to redshirt Frost with Smith, Fraser, Richardson, Kudla, and Penton , plus Scott can obviously play there.

SteveHelwagen: Orlando, yes, when they have that much depth, better to save the kid's year and get him better. He will be a beast down the line.

ODOGG45: Steve...... do you think all this stuff with Clarett affects recruiting at all

SteveHelwagen: No, I don't think so. Maybe a little outside the state, because all they hear and see is the negative stuff on ESPN. But inside the state, JT still regarded as second coming of W.W. They need to go get an impact RB, I will say that. Not saying Pittman or Haw can't be that guy. But they need to rebuild RB depth, certainly.

edbuck51: This Clarett stuff effects everything about OSU football in some way, and most off it is bad right now? How long can it go on?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck51, it will go on as long as he's here. That's how long.

edbuck51: Is it worth it?

SteveHelwagen: Was last year worth it?

edbuck51: yes, but osu wasn't as good and deep last year as they are now and next year

OrlandoBuckeye: Great news, DE was a concern but have a feeling that Reggie Smith ends up there as well as Frost

SteveHelwagen: Smith played almost a DE position in high school.

NEOhio Buck: From reading the various articles, it sounds like the players have "had it" with him also. Why couldn't he just lie low for a while?

SteveHelwagen: NEOhio, not his nature to lay low. He must have attention deficit disorder or something.

edbuck51: Isn't it great to see JT move players around to build depth and get guys on the field?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck, I like the way they manage personnel. They make moves that are positive for the kids and the team.

edbuck51: It's reflected on how the fans are watching the 2 and 3 teamers, and monitoring their progress, and knowing they are part of the team. Kudos.

pboy: Met two folks that lived in Columbus and now live in Raliegh. They said NCST would rather beat the Bucks than win the ACC. It is the premium game of the yr for them. Your thoughts.

edbuck51: They won't likely do either

BuckeyeDave: Hard to believe that. ACC championship means a BCS bowl

SteveHelwagen: pboy, well if that's how they feel, they're ignorant. They play Wake this week. Wake beat BC last week and can beat N.C. State playing them at home. They need to win that one first (and I think they will) before they worry about OSU.

BuckeyeDave: any new word on Marcus Freeman?

SteveHelwagen: Nothing new on Freeman. I think OSU is still No. 1. Liked the way he assimilated with the OSU players during warmups.

Seabus: What about Raymond Williams?? He's tearing it up in Cleveland and sounds like he is just waiting for the Bucks to offer. Are we going to sign that kid??

OrlandoBuckeye: I think Williams is a serious academic risk

SteveHelwagen: Seabus, Williams may not be big enough. Don't have exact dimensions, but something like 5-11, 185.

edbuck51: Don't you think the MoC situation could really help in landing a national RB?

SteveHelwagen: edbuck, yes, it should if uncertainty regarding his situation continues through signing day.

BuckeyeDave: ebuck, Steve - OSU will need a top notch RB regardless

kingrg1: about the defense....I think Tressel needs to start D'Andrea NOW.......it's obvious he's the better player/athlete.....i feel like Pagac is starting just based on his seniority and not his ability....D'Andrea is one of the best athletes on the team and is a big part of the future of our Defense.

SteveHelwagen: kingrg1, I guess it was apparent Sat. that D'Andrea's awareness of the scheme may not be where it needs to be. Pagac at least knows where he is supposed to be.

hondo: (Sep 5, 2003 11:10:59 AM)
Steve, How much of the Clarett stuff is weighing on Geiger?

SteveHelwagen: (Sep 5, 2003 11:12:30 AM)
hondo, Geiger is at the eye of the storm. Here's a guy who has preached integrity for many years and Jim Brown, a man of great integrity (yeah right), has the audacity to call him out on national radio and TV.

SteveHelwagen: (Sep 5, 2003 11:16:28 AM)
what maurice needs is somebody to sit down and show him his options. The only one that leads him to the NFL and maximizes his earning ability is coming back next year and being a good citizen.

pboy: (Sep 5, 2003 11:16:53 AM)
If MC's common senses was one tenth his athletic ability, we wouldn't even be discussing these issues.

SteveHelwagen: he's being branded as a Randy Moss. How many spots did Moss slip and how many millions did that cost him?

kingrg1: stevehelwagon: true....do you think he'll be in there more as we get deeper into the season?

SteveHelwagen: kingrg1, getting to play should only help MDA.

OrlandoBuckeye: Think Steve is right on about Pagac being more comfortable in the system, but the old saying that you can coach them to be where they are supposed to be, but can't coach them to be 6'4 240 with great athleticism will eventually come into play here

edbuck51: Was anybody surprised by how much Krenzel overthrew Carter on that last bomb? I didn't know Craig could throw it that far.

SteveHelwagen: I like going deep, especially with burners like Carter, Jenkins, Gamble and Holmes and Childress to throw to. Can't imagine anybody's WR in the country has that much speed. Having said that, Craig's game is high percentage passes. He got away from that on the first series (1 of 5), then settled down nicely.

NEOhio Buck: I loved the FG block by Fox. Vertical leap is 42" I heard. Definitely a plus on special teams.

SteveHelwagen: Fox is a special player and kid.

NEOhio Buck: I read over on the Purdue board, that the upperclassmen don't like to play on special teams. Seems a little absurd to me. Watched many college games last year lose by a FG or a runback.

SteveHelwagen: NEOhio, it's a commitment. Vets play on special teams (like Doss did) because they want to win.

NEOhio Buck: That's my belief also. I just found it hard to believe that some of their players balked at playing on special teams.

scribeohio: Mo thinks rules, constraints, penalties apply to others not him. Also, he has never shown respect for OSU - critcise the team prep before last years opener, the NU/Spencer outburst, before/after the Fiesta, spring fling with the car, covering the spring fling with lies, etc. I would like him to get back on the team but I'm not sure if he can truly be humbled, feel genuine respect for OSU/team/players, be less selfish, and stop the deceit.

worthabuck: Thats why Purdue is Purdue and OSU is National Champs

SteveHelwagen: scribe, you know what you're getting if he ever comes back. He will not show contrition and mean it. What happened to him telling Tim May he'd been humbled, then he was a total jerk on Sat. It's like Rambo said at the Outback Bowl. "I'm going to be late for stuff. They knew what kind of dude I was when they voted me captain." Well, if Clarett comes back, everybody now knows what kind of dude he really is.

hondo: Steve, the fact that Ohio State is not submitting their recommendations - Does this hurt Ohio State in the national media since Geiger said he would submit yesterday?

SteveHelwagen: Well, it drags on for another few days and into N.C. State week (not good). But the work isn't done yet. I was confused on Tuesday why Geiger kept saying something was going to be sent in when he admitted he didn't have all the loose ends tied up yet. That made no sense to me, and wow, guess what, they won't be sending it in until sometime next week at the earliest.

SteveHelwagen: Any last blasts, Susan I see you lurking.

Susan: I'm here

SteveHelwagen: great pics, by the way. I'm hoping we can do picture pages in the mag someday with stuff like that.

AZbucknut: great pics Susan

Susan: thanks..it was fun taking the pictures.

Susan: Steve, I'm thinking about when we talked about mo doing sportscenter on sat, you didn't think he be in too much trouble..

SteveHelwagen: i think if that had been the only aspect, fine, they wouldn't have flipped their lid. But he had an incident with his car and an incident in the locker room with his jersey. You just don't do that.

scribeohio: I think Andy just needs to say that the 'undiscovered' stuff has caused the delay and prevents a complete report. Otherwise, he could only file a partial and tell the NCAA that a final report is coming. He got a little frustrated when he said Mo's cover up has delayed things (which it has) and has made Andy look a little bad (per J. Brown, Philly writer etc).

hondo: Steve - what was your impressions of Reynolds in the Wash. game? I seen him miss one tackle on their half back, and I seen him get ran over trying to tackle the TE (Although the guy did weigh 280).

SteveHelwagen: I'm OK with Reynolds. He understands the scheme. You aren't going to make every play. He is not Matt Wilhelm. But he's an OK player. If you surround him with people like this DL and Hawk, he'll be fine.

kingrg1: as Buckeyes fans... I know it's hard for some of us to admit MoC is breaking the rules, BUT he is...how are you unable to pay for a refundable plane ticket home to go to your 27 year old "best friends" funeral,,,,,, but able to pay for cars, nice clothes, stereo equipment, etc.... and his mom drives a nice car..... if it was that important to be back home for the funeral don't you think his mom could have forked over some $$$$$......it all just seems really fishy to me and i'm glad that Tressel and Geiger are being careful with the whole situation..... Tressel truly is a class act and is doing what's right for the program.... p.s. I do think it's bullsh*& that the kid from Michigan got a slap on the wrist.......this just goes to show the difference between the true programs

scribeohio: Anyway, I think not having Mo practice or play is the BEST. The TEAM will be fine and deserves more positive attention than the Mo C. nightmare which is his doing. GO BUCKS and be a great team without Mo!

scribeohio: BSB took over for the old rock group 'Dire Straits'. Don't know where they're going.

SteveHelwagen: gotta go, thanks for a great day and tell everybody about our site!

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