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Bank Bag: First Of March Edition Part-II

Spring is in the air in Ohio, and the Buckeyes are about ready to take the field again to preview the 2017 team. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers.

fairfax1: Gill most likely committing tomorrow. Your gut feeling on the next commit after? thanks

BG: I know Jack Carman is IN, and he's the top player on their board overall, but it's so hard to predict when he might commit. Jaelen Gill told me yesterday he decided on Ohio State a long while back, but waited until Wednesday of this week to announce. Why did he wait? He said it just felt right. 

Hayze: Gill most likely committing tomorrow. Your gut feeling on the next commit after? thanks

BG: With Gill already IN, and Carman also IN in my mind, I'm then going to Tyreke Smith and Dallas Gant as IN. Guys like Chris Oates, Aeneas Hawkins and Tavion Thomas are "probable/possible." Blue Smith is a guy I'm not sure Ohio State is totally sold on. I think defensive tackle Tyler Bentley has a shot at an offer this Friday when he visits, as does his teammate linebacker Xavier Peters.

AMBuckeye: Your hypothetical son has 2 scholarship offers at power 5 schools. 1 is from Jim Tressel and 1 from Urban Meyer. Which coach are you steering him towards?

BG: Since head coach would be pretty far down my list of reasons to pick a school, either of these guys would be fine for me. Unless you become an All-American, or fail a few drug tests, you aren't going to have all that much of a relationship with your head coach. The position coach is the Daddy. And there are other reasons I would have as more important than who the head coach is. 

mancow3: Bank, With the recent trangender highschool wrestler winning a state title in the girl's division, the transgender issue is fast becoming a major issue in sports. Should a male identifying as a female be able to compete in girl's sports? Also, it seems that politics is starting to effect sports in a major way, see NCAA/NFL/NBA, pulling major events out of NC and/or threatening TX. How do you see polictics effecting sports in the next 10 years?

BG: Is this a trick question to get me to answer honestly, and then lose my job? LOL. I'm an old fashioned guy, with old fashioned values, so I think you know where I fall on this issue. So No, I don't think a male should be able to compete as a female based on his personality, feelings or identification. Politics has always affected sports since I started following athletics many, many years ago, so that will never change. Hard to see where things will go in the future, but we need to understand this is not a new phenomena at all, and athletics is a huge forum for people to use to expound their views. 

BuckForFanLife: Dayton's L'Christian "Blue" Smith is receiving several crystal balls for the University of Kentucky. What does Bill Greene's crystal ball say? Will Blue go Big Blue or will he recognize that his future is with the Buckeyes? 

BG: I like this kid a lot, but I'm not sure Ohio State would agree with me on him. I think they see him as a tight end or flex option, while I think Blue feels he is a wide receiver. I also thought tight end after seeing him in camps last summer, but his performance on the field has me rethinking that. He's not a blazer, but he runs great routes, catches everything, and can go up and over people for the football. I'm not sure how this one is going to go, mainly because I'm not positive he's a taker right now for Ohio State. I believe they're getting Jeremy Ruckert at tight end, and I think they feel that way as well. I could see Blue going to Kentucky, but it's still very early. 

tucker1s: Bill, How is it not only possible, but quite common, when a high school player goes from virtuallyn unknown to a highly coveted recruit in a short time.  I get it, if he plays in Idaho or some similar obscure place where the is little coverage, but when someone plays in Ohio (e.g. Thomas) where his exploits are out there for fans, and opposing coaches and media to see, it seems strange. It also seems strange that often the recruit "blows up" after the season and even before all the summer camps.

BG: Look, football recruiting is not an exact science and there is definitely a herd mentality among coaches. Tavion Thomas hasn't carried a football since last November, so his film has not changed at all. Once a college coach steps out and offers, you will see the pack following suit many times. I liked Xavier Peters a lot, and couldn't understand why he didn't have a lot of offers. Once he grabbed one or two, I knew the pack would follow along, which is why I said he would get a ton of offers when he only had two. The same thing is happening with Tyler Bentley and Meechie Harris right now. Also, since "offers" really mean nothing anymore there's no harm in "offering" a kid as a camp invitation. There are all sorts of funny things that happen and I just shake my head at a lot of this stuff. I love Chris Ash, and think he's a great coach, but to see Rutgers offer Jaelen Gill a scholarship this week was hilarious to me. Like was he going to call off his announcement in 48 hours to squeeze in a visit to New Jersey? Like there was a 1% chance he would ever go to Rutgers? Why offer 48 hours before the kid announces? Don't you just look foolish to everyone? Again, this is not an exact science and my short answer to this would be the herd mentality in offering. 

tucker1s: Knowing of your fondness for golf, why don't you start a thread where everyone can post their favorite golf stories.  Especially now, during the off season, i surmise there would be a never ending collection of fun and interesting stories.  I know I have two or three, myself.

BG: That's a great suggestion and I think I will do that. I've told a few on myself that are real doozies. The first time I went to the Masters I was there early in the morning, and I wanted to put my chair down on the 8th tee box to watch guys hit drives into the par-5. It's a beautiful view, and you have to avoid the traps on the right. Not knowing that at the Masters your spot is your spot all day long, I asked a marshal if I could leave my chair here and go walk around. He told me: "Son, you can leave your chair right here, with your wallet, your car keys and your money on the chair. Everything will be right there when you come back, even if it's eight hours from now. You're at Augusta National sir, not in New York City." The guy was about 90-years old with a thick southern drawl, and that made all of us crack up. 

cjdjbucknuts: Does Micah Potter's brother have/get offered and do they get him? What are your thoughts on him?

BG: I really, really like this kid, and he's only a sophomore so he has two more high school seasons left to play. I think he is Ohio State material, and definitely think he wants to be a Buckeye. This is a kid that's going to get a ton of offers as people see him in person this spring and in summer camps. Noah Potter will be one of the top 2019 prospects in Ohio for the class of 2019. Bank That. 

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