TE Irizarry impressing

TE Louis Irizarry is living up to expectations so far, says tight ends coach Bill Conley.

Hype is something that all of Ohio State's incoming recruits have every year, and tight end Louis Irizarry is no exception.

Irizarry came in touted as the best high school tight end in Ohio in recent memory, and so far, he hasn't disappointed.

"Louis Irizarry is a tremendous tight end," said tight ends coach Bill Conley. "He can run like a wideout, and he really is very quick getting into his blocks."

Louis has seen early playing time at Ohio State, but he is still working hard on getting his blocking down. Coach Conley has no worries about that.

"He is going to be a very good blocker here as he gets stronger in the weight room and in the weight program," Coach Conley said. "It will make him even that much better."

Coach Conley indicated that Louis holding his blocks is something that will be key for Louis.

"Well, that is the difference at the college level," he said. "I think you have to maintain blocks, and the word we use on the offensive part of it is called finish. You have to finish your blocks, so, you know, those guys get in there and they get their hands in there and get their feet moving and keep their pads down, and that takes a while to get the technique mastered, but once Louis gets that mastered, he'll be really good."

Either way, Louis Irizarry is as advertised.

"He is extremely talented," Coach Conley said. "He is one of the most talented tight ends I have seen in the Big Ten in a long time for a young guy."

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