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Bank Bag: Spring Football Edition

Ohio State is looking like a solid national title contender in 2017 and spring football is under way. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers.

bucks78: What was the big change that got you into the eighties? I'm having a nightmare taking my game from the range to the course. How these pros can stay relaxed with millions on the line totally amazes me.

BG: Great question and I have a two-part answer. First off, follow the Hank Haney rules. #1- No penalty shots. You MUST, MUST, MUST keep the ball on the course. The score gets high enough on shots you hit, so no penalty shots. #2- No double chips from 50 yards and in. You MUST, MUST, MUST get the ball on the green from that close. However you have to do that. #3- No three-putts. Zero. None. These three rules took me miles on my score, without really hitting the ball all that better or further. The second part of this would be the Vernon Shazier (Ryan's dad) rule, and that is to THINK before you pull a club. I would be 275 yards out with water on the right and OB to the left, but still pull out a 3-wood and hit it into trouble. One out of five might be good. Vernon taught me to play a 7-iron down to the 125-yard mark. Put a wedge on the green, and either make the putt for par or tap in the bogey. But no water. No trouble. No issues. I could be 180 yards out with a tree in front of me, and instead of trying to hit a hero shot, he would have me hit a wedge over the tree to 75 yards out. Then hit the green and either make the par putt or tap in the bogey. When you eliminate doubles and triples, you should be able to break 90. Follow the Haney rules and the Shazier rules, and I guarantee you a better score. Spend more time finding a drive that hits the fairway, chips that are dead from 50 yards, and work on your putting so there are no 3-putts. Spend less time on the range hitting irons. 

victor64: I feel like a a toddler that needs to be comforted. Listening to Urban, I just don't get the impression that he is going to give Wilson the freedom to play call as he chooses. Is Meyer that much of a control freak? Dobbins sure passes the look test. Could he be number 2? Without details, is there concern for Gerald's well-being? I saw Dylan Thompson in the video yesterday. Might he survive? Any chance Haubell does not gray shirt and wins the kicking job?

BG: Urban Meyer has won three titles, and you can't do that being a dummy. I think he knows the coaching cost Ohio State dearly the past two seasons, and he went about changing that as he walked off the field after the Clemson game. I think he knows he was spread too thin personally, trying to be head coach and offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. I have no doubt in my mind he was glad to give the offense to Kevin Wilson, the quarterback job to Ryan Day, and now he can get back to being a great head coach. I really like J.K. Dobbins a lot and think he gets meaningful touches this season. I don't want to say much on Tyler Gerald, because I would only be guessing on what I think happened here. I do think he's a good kid who might have felt a lot of pressure playing football at this level. I would be surprised if Dylan Thompson contributes much at all, but I've been wrong before. They need a kicker, a real, live, honest-to-goodness kicker. This is a championship type season. Go with the best guy, no matter who that is. 

bavoss22: Can you tell us why JoJo Scates didn't get the offer you thought he would get? Was it a personality thing? Grades?  Do you think OSU can land Thomas without Scates? Do you think OSU will still offer Scates in the future? Do you think he would wait?

BG: I think they want to see more out of Joe, and try to develop a closer relationship with him over the coming months to get to know him better. I think Ohio State CAN land Thomas without Scates, but I can definitely see a scenario where they go to Alabama or LSU together. I think Ohio State could offer Scates down the road, as they feel comfortable with him as a player and as a person. Anymore there's nothing to worry about with kids waiting or not. They get new offers two weeks before Signing Day and decommit from the school they've been with for a year. It's just so early right now, with Signing Day still almost a year away. 

ebraun84: Bill, A few other outlets are saying Taron Vincent is indeed visiting Columbus during his spring break in mid-March. However, some say that FSU has a slight lead at this point and he's taking this visit to give OSU "one last shot" to convince him not to go to FSU, and if they don't he'll be a Nole. What are you hearing about Vincent. Does the relationship and lead Larry Johnson and the Buckeyes have seemingly had for a few years win out here? Or, are you worried FSU might sneak in and win this battle?

BG: My contact on the ground in Florida feels Ohio State leads for Vincent, but that Florida State and Jimbo Fisher are right there. He think these two schools are it. Larry Johnson DOES have a great relationship with this kid and I'm favoring Ohio State to win this one, but the kid becoming a Seminole is definitely possible. Getting him back on campus is huge for Urban and Johnson, and I think they can lock him down. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: So, who is the next commit?

BG: I still think is going to be an in-state guy, so maybe Aeneas Hawkins, Dallas Gant, Chris Oats, Tyreke Smith or Jack Carman. I had no clue Jaelen Gill was going to commit when he did, although I felt all along he was going to be in the class. I think they would love to see the in-state kids jump on board, so they could build momentum and be free to go chase the high rated national guys. 

mancow3: Any chance we see a FR starter this year?

BG: These guys are so talented and there are open spots, so it would not shock me at all if one of the freshmen ended up a starter. The top candidates to start would be Jeffrey Okudah, Shaun Wade, Wyatt Davis or Baron Browning. Ideally, you don't want to start freshmen in a possible title run but the best players are going to be out on that field. There's no seniority rules at Ohio State, so nobody gets handed anything just based off years in the program. Michael Jordan did it last year and was really good, so it can happen again. 

tridentawc: Michael Jordan, do you see him remaining at guard for his entire Buckeye career or is there a chance he could move to tackle in the future? Who in your opinion is the first Buckeye to come off the draft board in April and which team claims him?

BG: I think Jordan is so talented that he could play any of the five spots on the line. There is a need at tackle, so I think he makes that move at some point and it could be after Jamarco Jones leaves. I think it would be easier for Wyatt Davis or Josh Myers to play inside, with the more experienced Jordan sliding outside in 2018. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Who will have the better three year career, Joey or Nick Bosa? Based on what you know today is Urban Meyer the HC at Ohio State on March 8, 2027? Do you feel aid Tom Herman can bring a National Title to Texas?

BG: It's just so hard to imagine a better player than Joey, but Nick just might be as good. They're different type players, but both are extremely talented. I'm sticking with Joey for now, but Nick could totally blow up this season. How do you keep him off the field? Even with Tyquan Lewis and Sam Hubbard back. Tough to say on Urban, and I sure don't see him coaching ten more years. This job is so demanding, and he's already had one health scare. But maybe he gets this program on cruise control, Saban retires, and Urban looks to chase Nick in the record books? Just no way to know for sure. I think Texas has the talent to challenge for the Big-12 title this year, and that just might put him into the playoffs. There is a ton of talent at Texas that Charlie Strong recruited, so Herman is taking over a pretty stocked pantry. Maybe he wins in 2017? 

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