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Bank Bag: Late March Edition

Baseball is close to starting, the NCAA tournament has reached the Sweet Sixteen and Ohio State is in the middle of spring football. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on all those topics and more.

RyanMcGlade: Which way do you think L'Christian Smith is leaning? Football or basketball?

BG: Feel pretty strongly it's going to be football, but not so sure it ends up being at Ohio State.

OleFlaBuck: Of all the great players in this 2017 class who do you think makes the biggest contribution down the road, and who gets drafted the highest after their buckeye careers are over?

BG: Great questions. I'm guessing that Jeffrey Okudah has a Malik Hooker type impact and becomes an All-American one day. As for draft prospects, the NFL loves playmakers so I'm going to go with Trevon Grimes as the highest drafted player in the class. 

buckeyebones: Prayers to you and your mom Bill. In her honor tell us how she influenced you in sports and school. Is she a fan? Any funny stories about you and your mom regarding sports?

BG: She was the typical sports mom, and I guess she would be called a soccer mom today. She was not an athlete, but was a great supporter of her kids. Today it's her great grandkids, after it became her grandkids earlier. She does love sports, and watches the Buckeyes, the Tribe and the Cavs. True story: she wanted to see Cleveland win a championship before she died so she had a lot invested in the Cavs last year. So much so that she could not watch the seventh game out of fear of them losing. She got the score the next morning and was thrilled. And she is progressing great today from some recent health issues, so thanks to all of you for asking about her and praying for her.

badlandsbuck: Bill who are the Top 5 Ohio Prospects forOhio St currently and who are your Top 5 personally from Ohio?

BG: The nature of the sport being what it is, you have to have the stud QB and they have one in Emory Jones. With RB depth being slim, I love adding Snead, Gill and one more. Jack Carman is probably at the top of their wish list as a great left tackle. Since they skipped tight end last year, I think Jeremy Ruckert is high on the board. And they love pass rushers, so Micah Parsons is also a wanted recruit. From Ohio, I have Carman at the top. Then Gill, Gant. Xavier Henderson and Trenton Gillison in whatever order. Chris Oats and Tyreke Smith would be in there as well.

victor64: Thoughts on the NBA sitting players? Knox has the early lead for the OL spot. Do you think he can hold Pridgeon off? Is it too early for any Buck player to emerge as a breakout player? Who might that be? Read a great article about Mumford on another site. HIs academics and off field family stuff may still be a concern. Does his talent trump the concerns?

BG: I hate the "new" NBA, and sitting out games is BS. Go to work and do your job. It's just one more reason why LeBron isn't Michael, and can never be Michael. In Michael Jordan's final season in the NBA, he was nearly 40-years old and playing for the Washington Wizards. He played ALL 82 games that year. In the six years the Bulls won the NBA titles, Jordan played in all 82 games four times, and the other two years were 80 and 78. These girls need to man up and not cheat their paying fans. 

Until I see Pridgeon and Knox in action this spring that's hard to say. They had Knox as their sixth guy last year, although we saw how that worked out. My breakout player for this year just might be Binjimen Victor. Regarding Thayer Munford, there are issues of concern. I just like the kid so much that I want it to go well for him. He's a very nice kid and easy to root for. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Any update on the number of recruits for spring game? Will Grimes be 100% recovered when he arrives in June? Will Ohio State have a 1,000 yard receiver this season? You have mentioned the Buckeyes are in good shape for the Ohio guys. When will the commitment dam break for those guys?

BG: I know Jack Carman is coming to the spring game, and that's a plus every time they can get him on campus. Will update others as we get closer. Need to dig into Trevon Grimes and his injury, and I think they're targeting fall for 100%. With the 12-game schedule, Big Ten title game, and two playoff games coming, YES there will be a 1,000 receiver this year. The Ohio guys are all supremely talented, but that means they get recruited by all the national powers. They are all enjoying the attention, so it's tough to say when things might break loose. Usually it's after the spring game. 

Coors73:  What are your thoughts on Worley moving to MLB?  Sounds to me like Schiano just wants his best three on the field when they're not in nickle.  How about Alabi moving to LT?  I've heard some positive stuff but a DL moving to OLT seems like a stretch (at best).  To me it says a lot about what OSU thinks they have behind the starters.  Not much.

BG: Worley definitely has the mindset and attitude to play the middle. Can he hold up physically? We shall see, but I can see it working. I agree about Schiano wanting his best three LB's on the field, and that's the right call I believe. I wrote that Alabi was a huge reach when he committed, and I've seen nothing to make me revisit that at all. 

bobosu: Bill your in the know on the players. I really think ,that most of the Football gurus. I have talked to, think that Shaun Wade will be the biggest suprise and best DB of the new group. They also felt sometimes, like the DB from Texas that played at Blinn ,has great speed. But sometimes athletes depend on their speed more than other important aspect of being a DB,your thoughts? I think we all know Alabama wanted Wade alot.

BG: I like Sheffield as an instant starter and more advanced physically than Wade is today. I see Sheffield as a one-and-done, while Wade will be at Ohio State at least three years. These guys are both amazing athletes that should have great careers, and head to the NFL. I think both are very fast, but also have the necessary technique and skill set to be great players. Love both. 

tforaker2: Random question, have you ever been to Curaçao? My wife and I went there for our honeymoon and their golf course was really cool, with spectacular views. Would highly recommend that island as it is a Carribean gem. Do you have Emory Jones sticking? Sounds like we were lucky to have Schiano for another year? Would it be a pipe dream to have him for a 3rd? If not, who would replace him? I'm hoping it's not Bill Davis, the guy is used to running 3-4 defenses and I just wouldn't be crazy about the hire.. How long do you think Kevin Wilson stays?

BG: Never been to Curacao, but you've peaked my interest. I do have Emory Jones sticking with Ohio State, but I would keep an eye on Kirby Smart and Georgia. I love Schiano, and know he wants to be a head coach, but he won't just jump at any job. You just never know what he will find as a great job that gets offered to him. I'm in the wait-and-see mode with Davis as well. He has a strong NFL resume, but it is as a 3-4 guy. I do think he will be Schiano's replacement if/when he leaves Ohio State. Gotta see how far Kevin Wilson has to drop back to be a head coach again. Would he go to Akron? Would he go to an NC State? Could he get a Vanderbilt? He wants to be a head coach, and might not be as selective as Schiano. We have to see what he can get.

rdsbucks: There may not be a lot you can say and you do not need to say anything or even use this question if you don't want but...are the issues Zeke has had since leaving OSU a surprise to you? Or were there things that happened at OSU that made you think being in the NFL was only going to make things more challenging for him?

BG: Let's say first that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT see Zeke Elliott as a bad person at all. But he is a fun loving kid, and he has a lot of growing up to do. Most of his issues are just stupid, like lifting the girls top up, or going into the marijuana shop in Seattle. I do not see him as a sexual abuser at all, or a bad guy at all. He just does high school things, and he's an NFL player. He's going to be in the news a lot going forward, so he needs to grow up and THINK before he acts about what the consequences might be. 

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