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Pat Elflein Discussed At OSU's Pro Day How He Has Better Prepared His Body For The NFL

Former Ohio State center Pat Elflein explained after his Pro Day workout on Thursday how LeCharles Bentley helped him transform his body as his NFL career looms.

In late February, photos revealing former Ohio State center Pat Elflein’s body transformation were released. Interestingly enough, former OSU offensive lineman and NFL pro-bowl center and guard LeCharles Bentley was the man behind Elflein’s training.

In 2008, Bentley founded the O-line Performance, a clinic located in Chandler, Ariz., that is specifically designed solely around the needs of NFL offensive linemen.

Elflein said Thursday after his Pro Day workout at Ohio State that training with Bentley has taught him how crucial the diet aspect of the body transformation is. 

“The main thing I’ve gotten from working with him is the diet, how to eat, how to eat right, how to eat during the season and how that really affects your body," Elflein said. "There’s 30 NFL veterans in there so just picking those guys’ brains is incredible. I don’t think there’s another place in the country like it. Everything is tailored toward offensive linemen so it’s prefect. 

“It’s all diet. Diet, obviously training hard with a great trainer and a great coach in LeCharles Bentley. It’s just all about the way you eat, what you put into your body and training hard."

The key to Elflein's diet has been limiting carbohydrates and cutting out sugar. 

“Low carbohydrates, high fat, moderate protein, it’s the quickest way to get leaner without restricting your calories so you can eat as much as you want," Elflein said. "Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat but you get leaner. You’ve just got to watch the carbs and no sugar either.”    

Though his weight hasn’t changed all that much – he said he’ still around 300 – his physique has. 

“I’m a similar weight, just got leaner and put on a little more muscle,” Elflein said. “I feel great.”  

While OSU sports performance coach Mickey Marotti runs one of the best strength and conditioning programs in the country, Elflein noted that it was hard to dedicate as much time to training when he was a student-athlete compared to now when all of his focus is on football.

“It’s a little tougher when you’re here (in college),” Elflein said. “When I’m out in Arizona training, that’s all I do. I make sure every meal I put in my body is the right meal, and I go to the gym and I work out as hard as I can and that’s my day. Here, you’ve got school, you’ve got tutoring. Not that practice is anything bad, but you just have so many things to worry about. Where when you’re training, I work out and I eat really well and that’s my only job. So that’s why you can just focus on that and it helps.” 

And focusing solely on football is something Elflein relishes. 

“I love it,” he said. “It’s your job so you want to put as much effort into it as you can, stay employed as long as you can and set yourself up for the best career you can. So that’s what I’m doing down there in Arizona. Just always working towards a goal and doing everything you can to set yourself up.” 

As every person who has been on a diet knows, you’ve got to have a cheat meal every now and then. That is no different with Elflein.

“I’ve had a couple cheat meals - Roosters," he said while sporting a grin. "I’ll be your wing man.”

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