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Pat Elflein Used Pro Day As Another Chance To Show His Skills

Former Ohio State center Pat Elflein used Thursday’s pro day as another opportunity to show NFL representatives his abilities.

A pro day can sometimes serve as an opportunity for college football players who did not participate in the NFL combine to show league coaches, general managers, scouts and the like what all they can do on the field one final time before the NFL draft.

Seeing as former Ohio State center Pat Elflein competed in this year’s NFL combine, which lasted from Feb. 28 through March 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, he used Ohio State’s pro day on Thursday as an additional platform to display his talents to NFL staffers.

“Today was just another chance to show what I’ve got, show what I’m made of,” Elflein said Thursday after his workout. “It was just another chance to get in front of some coaches and do some drills and, like I said, show off who Pat Elflein is and what I’m about.” 

Additionally, Elflein saw his pro day as one final chance to take the field with former OSU teammates who are also striving for an NFL career.  

“It was really fun to get back with your teammates and your guys and compete with them again,” said Elflein, who was a Buckeye for five years. “So we were all in the locker room getting ready, getting hyped, doing the bench, all of that inside the weight room. So it was fun just to get back with those guys and compete one last time together.” 

The Pickerington, Ohio, native was the only former OSU offensive lineman participating in the pro day, and therefore was the only one competing during his position group’s session. 

“It was a little more nerve racking here because it was so close-quarters and I was the only one doing anything at my time,” Elflein said. “But you got locked into game mode when you’re going so I kind of blocked all of that out once I started rolling with it.”    

While there were some nerves, Elflein noted that attending the NFL combine helped reduce anxiety he had for the pro day, which he prepared for like he would do so for a game. 

“I was really excited,” he said. “I was treating it like a game pretty much, showing up and it’s time to rock and roll. Because I already did the combine, it wasn’t as stressful. It was still a high-tense situation and it was like game day.”

So for someone who participated at the combine and has more than enough film available for NFL representatives to study, why was pro day important to Elflein?  

“Come out and do it again, be consistent,” he said. “Seeing that you can come out and compete and perform well again and it’s just another chance for them (NFL staff) to get eyes on you. So it’s another chance to do something better than the combine or prove something that’s not on film and prove it here. It’s just another chance to showcase your skills.” 

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