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Bank Bag: Late March Edition Part-Two

Baseball is close to starting, the NCAA tournament has reached the Sweet Sixteen and Ohio State is in the middle of spring football. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on all those topics and more. Here is Part-Two

mrbigbux: If you are the IU AD and your goal is to win multiple NCAA basketball championships who do you go after hard (someone you have a realistic chance of getting).

BG: I think the guy they need the most is not Steve Alford, who might be the home-state hero, but rather Gregg Marshall from Wichita State. I think Marshall is as good as any coach in the country, and I think he would be amazing at a blue-blood program. If I couldn't get him, and I don't see any reason why they can't, then I'm looking to Archie Miller or Chris Mack. I think Tony Bennett is a good coach, but a bad fit for Indiana. I think Mack is who they will get, because he is today's "hot" guy, but I like Marshall a lot more. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: Anything to the Zamir White smoke I have read about on some other sites?

BG: I sure don't think so at all. And I don't think Ohio State feels they can land him either. I don't see him jumping in to compete with Snead and Gill in the same recruiting class. Let's see if he shows up in the next few months and go from there, but for now I have him as a no-chance. 

dirtysouthbucks: How many LBs we taking in 2018?  Any idea who we end up with?  I'm hoping gant and oats; now that gaoteote is off the board not sure where we turn for an ILB.  any thoughts on Michael harris, the LB from Georgia who apparently is hot to trot for an OSU offer?

BG: I think they will take three, and they feel good about Dallas Gant and Chris Oats. Not quite willing to write off Gaoteote just yet. Don't know too much about Harris right now, to be honest. They definitely need a true Mike backer in this class, and they definitely thought it was going to be Gaoteote who told Urban Meyer he was coming several times. Hate to sound like a broken record, but it's very early in recruiting. 

fairfax1: Still early but Micah Parsons, do you think he ends up a Buckeye?

BG: I think Ohio State definitely has a shot, but it's tough to figure out these guys that love to troll different fan bases and are pure game-players. This guy will probably be a side show right up to National Signing Day. I say sit back and watch the show, then see who gets the fax. 

buckeyebones: In your program, what are some of the key things you would do to foster comfort and relationships with the recruits you want?

BG: Recruiting is salesmanship 101. And like in sales, you better know what your customer wants most or you aren't getting the purchase order. Number-one, you need to know who the decision maker is. Is it the kid himself? The 7on7 coach? The mom? The high school coach? You'd better get to know the decision maker extremely well, and know what their top priority is. Is it the NFL? (Most likely). How can you get him there better than Alabama or Clemson can? Is distance a killer? If it is, you have a problem, but it can be overcome. The best thing you can do with a recruit is to get him to like you and trust you. You're the guy who's going to make his dreams come true. And he needs to know that without any doubt. You have to make him comfortable with the fact that you are looking out for his best interests for the next four years, and you are going to get him to where he wants to be better than anyone else can. 

fairfax1: Hankins or Burrow, who do you think will backup Burrow? 

BG: Everything is sure pointing towards Haskins, but I think Burrow has a chance to be really, really special. In order to prevent either from transferring, I would keep both of them as equal until the season started. I would not name a backup until after the season opener, to make both guys think they are next in line behind J.T. Barrett. Once the season starts, the current year is gone so if one transfers in September they will basically have to sit out two years.

HINYG8: Who are your candidates for next season's Malik Hooker award...guys who were previously somewhat unheralded/low key but then their game just comes together and they own their role? Will we see Kevin Wilson's impact right from go against IU, or will there be a learning curve and we won't see the offense start to hit on all cylinders until much later in the season? Also, do you think he has a grudge against IU and will be motivated to blow their doors off in the opener?

BG: I could see guys like Binjimen Victor, Demetrius Knox, Jake Hausmann, Jalyn Holmes, Dre'Mont Jones, Erick Smith and Damon Arnette taking that next step and forcing their way into the lineup. These are guys that appear to have talent but have been hurt by injuries or being blocked by an All-American. I think Kevin Wilson will make an impact instantly, and I think it will be noticeable once they play a tough game. Ohio State under Meyer has always been able to destroy weaker teams and look good doing it. I think we will see Wilson's impact in the big games, where the past few years we've seen them pucker up and fold too often. We should see more in tough spots than just run the QB behind 10 blockers and pray. This team will need to be able to throw the football to win the national title, and I think Wilson can make that happen. As for Indiana, I would think Wilson has to feel a little miffed at how things went down, so he might want to send a message. 

bucksoup: Can you answer an eligibility question? On another site, I read that JT graduated in December and is now taking 2 online courses. He states he is focused solely on football. During the season isn't there a requirement to be a full-time student? I'm not picking on JT specifically but the whole "student-athlete" concerns seem a little out of whack if there is such an obvious disregard for education. It doesn't seem as difficult to balance class and team work in this type of scenario.

BG: I really don't know that answer, and don't want to guess. The opportunity is definitely there to either make the most of the educational opportunities available for all of these guys, or not. I do not know Barrett's situation completely, but I'm sure getting an Ohio State degree completed a goal for him. I'm sure football is his highest priority right now, as this is a make or break year in terms of possibly having an NFL career. It makes sense to me that he would put everything he has into this season, because this is it for him. I think by already having his degree, Barrett has put himself in this situation.

joebuckeye:  If our offensive coaching staff remained the same as last year, would JT still be at OSU? Taron Vincent, is he a Buckeye or a 'nole? 

BG: Great question on Barrett, and I think the answer is Yes. The better question is how excited is Kevin Wilson to work with Barrett? Does he believe in Barrett? Did Meyer even consult him on bringing him back? I don't think Barrett had any shot at heading to the NFL successfully, and he knew that. Where could he have transferred where he would be the unquestioned starter? That's a tough one to answer. I think one more visit will keep Ohio State ahead of Florida State for Taron Vincent. 

Sports509: Do you see any corolation between Ohio State not taking as many Ohio kids and improvement in the BIG? Thoughts on why Ohio football has been down for a couple years?

BG: I don't see any connection on the Ohio kids at all, and the Big Ten. The school that recruits Ohio the most would be Michigan State, and they were terrible last year. Tough to answer why Ohio football took a nosedive, but it definitely did. Both in terms of number of D-I signees, and in quality at the top. The 2018 class is awesome and more of how it used to be. Gotta see if that continues for 2019 and 2020. 

EncyclopedicBuck: In your opinion, the greatest college football player in history, regardless of position.  What happened to Fostoria in Ohio high school football? They used to be a NW Ohio powerhouse for many decades, now they play in a league with the likes of Milbury Lake, Tontogony Otsego and a bunch of other no-names that people outside of NW Ohio have never heard of. Maybe just one step above the D-VII league the Toledo Area Athletic Conf. I mean they used to have some studs and always played in the top conferences in that part of Ohio. RB Casey McBeth, who played for Saban at Toledo, Damon Moore and his brother Clayton well before him, Mr. Football QB Derek Kidwell, DB Micah Hyde and many other players on outstanding Redmen teams. I used to go all over the place and watch Fostoria play, just like I have w/ Toledo Central Catholic, Fremont Ross, Whitmer, Findlay and way back in the late-80's with the great RB Chuck Webb of Toledo Macomber (Tennessee). I miss "Fo-Town" being relevant.

BG: Impossible answer for the greatest college football player, but a guy like Charles Woodson comes to mind. He was the best Ohio high school player I've ever seen, and he was awesome in college and in the pros as well. I always thought Herschel Walker was a cut above Bo Jackson in college, but those guys were unstoppable as runningbacks. No clue what happened to Fostoria, but I agree they were a powerhouse not too long ago. 

Barnaclo15: Whos the uncommitted kid that is heavily recruiting FOR the Buckeyes? I know there is talk that alot of the In State kids are IN, they have to be in contact with each other and just curious who the ring leader is.

BG: Not sure I can answer that one. I know most kids felt Jaelen Gill was IN long before he committed, and most of the guys think Jack Carman is IN as well. It's hard to recruit other kids as an uncommitted recruit, and it's also hard for committed kids to do the recruiting. The coaches have to do the heavy lifting, and if they aren't, you're not going to be able to depend on other high school kids to do your job. 

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