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Urban Meyer Said Committed Quarterbacks Taking Visits Elsewhere Is A 'Sensitive Subject'

Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer explained Tuesday how he and his staff balance committed quarterbacks taking visits to other colleges.

Heard County, Ga., quarterback Emory Jones, who has been committed to Ohio State since July 2016, visited Alabama on March 25. 

Three days later, OSU head coach Urban Meyer was asked how he and his staff generally handle committed quarterbacks taking visits to other campuses.     

“It’s real sensitive because that’s that one position where you take one,” Meyer said Tuesday. “If it’s a receiver, you take two or three anyways. That’s a very sensitive subject and that’s one of the negatives of early signing and all that when that kind of stuff happens. I think we’ll be fine.”

Since Meyer took over as the Buckeyes’ head coach prior to the 2012 season, he has noticed a distinct trend when it comes to recruiting quarterbacks.  

“That position for some reason, especially in the last five years, they’re committing so early that all the top guys have pretty much said where they’re going,” Meyer said. “That’s tough on a school that’s involved with some changes. But you can’t say, ‘Here is a template and we do it this way.’ It depends on the situation, the young man and all that.” 

With high school signal callers announcing their pledges earlier and earlier, Meyer noted that he and his staff have had to alter when they begin pursuing them. 

“We do it much earlier,” Meyer said, referring to recruiting quarterbacks. “When I first got here, I tried to get two quarterbacks to come to camp so I could at least see them throw one time. And they committed elsewhere right off the spot, I mean, right out of the get-go. We got J.T. (Barrett) so it worked out OK. It’s just much earlier than it’s ever been,”

If he had it his way, Meyer would like to wait until quarterbacks’ high school careers are finished before going after them.  

“I love to see quarterbacks play their senior year and go recruit them,” he said. “Those days are so far gone because they’re committing so early now.”

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