Recruiting Update - Kyle Mitchum

PA blue-chipper Kyle Mitchum was scheduled to come down to the OSU game this past weekend, but getting home late from his Friday night game prevented it from happening. We spoke with Kyle's coach Jon Cacchione for the latest news.

Pennsylvania standout OL/DL Kyle Mitchum has wanted to get to Ohio State to see a game each of the past two weekends, but he hasn't made it down either time. We caught up with Erie McDowell Coach Jon Cacchione for the latest.

"No, we did not make it," the coach said. "We got home from our game at 3:30 am Saturday morning. We would have had to leave at 6:30 to get there."

Kyle's game was four hours away, but interestingly enough, it was still a league game.

"We've got 2200 students -- 1100 boys -- and we don't want to schedule a game against smaller opponents," Coach Cacchione said. "Our league is in a very large geographic area."

Coach Cacchione said Kyle has been invited to come to every game by the OSU coaches, but he won't make the big game this weekend against NC State.

"We can't come this Saturday because we have a game on Saturday," he said. "We're looking to come the following home game after that."

We've said in the past that Kyle had his list down to ten, but Coach Cacchione said it may be down even further.

"I think it's closer to five actually," he said. "Ohio State is on top obviously, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee, and Miami. He still will visit Miami; it's the only place he hasn't been yet."

The coach said that everything seems good at OSU.

"He loves it at Ohio State," Coach Cacchione said. "There's nothing he can find wrong at Ohio State. I think it's a good fit."

Will OSU's possible preference of DT make a difference? It doesn't look like it.

"It does not matter to Kyle," said the coach.

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