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Players And Their Families Willing To Pay Tuition Shows Love For Ohio State

With scholarships being a routine numbers crunch for the Buckeyes, players and their families are willing to pay for tuition.

One of college football’s most storied programs resides in Columbus, Ohio. Players from all over the country and world (i.e. former Ohio State punter Cameron Johnston, who is from Australia) come to OSU to compete on the college gridiron.

With that, the conundrum of the scholarship limit sometimes presents itself to the Buckeye staff. A maximum of 85 scholarships can be given out each season. At various moments throughout a year, however, there may be more than 85 players on the roster (excluding walk-ons), which means some student-athletes have to pay for their tuition.       

OSU head coach Urban Meyer and his staff ran into this situation with three players who enrolled in January. There was a possibility that offensive lineman Josh Myers, wide receiver Brendon White and cornerback Marcus Williamson would not have scholarships this spring.

“I met with all three families and I said, ‘There’s a couple options here,’” Meyer said Tuesday. “Because the only way you’re allowed to come in January is if someone graduates. I didn’t want to have that conversation with them in December and they’re all good people, I know them very well. 

“We said, ‘Here’s our options: delay until June because then you’ll be fine or come in January and pay your own way.’ And every one of them to a person said, ‘Coach, we’re fine. We want to come in early, we love Ohio State, you guys have been great to us.’ And they said, ‘We’re going to pay our own way.’”

Due to players graduating, transferring or declaring for the NFL, two of the three aforementioned early enrollees were able to receive scholarships, Meyer added, meaning only one had to pay for his tuition. Aside from who was given scholarships and who has to pay, the fact that all three families were willing to sacrifice speaks to the level of passion they have for Ohio State.   

“That’s unbelievable, but that’s a credit to those families,” Meyer said. “First of all, they appreciate our honesty and also their love of Ohio State and wanted to be here.”

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