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Bank Bag: Early April Edition

There is a lot going on in the sports world at this time, with baseball starting, the Masters underway, and of course Ohio State spring football. Bill Greene is here to answer questions on those topics and more from BSB subscribers.

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Is Emory Jones going to flip? At the end of the day what 3 linebackers are in the 2018 class? What receiver do you think is most likely going to get to 1,000 yards this year? Who is in the 2017 Big 10 title game?

BG: I have Emory Jones sticking with Ohio State at the end of the process, but because the kid wants to take visits and chase offers, there will be drama along the way. I think in-staters Chris Oats and Dallas Gant are In, and then maybe Xavier Peters. They will chase Gaoteote until the cows come home, because Luke Fickell had him IN. With Kevin Wilson's philosophy of spreading the ball around, nobody might see 1,000, but a bunch might get 700-yards. If someone does get there it could be Binjimen Victor. I have Ohio State going undefeated so I have them there. I think Wisconsin continues to dominate the other side, and I have them losing to the Buckeyes in the B-10 title game.

tforaker2: I'm not sold on Damon Arnette, but apparently he has made a lot of strides this off season. He was out of position so many times last season though. He was beat often deep. If he was the best we had at nickel, yikes...What am I missing with him? Why are you confident Taron Vincent's commitment is solid, especially considering he is a Florida kid? Other than golf, what other hobbies do you have? Are you into cars?

BG: I think Arnette can play, although he struggled in his first real shot at playing. But so did guys like Marshon Lattimore, Gareon Conley and Damon Webb. I think Arnette will be fine. The people I trust in Florida think it's all OSU for Vincent, so I'm going with that. As anyone on the site that knows me will tell you, I'm a really simple guy. Obviously addicted to golf, but aside from that I'm all about sports, family and friends. I have two grown kids that live close to me and we see each other all the time. I love my job and the contacts I've made from it as well. I'm the least informed car guy I know. I have a very non-complicated life and the less stress the better. I am a health nut, so I don't drink, watch what I eat, watch my weight and try to stay in the best shape possible. Staying younger as long as possible is a passion of mine. 

ohiostate2002nc: Whats up with RB Williams ??

BG: He was more of a fallback option when they lost Kareem Walker to Michigan. I've never heard much good about him since he's been at OSU. He is young and his film was OK, but he needs to get going soon. 

ohiostate2002: What is mike hill susp for ?

BG: I don't know a thing about Hill's situation at all. I can dig into it. 

dirtysouthbucks: do you see matthew jones out of Brooklyn as more DT or guard?  is he currently a take?

BG: I like him better as an O-lineman. I think Ohio State can get him if they push for him, but I'm not positive he's a taker right now. 

cgorange: It's been a week since Urban Meyer last recruited a 5 Star DT. Why can't Urban Meyer recruit better? Also, why doesn't Scout include a sarcasm font? But on a more serious question, what effect does the Vincent commitment have on the other IMG guys that Ohio State is recruiting -- Radley-Hiles, Griffith and Moore?

BG: I have a good friend that's close to IMG, and he is always telling me how great the relationship is between them and Urban Meyer. I think Ohio State can reasonably expect to compete with any school in the country for the IMG guys. I don't see them getting Radley-Hines. 

awhite991: What is going on at Michigan State? Is Dantonio in trouble? Is it as big a mess as it appears?

BG: Can't give specifics on MSU, but the information isn't all that hard to find. It's a bad situation and until the legal system plays out we don't know how bad this will become. If charges are filed and this goes to trial, it's going to be beyond ugly. There are other issues that aren't criminal, but are affecting that team greatly. That being said, I think Mark Dantonio is fine and I don't see this getting him fired at all. 

rdsbucks: Who wins this week in Augusta? And do you have a favorite hole there?

BG: I had Dustin Johnson winning, but now we are hearing about a back injury the day before the tournament starts. If he's not 100%, I'm going with Rory McIroy. I know all 18 holes well and can tell you the yardage and par of each by memory. Everyone loves the 12th, and rightfully so, but I love the 8th. It's an "easy" par-5 and there are lots of birdies made, but it's a beautiful look and I like watching guys shape tee shots to avoid the traps on the right. 

BuckinDC: After the season I believe you implied that Noah Brown's departure was related to whether or not JT was coming back. Have you heard anything else since then as to the reason Noah left early? There seem to be some other rumors/theories out there as to why he left. Anything you can comment on?

BG: For most of the guys that have left early the past few years, I thought they made good decisions. Two that I felt made poor choices were Jalin Marshall and Noah Brown. For Brown, he just didn't want to come back. Period. He did not want to play in an offense where Barrett was the QB, he also hated school and wanted more balls thrown his way. He has talent for sure, but another year in Kevin Wilson's offense would have made him a better player for the NFL. He didn't need to catch 60 passes to be more highly thought of, but he needed to be a better all-around wideout. 

bookiewookie: For a couple of weeks, Tavion Thomas was in the news regularly.  We have not heard much about him the last month or so.  Any updates?

BG: Tavion blew up a few months ago and really enjoys the recruiting process. After he got the OSU offer, I thought he was a lock to commit. But then he got Bama, USC, Texas and LSU, and his head was spinning as any younger player would be. I think the excitement is starting to wear off and I think Ohio State is back as the favorite once again. Not sure I see a commitment coming soon though. He does want to go to school with Joseph Scates, but I don't think that is a certainty. Tavion is seeing that those deals usually don't work out. 

Sports509: How does the state look football wise? Best team in Ohio high school going into 2017? Do you believe in a the hype for dline? Do you think Bosa will make the hall of fame or is he not the worker his brother is? 

BG: I think this senior class of players is the best in-state since the 2012 group. I'm not sure this means Ohio is getting back to being Ohio though. I think Pickerington Central will be very strong this season. I absolutely believe the hype for the D-line. When you have Chase Young and Jonathon Cooper as your third strong DE's, you are NFL good there. I continue to prop these D-tackles and I think that group really came on as the year progressed. You had Sprinkle and Hill as starters early in the year. Then throughout the year guys like Dre'Mont Jones, DaVon Hamilton and Robert Landers made their marks as contributors. They love Malik Barrow, who was out with an injury. When you have a dozen guys that can realistically be considered starters and future NFL types, you have a MONSTER defensive line. And guys like Bosa, Cooper, Young, Hamilton, Landers, Jones and Barrow are all very young and should be expected to improve a lot over the next year. In terms of depth, this is the best group of D-linemen I've ever seen at Ohio State. In terms of front line talent, it's very, very close to being the best. I'm still partial to the national championship group Tressel had, but those guys weren't as deep as this team. 

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