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Bank Bag: Early April Edition Part-II

There is a lot going on in the sports world at this time, with baseball starting, the Masters underway, and of course Ohio State spring football. Bill Greene is here to answer questions on those topics and more from BSB subscribers.

bobosu: Really intrigued with OSUs, D backs this year. I really would like your thoughts ? There are some players ready to step in to slots. .BUT the new recruits make this an amazing mix. You have a experienced JC recruit. But what if one of the stud DBs out performs him or one of the more experienced dbs? when you think this is perhaps the best recruitment of Defensive backs, things could get interesting and thats not counting God forbid injuries.  

BG: I don't really look at Ohio State as inexperienced as the stats show they are. Yes they lost three NFL guys, but Denzel Ward is ready to be a star, Kendall Sheffield might be a star, Damon Webb has a ton of experience, Damon Arnette got his feet wet last year and Jordan Fuller is basically forgotten. Add in Shaun Wade and Jeffrey Okudah, and I think this group will be just fine. This is a national championship year potentially, so the best players are going to play. Period. 

BuckeyeNatural: What chance is there do you think we take 4 LBs this class? sure seems like we are recruiting the position hard. Wouldn't surprise me if all three starter go pro after next year. Final answer on Dallas Gant, Buckeye?  You ready to re-think your questioning of the Malik Harrison offer yet? He looks to have the makings of a future Dude imo. I got him starting next year and becoming another Josh Perry type LB. DL is interesting as well, could you take a guess at how the class end up at that position for us? Can Leonard Taylor sneak in? He looks like he has some special unique potential to me, but with the ridiculously good DL class in Ohio next year it makes it even harder for him. I wonder more and more tho if he might grow into a stud OT. Thoughts?

BG: I could definitely see them taking four in this class, especially if they feel they have Gant and Oats on lock. I do think they get Dallas Gant. The reports are good on Malik Harrison, but I need to see him do something before I jump on that train. I'm still skeptical. They are chasing the Ohio guys, but have battles on their hands for Tyreke Smith and Aeneas Hawkins. With three DE's walking out the door next February, they need ends more than tackles. Leonard Taylor has talent, but there are questions on maturity and work ethic. Does he want to be great? I love your thought of Taylor as an offensive tackle, but don't think he would share our enthusiasm for playing there. 

Brickeye: Who have been the big standouts in spring thus far? Any surprises?

BG: I keep hearing that Eric Glover-Williams is making a ton of plays, but he has a tough path to playing time. Also hearing great things about Joey Burrow, which does not surprise me. Wish he would have gotten a shot against Clemson when it was apparent Barrett was awful. Also hearing great things about J.K. Dobbins, K.J. Hill, Damon Arnette and Jordan Fuller. 

NoKyBuck: What's up with Palaie Gaoteote?  Any chance? With the depth at RB how many do they take this year?  Who is at the top of the list?  Is Tavion Thomas still an option? DE is going to be a big need this year assuming several leave early.  How many will they take and who are the top candidates? What does Ohio look like for next year vs this year?  Better? Same? Not as good?

BG: I think there is a chance with Gaoteote, because it's still only spring but Fickell leaving might have really hurt with him. I think they will take three RB's in this class, with Gill as the third as a RB/WR. I think Tavion Thomas is now shaking the stars out of his eyes after the huge recruiting blowup, and I think OSU is in good shape with him. I think they need three defensive ends in this class, and they've always recruited that position well. They just offered John Waggoner and I know they like him a lot. He also thinks very highly of OSU, so he is one to keep an eye on. They want Tyreke Smith, of course, but that's going to be a battle. Right now, the 2019 class does not look nearly as strong as 2018 but it's still early to be making that call. 

quakerdevil: Thoughts on the Masters this weekend?

BG: My first thought is that Dustin Johnson needs to wear slippers in the house, especially since I have a $50 win ticket on him at 8-1 odds. Writing this on Friday morning, and I think Rory McIroy has things set up perfectly for him to stay in contention through Saturday then take it by the throat on the back nine Sunday afternoon. Don't like the body language of Jordan Spieth or Jason Day. This could be the year one of the Euro flops sneaks in as either Lee Westwood or Sergio Garcia could do it. But more than likely they will both gag again. I think Jon Rahm is young but scary. Justin Rose looks great, as does Phil Mickelson, and either of those two can win. Don't believe in Rickie Fowler or Justin Thomas. It will be decided late Sunday afternoon on the par-5's, and the 12th, as it always is every year. 

mrbigbux: Read an article in SI about 6'9" 394lb Daniel Faalele who is at IMG. Kid is chiseled - not fat. Came over from Australia in the last year and is just learning American football but already receiving offers/interest from major colleges. You have any insight on him? Know of any OSU interest?

BG: All I know is what I've read on Scout, and he sounds intriguing. With Ohio State's strong connections to the school, you know they will be evaluating him closely. 

drewsus: Are you taking the 2002 OSU class or 2013? Troy, Brax, Pryor, or JT...who are you taking to run the Urban Meyer offense this year? Is Taron Vincent in the same class as some of the other DT studs that OSU has missed out over the past few years (Wilkins, Lawrence, Beckner, etc)? Is he a day 1 starter? If Booker had remained healthy do you think he would have held off Jerome Baker? Given that Booker beat out Baker (who is a stud) should we be super excited to see Booker play this year? Or was it more of an experience/seniority thing that gave Booker the nod?

BG: I would take the 2013 class, and I really don't think it's all that close either. To run OSU's offense this year? I would go Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, Braxton, J.T. in that order. I don't think Vincent is quite as good as the guys you mentioned, but he just might be. Let's see him this year before deciding that. I do not see him starting Day One. I do not think Booker could have held off Jerome Baker, and I'm surprised he started off ahead of him. I've never been super excited about Booker because he never hits anyone and appears to be soft. He has AMAZING physical tools though, so I get why they like him. 

drewsus: Does Justin Hilliard ever make an impact at OSU? What are your expectations for Tracy Sprinkle this year? With the emergence of Jones and Landers opposite Hill can Sprinkle regain the starting role? What are your expectations for mich this year and do you see things getting a little turbulent for harbaugh (more so from a media perspective) if his record falls to 0-3 against OSU?

BG: Justin Hilliard has talent, but he's NEVER healthy. I see Sprinkle in the rotation and being a contributor, but I don't see him as a better player than Jones, Hamilton, Landers, Hill or Barrow. Think they all rotate and stay fresh. I think Michigan people have to be excited about their progress under Harbaugh. They missed the playoffs by six inches last year and lost to OSU in overtime on the road. I don't think expectations will be high this year, but they will be young and talented with an experienced QB. They will be really good in two years. I think people should be happy with what he's doing at Michigan. 

buckeyebones: How will Wilson utilize JT's running ability? What changes in performance / style do you expect out of JT with the new coaching influence? Will he be in NYC at the end of the season?

BG: Kevin Wilson likes to run the QB, so there is still a place for J.T.'s running ability in this offense. Now I don't think he will be stupid enough to make Barrett THE primary runner as Larry, Curly and Moe did last year, but having a mobile QB is something Wilson loves. I think a better offensive structure, better game-planning, better QB coaching, better play-calling and just having someone who's very smart offensively running the show makes Barrett a Heisman candidate. There is tremendous offensive talent at Ohio State, but last year saw three less than competent guys tripping all over each other and it killed that team's chances of competing in the playoffs. The first half against Clemson was a coaching clinic on how to not coach offense, and I don't think that cluster-mess will occur this year. In fact, I think they go from below average to genius overnight in offensive coaching. And that's why I have them going undefeated and winning it all. 

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