Bank Bag: Early April Edition Part-III

There is a lot going on in the sports world at this time, with baseball starting, the Masters underway, and of course Ohio State spring football. Bill Greene is here to answer questions on those topics and more from BSB subscribers.

bookiewookie: Can you think of a past NCAA Basketball Champion that was less impressive than UNC?

BG: I thought the tournament was awesome, and there was a lot of parity which caused nearly every game to come down to the last minute. But I agree with you that this Carolina team was nowhere near as good as last year's team. And I don't think this team played all that well in either Final Four game. With Boucher, Oregon beats them easily. Without Boucher, they still had a great shot with Carolina missing foul shots and not playing all that well the last few minutes. Their size was just too much in the last few offensive rebounds. I didn't think Gonzaga was all that great either, and they could have easily won it all as well. I didn't see anyone on the floor that the NBA would be all that interested in for either team. The Duke 2010 team was pretty awful as well, led by the great superstars Kyle Singler and Jon Scheuer. Butler should have beaten them that year as the Cinderella team. But you know what? Those banners hang just as high and make their fans just as proud as anyone else's banners, LOL. It doesn't seem that long ago that Ohio State was dominating Kansas at the half at the Final Four, and was on their way to the title game. Would love to see a change in the hoops program because I don't see them being anywhere near there again under Thad Matta. 

Coors73: Thanks again Bill.  Who are the five best high school football coaches in Ohio in the last 30 years?  Does Tiger ever win another major?

BG: It's so tough to start listing great coaches because you're going to leave people out that are glaring errors. And because I do recruiting 365 days per year I'm not a true Ohio football historian, and tend to concentrate on the bigger schools. I will always have Chuck Kyle at the top, and that will never change because he's still a great coach today. And he was great 30 years ago too. I love what Steve Specht does year after year at Cincinnati Xavier, and his teams are always so well prepared. A guy nobody knows, but a great coach, is Avon's Mike Elder. No list of great coaches can be complete without Brian White, of Hilliard Davidson. I love what Jay Minton does at Huber Heights Wayne, and would love to see him get his first state title because he's been so close. 

BG: Regarding Tiger, it's really tough to see him winning anything going forward. It's tough to envision him even competing week after week, and I wonder if the party is over for him. I think his body is broken, and he's not a young kid anymore. Add in some mental struggles, and it's really hard to see him ever being Tiger Woods again. I would love to see a big second act, but I don't think it's in the cards for him. 

350zjk: Who do we end up with from Ohio (with a gun to your head)? LOL!!

BG: Let's go with Dallas Gant, Jack Carman and Chris Oats as IN. Then we go to guys like Tavion Thomas and Aeneas Hawkins as highly probable. Then we look at Tyreke Smith and Blue Smith as guys they have to really fight for. Then we have to see if they offer guys like Xavier Henderson, Trent Gillison, Josh Whyle, Joseph Scates, Meechi Harris, Derek Kinnard, Xavier Peters, Tyler Bentley, or anyone else. You will NEVER hear me complain about their recruiting or their recruiting strategy at all, because all this talent speaks for itself. But the 2018 class would have been a great year to go full blown Jim Tressel and offer 14-15 of these guys and sweep the state. If they had offered most of the above early and gotten commitments, the momentum could have swept in the rest of these guys. And the above names would provide a great in-state base to build around. But even without any of the guys listed from Ohio, this is going to be a great class full of four and five star recruits. As it will be every year. 

EncyclopedicBuck: I know the name Art Schlichter is like a four letter word in the OSU athletic community, heck probably even in the whole state of Ohio, but I've always been puzzled as to where it all went wrong.  I read his book he wrote when he got out of prison several years back, and read one of Earle Bruce's books that talked a little about his gambling problems in college. Man, talk about a human train wreck! I don't know if you know him or his family. I'm quite certain Mark Rea knows him and his family. What went wrong with him? Some of his problems had to have been developed well before college. He's now serving at least his second 10-year prison sentence. I know if you do the crime, you must do the time, but I really do not think more prison time is the answer, he needs to do his time in a psychiatric facility. The countless lives he's ruined is nothing short of incredible. I'm a huge, huge fan of the history of Ohio high school football and basketball, and OSU football and basketball. He ranks up there as one of the greatest athletes in the history of this state and he threw it all down the drain. I know some people probably think addiction (of any kind) is funny, but if you've ever been around a very severe addict, there is nothing at all funny about it, diseases like gambling, alcohol and drug addiction ruin many, many lives!  He was one of my all-time favorite players in Ohio high school and college sports, mainly because of his time as the Buckeye staring QB in all four of his college seasons.I was wondering what your thoughts were on the questions I asked and this topic as a whole.

BG: Where do you start with him? We are close in age and I remember Art as a young kid. Good looking. Great athlete. Ohio State stud. Future NFL star. Who wouldn't want to trade places with him in 1980? Fast forward 10 years to a fat, bald, beaten down, con man who has ruined more lives than we can count on four hands. As someone who struggled with alcohol and gambling as a younger person, I can empathize with Art, but in the end you are responsible for the choices you make. I did not know Art, but I know someone who worked in the addiction field that knew Art and his ex-wife well. It's just a tragedy because he had it all and threw it away. He should be on top of the world today because he has the ability to make people like him and trust him, and when you use those qualities positively the world is yours. I don't claim to be an addiction expert, and it's a subject that's hard to understand. We've seen people make bad choices as young people that are devastating, Maurice Clarett comes to mind. But at some point, as people mature into adulthood, they learn how deal with their demons and go on to be productive people. I don't think that will ever happen for Art, who has to be approaching 60-years old at this point. 

tridentawc: Who breaks the ice and becomes the Buckeye's first 2019 commitment and take table for such commitment. A little crystal ball action please Bank!

BG: I think it's going to be Cade Stover, the defensive end from Lexington, Ohio. He is IN for sure, and it could come at the spring game. 

mrbigbux: Are you surprised Johnnie Dixon is still on the team? Hear anything about him?

BG: I know they love the guy and feel he is a great person to have on the team from a leadership standpoint. I'm not sure he can ever be healthy enough to contribute on a regular basis. I was talking to Derek Young the other day about the performance Dixon put on at Ohio State's summer camp a few years ago. It was jaw-dropping. The speed. The moves. The size. The hands. The cutting ability. I was convinced he was going to be a superstar wideout. Then the leg injuries happened, and he is nowhere near what Derek and I saw that day in July. 

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