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Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer Carefully Selects Who Speaks To His Team

Urban Meyer only lets a select group of people speak to his team. He explained why at the 2017 Ohio State coaches clinic April 14.

For the last few years, Urban Meyer and his coaching staff have developed a program called Real Life Wednesdays or Live Life Wednesdays, where people from all walks of life come in to educate the Ohio State football players how to be successful in the professional world, whether it be in the NFL or elsewhere. 

While speaking to hundreds of coaches at the Ohio State high school coaches clinic on April 14, Meyer told the crowd to be cognizant of who they let speak to their student-athletes. 

"I am very cautious of who speaks to our team. If I let every person who wanted to speak to our team speak, we would have speaker after speaker after speaker and I am not going to do that," Meyer said. "If you are a head coach, be very cautious of who you let speak. Sometimes pro athletes will want to speak to your team. I am thinking, 'Are you kidding me?' Yeah he is fast and jumps high, but he (might) live a life that we don't agree with and he could say the wrong message. 

"You just took sixth months of training that you did with your team and throw it out the window. If you made a great catch or something, that doesn't make you a great speaker."

People who have spoken to Meyer's team include former players such as Joshua Perry, a former player at Florida and current staff member in Ryan Stamper and even Quicken Loans CEO and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. 

Below are some videos of speeches on Real Life Wednesdays or Live Life Wednesdays that Ohio State has posted to their Twitter account.

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