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Projecting Ohio State's Post-Spring Depth Chart: Offense

With spring practice wrapped up, we're taking a look at how the depth chart shakes out for the Buckeyes.

Starting with the offense (the defense comes tomorrow) I'll be giving out my projections for Ohio State's post-spring 2017 depth chart. That means any of the freshmen not currently enrolled (there will be 11 arriving this summer) are not listed, even though some could crack the two-deep this year.


Starter: J.T. Barrett
Backups (in order): Joe Burrow, Dwayne Haskins

Thoughts: Barrett spot as the starter is unquestioned – at least within the program – but the two players behind him are still battling. For now, Burrow should have a slight edge because he went into camp as the No. 2 and certainly didn't do anything to lose that spot. Haskins, though, performed well and this will be a battle in the fall.

Running Back

Starter: Mike Weber
Backups (in order): J.K. Dobbins, Demario McCall, Antonio Williams

Thoughts: McCall has a little more experience, but I saw enough from Dobbins this spring to think he just might be the No. 2 when fall camp rolls around. That said, Dobbins and McCall are both going to get plenty of chances during the regular season, while Williams is clearly behind in the pecking order.

Wide Receiver 1

Starter: K.J. Hill
Backups (in order): Austin Mack, Brendon White

Thoughts: While Hill worked at H-back a lot this spring, he's one of Ohio State's two best receivers so he'll have to be on the field somewhere as a starter. After that, Mack got plenty of reps with the ones and looks poised to take a step forward this year. White looked impressive this spring, but he probably faces an uphill battle for playing time in the regular season.

Wide Receiver 2

Starter: Terry McLaurin
Backup: Binjimen Victor, Johnnie Dixon

Thoughts: While Victor might have the most pure talent in the wide receivers room, McLuarin is the veteran who made big strides this spring. He'll get first crack here, but you can expect Victor to play early and often. Dixon, if healthy, could push for more playing time, or even a starting spot, but he hasn't been healthy for an entire season yet in his career.


Starter: Parris Campbell
Backups (in order): K.J. Hill, Eric Glover-Williams

Thoughts: Campbell took hold of this spot and doesn't look like letting go while Hill would slide over if necessary. Glover-Williams made the switch from defense this spring and looked like a big-play threat, but he has some polishing up to do as well.

Tight End

Starter: Marcus Baugh
Backups (in order): A.J. Alexander, Luke Farrell, Jake Hausmann

Thoughts: While Baugh was held out of spring practice with an injury, Alexander took the chance to solidify his spot as the No. 2 while Farrell moved ahead of Hausmann in the pecking order.

Left Tackle

Starter: Jamarco Jones
Backup: Branden Bowen

Thoughts: Jones looks poised for a great season while Bowen is the clear third option at tackle for Ohio State.

Left Guard

Starter: Michael Jordan
Backups (in order): Josh Myers, Gavin Cupp

Thoughts: Jordan keeps his starting spot while Myers, a freshman, and redshirt freshman Cupp will be battling for backup duties this fall.


Starter: Billy Price
Backup: Brady Taylor

Thoughts: Price is the heart and soul of this offensive line while Taylor will be listed as the No. 2 once again.

Right Guard

Starter: Matt Burrell
Backups (in order): Demetrius Knox, Malcolm Pridgeon

Thoughts: Knox had been leading this battle, but Burrell made huge strides in spring practice. It looks like he has a grip on the starting spot while he'll have to fend off Knox and Pridgeon. The latter still has a ways to go when it comes to learning the offense.

Right Tackle

Starter: Isaiah Prince
Backup: Kevin Feder

Thoughts: While Feder got a lot of playing time in the spring game, it's hard to imagine that he'd be the guy to come in if Prince goes out with an injury. More likely, I'd expect Bowen to be the true backup at both tackle spots with Pridgeon another possible option. Cupp was seen working at tackle at points this spring as well.


Starter: Sean Nuernberger

Thoughts: For now, at least. Blake Haubeil arrives in the summer.

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