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Bank Bag: OSU Post-Spring Game

Ohio State has concluded spring football, and the Buckeye staff will hit the road during the evaluation period. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on this and any other issues.

NoKyBuck: I believe it has been mentioned that they want to take 5 OL this year.  If this is the correct number and Wray and Carmen are in, I'm assuming there will be a focus on tackles.  Who do you see as in the mix.   Need DE this year too.  Same general question as to the number which i think is 3 and who are the targets? One more DT?  

BG: Both Carman and Wray are tackles, but Ohio State could use one or two more. I would look in-state at Darian Kinnard as a possibility. And there are guys like Darrell Simpson, Matt Jones and a few others lurking. I could see three defensive ends, two for sure. They really want Brenton Cox, obviously, and I think they get him. Then there is Tyreke Smith in-state, as well as John Waggoner and K.J. Henry. Yes, I think one more defensive tackle to go with Vincent, possibly Aeneas Hawkins in-state or any of a number of other guys. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Will JT Barrett look more like the QB of 2014 or the QB of 2016. Why do you think there was such a difference. It can't all be coaching can it? From what I have read the three new coaching hires all seem to be recruiting at a Meyer level. Do you agree?

BG: With Barrett, there is a lot there to digest and I'm not sure anyone has the real answer. My answer for a while has been that he is a game-manager extraordinaire, and he needs studs around him to help him. When surrounded by Zeke Elliott, Jalin Marshall, Mike Thomas, Evan Spencer, Mike Thomas, Nick Vannett and behind a heck of an O-line he looked great. He also had Tom Herman, as opposed to the coaching mess offensively the past two years were. I think Barrett needs everything around him to be exceptional for him to be exceptional. When everything around him is average, like the Meyer/Warinner/Beck mess, Studrawa's O-line, average wideouts and a decent Mike Weber behind him, he was pretty average as well. Regarding Wilson, Day and Davis as recruiters, none of them are known as great recruiters and I haven't seen anything all that great out of any of them in this area yet. But they've only been at OSU a short while, so let's watch go through one recruiting cycle before making any decisions on them as recruiters. 

Buckoholic11: What is the pecking order for WR recruits? Who do you like the best? 

BG: That is a really good question, and I'm not sure I have that answer right now. Kamryn Babb and C.J. Moore seem to be on their radar, and then they have the in-state problem with Blue Smith wanting to play wideout but they like him as a tight end apparently. I would have Meechi Harris on the fence as a possible camp kid, and I think they have eliminated JoJo Scates. This position could be one where we see clarity later in the process.

fairfax1: Your take on Anthony cook, buckeye in the future?

BG: Glad you asked. Have some good info on him. With Charlie Strong, this one was over to Texas. His cousin plays there, and the relationship was great with Strong. The kid likes Herman and that group, but the door has been opened by Ohio State. The kid had an amazing visit, and I can tell you WITHOUT QUESTION that the Texas staff is worried, VERY WORRIED, they are losing him to Ohio State. He probably won't decide until late, but he bears worth watching going forward.

Rdsbucks: In the last chat, we talked about Augusta. How did this year's finish rate for you? Do you have a favorite hole? Favorite past winner or favorite year? And who would you love to see win it, either again or for the first time?

BG: I thought it was an amazing finish watching Rose and Garcia dueling away. I love number-8, the par 5, but I don't think most folks see it as a classic hole. Holes 13 and 15 are both amazing, because they can swing the tournament so easily. There can be three shot swings on each of them, which is rare. No way to top Jack Nicklaus in 1986. Iwant to see Phil Mickelson win again, but I'm not sure that's in the cards. 

quakerdevil: I believe in one of your previous articles or posts you teased that there might be even more good recruiting news to come after the Spring Game euphoria dies down. Care to tease a bit more?

BG: It was mostly Brenton Cox committing to OSU, but I also think they will get O-lineman Jake Kradel in May if they want him. Plus the Anthony Cook news mentioned above.

dirtysouthbucks: any smoke to the Zamir White to OSU hype, or just clickbait? 

BG: I'm buying it as not clickbait, but rather something to monitor going forward. I don't have Ohio State as a favorite, but I think they have a fighting shot. This one should go to the end as well. I would watch for Clemson. 

Kern10: Read any good books lately?

BG: As a matter of fact I have. Nike founder Phil Knight's book "Shoe Dog" is amazing. A great story of how anything is possible in America. If you love Ohio football like most of us do, get "Ohio's Autumn Legends", by Larry Phillips. Hard to put that one down once you start, and I promise even the most hardcore Ohio high school nut will learn things he never knew before. Great read.

BuckinDC: I remember being very excited about Austin Mack when he signed and reading many analysts predict he was likely to see the field and make an impact very early. He seems to have gone into the witness protection program since then. I know it's still very early in his career, but surprised that he is basically never mentioned at all. Any thoughts? 

BG: I liked him very much at Ohio State's camp, and the reviews were good when he reported early. What happened since then? Not too much, and I don't know why. Have not heard of any major injury at all. No clue why he's not making a move, but like you said it's still early for him. 

tridentawc: Who's your early pick to win the other side of the B1G and face the Buckeyes in the Championship game this year?

BG: I like Wisconsin, and think Wisconsin will be Wisconsin once again. They just do what they do, and they're the class of their division. I don't think it will be this year, but they're going to win the Big Ten one of these days and go to the playoffs. But, not this season.

Coors73: Which position battles do you believe have been locked down and by who after this spring?  Which position battles aren't decided until the end of August?  What did you think of OSU not informing fans of the no tackle policy at the scrimmage.  I understand the reasons behind it but what I tried to watch early on was pretty lame.  I would have left for a beer early if I had driven down to watch.  Thanks as always, these Q&A's are great.

BG: I think the QB, RB, TE, D-line and LB spots are locked down. I think most of the positions still have battles inside the group, such as wide receiver, the one offensive line spot, and some of the DB spots outside of Damon Webb and Denzel Ward. I think the "no-tackle" deal came up so late in the week with a few injuries that it left Urban Meyer no choice. I'm going to cut OSU some slack here, because that's not what they wanted to do, but what they felt they were forced to do. It's never happened before, and probably won't again. I think they hated to announce it after the tickets were all gone, but in retrospect maybe they should have said something Friday night or early Saturday morning. Urban's first responsibility has to be to the 2017 season, so I'm going to cut them some slack. Personally, I hated it. I didn't even write up my usual offensive and defensive summaries, because it was so lame to watch. But I think they deserve a break on this one, and even though I didn't like it, I understood it. 

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