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Bank Blog: OSU's 2018 Recruiting Class Look

Ohio State has added five highly rated players to the 2018 recruiting class in April, and now sit at the number-five spot in the latest class rankings. Let's look at each commit, and some potential future pledges.

As we have seen in the past at Ohio State under Urban Meyer, there are a couple things you can count on in recruiting. First off, he will produce a monster class on an annual basis. And secondly, the class won't look the same on National Signing Day as it does in the spring.

Just last year we were talking about Danny Clark, Todd Sibley, Antjuan Simmons and Jake Moretti in the spring. By Signing Day? No need to mention any of the four. 

Brian Snead. This is the first commit to the class, and runningback is a position of HIGH NEED. They need two TRUE backs, and a hybrid, so that should leave only one back remaining, correct? With Snead being an early commit out of Florida, it bears worth watching going forward. Ohio State is chasing Zamir White, and that has a feel that is starting to look like it might be more than just a pipedream for the Buckeyes. There is also in-state back Tavion Thomas that seems positive for Ohio State. 

Emory Jones. Another out of state player being recruited by everyone, so are there reasons to worry? I'm saying NO. He's coming to a very talented, but very crowded room, and there's no way Burrow, Haskins, Martell and Jones all stay their entire careers in Columbus, but I feel good about Jones signing with Ohio State and being the starter at some point down the road. Jones closes the book on QB recruiting in the class. 

Jaiden Woodbey. There are two committed to play safety in the class, and that's all they need at the position. Will Woodbey sign with Ohio State? I think there's a decent chance. Will he keep his promise to end his recruitment and take no visits? I'll take all of that action that anyone wants to risk. There was talk a month ago of a possible decommit to look around, but that never happened. As long as he stays true to Ohio State, they will ride with him. 

Jaelen Gill. One of the more solid, if not THE most solid commit in the class, so no worries there. Also one of the more versatile members of the class, but I think he plays the Curtis Samuel role for Ohio State and is the hybrid back they need. He is a player that will shine at the college level, and is hurt by playing for an average high school team. Trust me, Jaelen Gill can be a star at Ohio State.

Taron Vincent. A big power plant in the middle of the defensive line, and while he is a Florida kid, I have no worries he will be snooping around and leaving the class. I think the relationship with IMG is strong, and this one holds. They will take another tackle in the class, but Vincent is a great get for Ohio State. Aeneas Hawkins might be the second tackle. 

Josh Proctor. The second safety in the class, and a commitment that almost came out of left field. Like with Woodbey, if this kid stays solid they are done with the position. But they will need to keep recruiting Proctor until Signing Day and they know it. If he and Woodbey both sign with Ohio State, they are set at safety for years. 

Max Wray. Even though this one also came quickly, and Alabama was the presumed favorite, I'm hearing this commitment is solid. And with offensive line being a priority and needing five recruits here, Wray is a GREAT place to start off. Throw in Jack Carman, and you are set at offensive tackle. Add a third tackle, which they will, and you're more than set. Take two inside players with the three tackles and depth gets shored up quickly. 

Brenton Cox. Following the Ohio State visit, this one was over once mom gave her approval. There was the predicted smokescreen with Georgia two days before the commitment, but I always felt good they were getting this commitment. Now you have to keep Cox in the fold, and that will require him being recruited strongly right to Signing Day. Kirby Smart is in his backyard, and will relentlessly pursue this kid. Personally, I feel Cox might be the best defensive end in the country so Ohio State will fight to keep him. If they can pair up Tyreke Smith with Cox, that is an amazing haul. There is also Micah Parsons on the horizon, and that one could turn out in Ohio State's favor. 

Sevyn Banks. This one came out of nowhere. It's an early commit from a Florida kid, so you know I'm looking sideways at this one. Have not seen Banks in person, but he sure sounds like Gareon Conley, Marshon Lattimore and Denzel Ward as a high school player. Long athletes that play wideout as well as defensive back in high school. To me, Ohio State signing Banks is 50-50. Having him visit another school will be 100% before Signing Day, in my opinion. If he sticks, they probably only need one more corner. I have both Ward and Kendall Sheffield as high probabilities to leave early after next season, so they need two corners in the class. 


Jeremy Ruckert. They need at least one, and possibly two tight ends in the class. I love this kid and think he could be the best in the country. I think Ruckert is IN, and it will happen in the next few months. They just might call it a day once he commits. 

Teradja Mitchell. This just might end up being the middle backer they need in the class, even though he's listed as an outside guy. I'm not calling him IN, but I'm calling him Probable/Possible. 

Kamryn Babb. Like where things are headed here, and although the candidates aren't really established at wideout this guy is a target. 

C.J. Moore. See above. Another prospect that I like where things are headed. 


L'Christian Smith. Just not seeing this one coming together at all, and I think position makes it tough. He sees himself as a wideout, and I believe OSU sees him as a tight end. If this gets solved, I would move things to possibly happening. 

Tavion Thomas. This has been an odd recruitment once all the national offers started pouring in, but I think Ohio State can win this one if they push for the player. If they think they have a shot at Zamir White, will they push for Thomas? 

Jack Carman. Still have OSU landing the Big Fellow. Period. 

Dallas Gant. I know Notre Dame is in this one, but I have Ohio State winning this one in May. 

Chris Oats. Like where Ohio State stands here, but I'm starting to hear rumblings that Oats might see himself as a 3-4 outside backer and that is not what Schiano runs. If OSU pushes I think they can win this one, but position can present problems. 

Aeneas Hawkins. I think this one has turned totally toward Ohio State, and if they want him they're going to get the Cincinnati Moeller defensive tackle. 

There are others in-state that could earn offers, and 2018 is a very strong year at the top in Ohio. Camp offers could be coming if players show up and blow the staff away. 

There are probably ten more in-state guys that are Ohio State good. 

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