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Bank Bag: OSU Mid-May Edition

The evaluation period is in full swing and Ohio State coaches are out on the road looking at potential recruits. Summer camps are a month away, so recruiting will be in the forefront the next few months. Bill Greene is here to answer question from Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers.

drewsus: Biggest hurdle in this year's schedule? Biggest under the radar trap game?

BG: I've got Ohio State winning all of them, but to me the biggest hurdle is going to be either Penn State or Michigan. The schedule is beyond easy in my opinion, but those two games could be problems I guess. My worry with Penn State is a hot QB going off, and J.T. Barrett not being able to throw it well enough to keep pace. With Michigan, it's the rival and Harbaugh has built the talent back up. He will have them loaded for bear in front of their home folks, and it could be a very close game. The under the radar trap game is Iowa, especially being on the road and sandwiched between a revenge game with Penn State and a Michigan State team that always looks Ohio State right in the eye and never blinks. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: If you had to say today May 9 who do you see Mitchell, Parsons, and Carman signing with.

BG: They're definitely getting Carman, so no worries there. I "think" they have Teradja Mitchell, and I feel good about it. With Parsons there are factors at work here that I can't speak of right now, and there's a lot going on behind the scenes. I think he could "commit" to Ohio State in the future, but the key for him is getting the signature. I want some more time to study this one. 

fairfax1: Carmen most likely a commit down the road and Wray committed. Who do you think finishes as offense line commits in this class?

BG: The next guy up is Jake Kradel. I like him, and I think they do too. He wants to commit to Ohio State in early June, and if they are sold on him, they're going to get him. Juice Scruggs is still out there lurking as well, as is Jemaree Salyer. Guys like Matt Jones and Verdis Brown are on the radar as well. I think they take 5 guys. 

ebraun84: Bill, What's the latest on Teradja Mitchell? Do the Buckeyes hold off FSU or do you think this is too close to call? Do you feel that OSU is the standard in his eyes especially since he moved up his decision timeline and needs to hear the FSU plan for him academically and after football enough though he's been there several times? To me he's giving FSU once last chance wow his as much as OSU (a la Brenton Cox) before he decides. Thoughts? Thanks!

BG: Again, I "think" they are getting Mitchell and I feel good about it, but I'm not 100% solid on that yet. Florida State is a threat for sure, but I just feel OSU is getting this guy. He is one heck of a player too, and he will play the middle at Ohio State even though we had him listed as an outside guy earlier. 

WSPBuck: How would you rank the current DEs on the roster 1-5 - from strictly a talent standpoint (Holmes, Bosa, Lewis, Hubbard, Young) Who are your two starting Offensive Tackles in 2018 IF Prince goes pro Will any of the freshman DBs start by EOY?

BG: Bosa. Hubbard. Lewis. Holmes. Young. And all five are future pros. I still think Malcolm Pridgeon is a player, and I think he ends up at tackle in 2018. Jack Carman would have a shot, but I hope he doesn't start. They could slide Jordan outside, and Wyatt Davis could play there as well. Not real high on Feder or Bowen. Both Shaun Wade and Jeffrey Okudah are going to be on the field this year. Could one of them end up starting? The guys ahead of them better not slip up, because these two guys can play. I could see one starting. 

dplaw: What are your thoughts on the early signing period?  Seems like it will help lesser schools and hurt bigger schools of flipping a recruit down the road.

BG: I wish they made the date September 1, to give these kids the ability to play their senior seasons without having to worry about getting dropped, replaced or getting hurt. I don't like December, but it's going to be fun seeing who signs as committed recruits and which recruits refuse to sign early because they're still playing the game. It's going to send shockwaves throughout college football when big-time commits don't sign, but hold out until National Signing Day. The smaller schools definitely want the early period, and like me, they wish it was much earlier in the calendar year. There's no way Ohio State or Alabama wanted an early period. 

mrbigbux: Read that Georgia had one player drafted this year and he went in the 5th round. And this is the team you pick to win it all every year?

BG: Hey they have everybody back and Nick Jr. running the show. This is the year the Dawgs win the SEC. And if not this year, then it will be next year or the year after for sure. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Who retires permanently from coaching first, Nick Saban or Urban Meyer? No names but how much more attrition do we see before fall camp starts? Will Gaoteote make an official visit to Ohio State?

BG: Well, Urban is 13 years younger so you have to think he's going to outlast Saban, but Nick might take this thing as far as he can now that he's clearly at the top of the hill. As long as he's competing for titles every year, Saban will be happy. But if things start to slip, and he is 65-years old, he won't want to put up with the 9-3 seasons. Not sure about attrition coming, but there are a few O-linemen that can't play. They just had a DB leave, and I can think of 2 others that I don't think can play at this level. If there is more attrition coming, and I'm not aware of any, look to DB or O-line. I'm saying to the Gaoteote official visit. Probably the same weekend Jaiden Woodbey takes his USC official, LOL. 

slimkid: How much credit does Coombs deserve for the recent success of OSU's cornerbacks on the field and in the draft?

BG: When Chris Ash came in 2014 and stayed two years, Coombs was supposed to take the corners with Chris taking the safetys and being defensive coordinator. Soon after arriving, Ash went to Meyer and said for this defense to be championship quality he had to coach both position groups. HAD TO. Gene Smith announced that Coombs would be the special teams coach and assist Ash with the DB's soon after Chris made that call. Ash had the DB's all to himself for 2014 and 2015. When Schiano came in 2016, I'm not aware of how the duties were EXACTLY spelled out between Schiano and Coombs. I guess Coombs could get credit for 2016 and maybe he was the best DB coach of all time? But for 2014 and 2015 the DB success was all Ash. And before Ash arrived in 2014, the DB's were awful. So there's my answer, LOL. 

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