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Bank Bag: OSU Mid-May Edition Part-II

The evaluation period is in full swing and Ohio State coaches are out on the road looking at potential recruits. Summer camps are a month away, so recruiting will be in the forefront the next few months. Bill Greene is here to answer question from Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers. Here is Part-II.

tridentawc: Who in your opinion becomes the dominate defensive player for the Buckeyes this season?

BG: That's a tough question to answer right now, because last year at this time we never would have listed Marshon Lattimore, Jerome Baker or Malik Hooker as stars. I see a lot of really good players at linebacker and defensive back, but not sure about dominant. On the D-line, there are are a lot of dominant possibilities. Bosa, Hubbard, Holmes and Lewis can all be that on the outside. I really think Dre'Mont Jones has that potential of the inside guys. I just think this year's defense will be solid as heck, and Schiano is amazing. Kevin Wilson should be able to provide great coaching to an offense that was really hindered by the poor coaching of Meyer, Warinner and Beck. If the offense jumps up to be what they should be, and the defense stays at championship quality, Ohio State will be very, very tough to beat. 

PurpleRaiderBuckeye: Of the other OSU coaches, who goes first, Greg Beals or Thad Matta? Who replaces? I've heard the head coach at your alma mater is a take for the baseball job. Any connections.

BG: They're probably in very similar situations, but I think the pressure is on Ohio State to do something with the basketball program. I don't think I've ever seen OSU basketball in the position it's in now, and people just don't care all that much anymore. And that's much worse than people being mad about the program. I have nothing on baseball, but hoops will be forced to make a change. 

BuckeyeNatural: Do you still think Oats ends up in this class? What chances do you give Peters of being offered? How about Tavion Thomas? Do you think they are holding out for Zamir first or what? Sure looks more and more like there will be 2 TE's in this class. Lets say we get Ruckert. Who is the second one? How would you list the pecking order of the remaining OL prospects? Lots of interior OL guys with OSU seemingly as the favorites. How about the pecking order of the jumbled slew of WR prospects still out there? Have you heard anything yet about QB prospects the staff really likes for the 19 class? Do you watch the show Fargo? I haven't started watching season 3 yet but the first 2 were excellent. I know how you like gangster movies.

BG: I keep hearing that Oats sees himself playing better in a 3-4 defense, and I've also heard if OSU gets Gant (which they will) that Oats won't want to compete with him. I don't know what to think right now, because I know Oats does like Ohio State. I don't see them offering Xavier Peters unless they get a few turndowns. He would be a Plan-B linebacker. With Tavion Thomas, there are a lot of moving parts, and Zamir White is one of them. I don't think they're turning the heat up on Thomas yet, similar to the way they recruited Jaylen Harris last year. If they push for him they will get him. 

Not sure on them taking two tight ends, and I'm convinced they do get Ruckert. If they do take a second one, there are great options in Ohio like Josh Whyle and Trenton Gillison. Kradel comes up first on O-line because he wants to decide in a few weeks. If they want him, they get him. Then there are guys like Salyer and Scruggs that are inside guys. They're getting Carman. I could see three tackles and two inside guys in this class. Wide receiver seems to be a work in progress, and I have C.J. Moore dropping out. This position group should be decided later. I have nothing on 2019 QB's yet, but I bet a few names pop up in camps this summer. I do watch Fargo and think it's awesome. The original movie was really great. 

Barnaclo15: What are the chances we take 6 OL? We seem to have enough options out there and we will be under 85 before fall camp.

BG: I think it's going to be 5 on the O-line. You hate to take too many in this position group because they can't help you on special teams or in any other way. Last year was the big numbers year. They won't have those issues with this class. I know they aren't happy with a few O-linemen and if they don't pick it up maybe they're forced to take 6, but I don't think they want to do that at all. 

drewsus: Are you in favor of Brendon White starting out at WR and do you think he stays at that spot throughout his career? How do you see Torrance Gibson's career playing out at UC? Odds that he'll make OSU fans distraught about what could have been? Speaking about what could have been... I feel like I'll forever be playing the what if game with Malik Hooker. Was there a way to get him and Vonn Bell on the field at the same time or was he simply not ready to play the position?

BG: Tough call on Brendon, and I hate kids switching positions throughout their careers. Brendon might be best at wideout, but safety and linebacker could be best also. I just want him to find a spot and stay there because he's a super talent. Torrance needs to grow up and stay focused. Can he do that? I haven't seen it yet. If he gets it, he'll be an NFL wideout. Tyvis Powell was a heck of a player, while Hooker was someone they liked but weren't sure what they had. Seattle is known for DB"s and they hated to cut him last year. They knew he would be picked up by somebody on waivers, and the first team that had a shot at him grabbed him. There's just no answer to the Hooker question and we'll never know if he should have played or not in 2015. 

Hayze: Buy or sell? OSU signs all of Parsons, Mitchell and Cook. OSU signs all of Harrison, Stover, Briggs and Faucheux in 2019. Blue Smith signs with OSU as a WR. The only current commit who does not sign with OSU is Banks.

BG: HaHa, great questions. For Parsons, Mitchell and Cook, I'm going to sell, but it could happen. For the 2019 D-linemen, I'm going to buy that one. For Blue Smith, I want to put that one on layaway so I can dig into that a little more. My inclination is NO on Blue, but let me dig a little. I'm selling the only commit that does not sign is Banks. Things just seem to change too much anymore from May to February to think otherwise. Look at Sibley, Clark, Moretti and Simmons as proof. 

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