Bank Bag: OSU Mid-May Edition Part-III

The evaluation period is in full swing and Ohio State coaches are out on the road looking at potential recruits. Summer camps are a month away, so recruiting will be in the forefront the next few months. Bill Greene is here to answer question from Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers. Here is Part-3.

Coors73: Thanks again Bill.  What's your take on the Steelers draft?  I think Watt looks like Lamar Woodley 2.0 but with better intangibles.  Who wins the NBA finals?

BG: First off, I'm not an NFL draft expert by any means. Judging high school kids to college? I will stack my 15-year record on evaluating with anyone, and it's all on record for the world to see. College to the pros? I'm no better than your 12-year old niece. That being said, I love the Steelers draft because I always love the Steelers drafts. They've proven to me they're awesome at drafting, so I sit back and wait for these guys to become winning players. 

BG: T.J. Watt is a perfect 3-4 LB in their system and I love the pick. Their LB's make or break their defense, and he's going to be a good one I believe. Ju-Ju is going to play right away, probably as the 3rd option or 4th depending on Bryant. Don't know much about Cam Sutton, so I trust they have it right. Love James Connor and he takes over when they use up Lev Bell totally and they let him sign for 100-million to some sucker. Josh Dobbs has a chance because he fits the system and there will be no pressure to get him on the field soon. 

BG: For the NBA finals I have the Cavs repeating. I put a few sheckles on them in Vegas at 3-1 odds, and I think it's good. I think they match up very well with the Warriors, and I don't think home court means anything to these two teams. If healthy, the Cavs have shown they're the better team the past two years. I think they win in 7 games once again. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Bill I know you have covered the Under Armour game in Orlando. The family and I are doing the big Disney Vacation next summer. Do you have a recommendation for the best Disney Hotel to stay at? We are trying to pick between Contemporary, The Polynesian, and Port Orleans Riverside. I figured Scout has put you up in the Disney hotels and thought you might have a preference.

BG: I have stayed at Port Orleans and it's fine. I believe they have put the players up at the Polynesian in the past and they love it. The Polynesian will be more expensive by far. We usually stay outside the Disney properties when traveling for Scout. Don't know the Contemporary. 

WraithBuck: Bill, OSU gives you a blank check to build or upgrade any facility football related. What do you add or upgrade? Also, what city in Florida would you recommend to raise a family?

BG: I love what Ohio State has for its players, and it's hard to improve on really. Most of what is being done now is overkill, and designed to wow recruits. It seems the player's lockers are the new showing off point, with TV screens as the nameplate. I think Texas just spent $10,000 a piece on each player's locker. I think Ohio State is fine as far as facilities go. I would up the ante on assistant coach pay because I think they're a little light there. Although it has not cost them coaches leaving, so maybe they know more than I do. I think they could make the stadium more fan-friendly, but that would probably involve changing the appearance which some people would be against. I just think with the prices they charge, fan spoiling should be number-one. 

BG: I'm definitely no Florida expert by any means. If I were moving there now with my kids grown, I would definitely go south to Miami. Great weather, golf and plenty to do. If I were moving to Florida with my two kids as youngsters, I like the Hollywood area between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I have a friend who lives there with his wife and 10-year old daughter and it seems like a great place to raise a family. His neighborhood reminds me of the typical Ohio neighborhood with kids everywhere and people out in their yards all the time. 

bookiewookie: You think Kiser can be sucessful? Can Peppers be an effective safety in the NFL? Any draft gems that you want to share today?

BG: Again, I'm no draft expert by any means but if I needed a QB I might have taken Kizer first overall. He was a great kid as a high school player. He has great size. A rocket for an arm. Can move. He's very inexperienced, and playing for Brian Kelly might not be the best way to get to the NFL as a QB. Give him a few years to develop, which the dummies that run the Browns won't do, and he might be a keeper. If you do not have a QB, there is no reason for your team to play the season in the NFL. So instead of ruining Kizer this year for the 2-14 or 3-13 Browns, sit him a year, let him learn, and play him when he's ready. I think they will throw him in right away, watch him get sacked 50 times, throw a bunch of picks, ruin his confidence, have the fans booing him, and killing his career in a few months. Again, it's the Browns. 

BG: Peppers is a very talented football player, and I think he could have succeeded well in the Troy Polamalu role for the Steelers. If you can put him in a position to make plays, while limiting his man coverage responsibilities you might have a player on your hands. But it's the Browns so they will probably get him on an island as much as possible, and keep him away from the line of scrimmage. And maybe he can cover? We just didn't see him asked to do it a lot for Michigan. He has a ton of talent and he will hit people, so I like the pick if he's used correctly. 

BG: For draft gems, I was shocked the Chargers did not take Hooker because they talked to Ohio State about him a lot. I know he needs work on open field tackling and that can come with experience. But he is a ball hawk in the secondary, and turnovers are the key to defense in the NFL. There are no more '86 Bears out there. I would have never taken Lattimore with as high a pick as he went. He's always hurt, and I worry that giving him a pile of money in New Orleans will only complicate things. I hope I'm wrong. I love Gareon Conley as a person and as a player, and that's not a commentary on the pre-draft issue. I think he will have a better pro career than Eli Apple or Lattimore when all is said and done. I think Raekwon McMillan will play 10 years in the NFL and be a solid rock for the Dolphins. Love Curtis Samuel with the Panthers and Cam Newton. Elflein fits the Vikings well. Worry about Noah Brown making the Cowboys, and he should have returned to Ohio State. 

captmsmith: Bill, who do you like and why between MLB targets T. Mitchell and X. Peters? Mitchell seems a little heavy to me, could outgrow LB and I don't see a DL. While Peters seems like a real horse, lots of upside, and could see as a DE if he outgrows LB. And an Ohio kid. Your thoughts? Who would you take?

BG: Have not seen Mitchell in person yet, but his film looks like a middle backer to me. I like Xavier Peters, but think Ohio State will want to see more. Probably in camp. I've seen Peters in person and I like him, but I think I prefer Mitchell for the Ohio State scheme. 

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