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Bank Blog: Who's Trending For Ohio State?

Even though summer camp season is still a month away and the Ohio State coaches are all over the map looking at prospects, there has been some movement for some of the key Buckeye targets recently. Who's trending upward, and who's moving down?

Is someone isn't listed here it's not necessarily good or bad for Ohio State. It means I have no new info and I have nothing to go on that's any different from before. 

Zamir White. This one has a LONG way to go, and I would still say that if White issued a commitment today. I feel good about what I'm being told, and it's all positive right now for Ohio State. Mom still needs recruited as much as Zamir, but this one has gone from possible to "nearly probable" in the past few weeks. Want to see recruit and mom on campus again in the near future to cement the relationship even tighter. TREND: UP. 

Tavion Thomas. Heading downward and one big reason could be written above. Should Ohio State push their chips to the center of the table and go "All-In" for Thomas, I believe they could win this one. Do they want to win this one at this time of the year? Probably not. TREND: Down.

Tyson Campbell. OK class. What state is he from? And what time of year are we in? That means game-player and lots of pessimism, right? Not in this case. He had a GREAT visit in the spring, and I have the Buckeyes in the lead right now. Can they get Tyson Campbell? ABSOLUTELY, even though I know he's a Florida kid and it's only May. TREND: UP.

Patrick Surtain. From the same school as Campbell, and was with him on the visit. This will not be happening for Ohio State, but the good news is head coach Pat Surtain Sr. has a great opinion of Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes. This won't help them with his kid who's going to LSU or FSU, but it paves the way for help with Campbell. TREND: NEVER A CHANCE.

Chris Oats. As with Tavion Thomas, there is a question of how hard will Ohio State chase Oats? Now that Dallas Gant is in the hopper, will they look elsewhere and double back on Oats later if they need to? Could be. I think Kentucky could scoop up the pieces here and land Oats. TREND: Down. 

Tyreke SmithThis is one of the highest upside kids in America, and also a high character kid from a great family. That means he's HIGH on their board. I've always felt this would be a kid Ohio State has to battle hard for to land, and they are doing just that. I feel this one is starting to turn toward the Buckeyes, especially with Jaelen Gill and Gant in the class. TREND: UP.

Jeremy Ruckert. I know there is a lot of doubt about the Buckeyes signing this kid, and the second and third steam syndrome is well under way. I'm not buying a bit of it. I've always had him at Ohio State, and see no reason to walk away now. TREND: NEVER CHANGED.

Jack CarmanSee above about doubt and second team syndrome. Buckeye. TREND: SAME AS IT EVER WAS.

C.J. MooreI have the wideout position in flux right now, and I'm not sure the guys they sign are on the radar right now. This kid sure loved Ohio State, but my info has this one slipping away. TREND: Down.

Jake Kradel. This one is probably going to rest on the camp performance, because I firmly believe this one is done and over for Ohio State from the player's perspective. Do they want him? I "think" they do, but killing it at camp removes all doubt. TREND: UP

L'Christian Smith. I know the standard line is that Blue met with Urban got all loved up and is now 100% to the Buckeyes. Not so fast my friend. There is still work to do in this area, and while the needle is turned around and pointing where it should be, this ain't over. TREND: Cautiously Up. 

Teradja Mitchell. Although the presence of Florida State might or might not be the second team syndrome, I feel good about the Buckeyes landing this stud linebacker. No Take it to the Bank. No guarantee. But I feel good. TREND: UP.

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